USA Tanks vs Russian tanks

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  1. MS-21H 'Hawke'

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    Which countries' tanks do you like best
  2. M3 Lee

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  3. Pooka

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    It doesn't look...Russian enough.

    I'm no expert on tanks, but something about it reminds me more of a German design.
  4. Both are great. :D

    But the Germans make the best Tanks I believe.

  5. Probably the side-skirts, the cammo pattern, and the thermal compensator (can't remember the proper name) halfway down the main gun tube.

    This makes it look more properly Russian, though that could be because of the Russians sitting on it.

    That tiny turret looks like it belongs on a Sheridan, though.

  6. Mad Luddite

    Mad Luddite Was that an attempt at humor?

    Russian tanks should look like they have bowl of goulash on top.
  7. [​IMG]

    There are better images of T-90M.
  8. Pooka

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    I see those flap things on either side of the turret, and I can't help imagining them with the silhouette of a naked lady, or Yosemite Sam on them.
  9. dacis2

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    Wow, that's a tiny turret.

    I have a preference for the big box designs myself.
  10. RRoan

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    I like Korean and Japanese tanks.

    That counts as western for the purposes of this thread.
  11. Xort

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    That's a fume extractor.
  12. Kytescall

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    Of all the images of the T-90 that can be found on the interwebs, you guys pick the ones that don show those scary dazzlers?

    I'm going to have to vote German. The Leopard PSO is the best looking, IMO:


    (French LeClerc tank gets honourable mention.)
  13. Pooka

    Pooka Trainee of Darkness

    It looks like it was built out of Legos, but he didn't have enough green pieces.
  14. Kytescall

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    Well it's an urban warfare variant of the Leopard 2 so I imagine it's supposed to be some type of urban camo. It showed up at Eurosatory looking for buyers so it probably has most to do with looking cool, though.
  15. Lynx2174

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    I'm kind of bored of modern Russian and American tanks, but the M60a2 was pretty cool looking. A complete failure, yes, but pretty cool looking.

  16. Torr Samaho

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    as with parallel development, any tech made for a specific purpose at some time starts looking the same. heavy tanks look like flat boxes because that works best currently. the russians had their smaller, rounded shape for decades because their tanks were lighter than western tanks , but their newest developments start looking rather boxy too.
  17. Jonen C

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    France has the greatest number and variation of neat looking ones.
  18. marvelous stan

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    I think Russian tanks look better from a distance/high angles and Western tanks look better up close/low angles. For some reason.
  19. Muad'zin

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    I love Russian tank design, especially the T-80 series. The whole no frills and utilitarian look just screams Russianness. And all those layers and layers of ERA also speak of Russian simplicity. Like that fake story of how NASA spends millions to develop a pen capable of writing in zero G whereas the Russians just issue pencils to their kosmonauts.
  20. Leo1

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    No, the first image is of a T-72B "Rogatka" upgrade. The second image is some fan "art" (for lack of a better term) of the T-90M before people really knew what it looked like. THe actual T-90MS, in its current form, is this:-

    Big Image - Front

    Big Image - Side


    Earlier version, since changed to the one I linked above.

    Anyway, though the T-90MS is a great improvement on its predecessors, it is still decisively a "compromise" solution that falls short of a truly new tank design. We'll have to wait until the "Armata" design is in practical form to see that.

    As its name indicates, the T-90MS is aimed at the export market. Whether the Russian Army orders T-90M for itself (i.e. drop the S if its not for export) remains to be seen. Procurement of T-90As has recently ceased, currently T-72Bs are being upgraded to T-72BA standard (a lesser compromise with the gold-plated Rogatka upgrade, which was deemed too expensive).

    Some T-90MS Brochure pages:-
  21. Captain Gentry

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    Depends entirely upon the era.

    If we're talking about WWII era, then I'll happily take a late war T-34, thank you!

    After that, well its the British Centurion which gets my vote for best all purpose tank. It was so good, after 50 years in service it still remains in second line use by some modern and powerful armies/defense forces.

    Post 1980, if I have lots and lots of money for acquisition and maintenance, then I'll take the modern world's best tank, the M1 Abrams.

    Post 1980, if I have a REASONABLE amount of money for acquisition and maintenance, then I'll take the modern world's best diesel powered tank, the Leopard 2. A caveat is should I have coordial relations with France then I'll take a good deal on the LeClerc.

    Post 1995, if I have a fair amount of money for acquisition and maintenance, I'll call on PT-91 Twardys from the Poles or T-84s from the Ukranians.

    Post 1995, if I have only a small budget for acquisition and maintenance, I'll try to buy second or third hand Leopard 1s at a good price, failing that I'll get a smaller number of PT-91 Twardys from the Poles or T-84s from the Ukranians.

    If all I have are peanuts with which to buy tanks, then I'll take whatever the Russians or Chinese will sell me, most likely T-55/56 and their knockoffs and variants.
  22. Sabertooth

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    Portugal bought a few of those, ended up turning them into training tanks. I´ve seen pics of the turrets left in a junkyard and rotting away.
  23. T-55 and variants have absurdly sized upgrade markets. Likely because the T-55 family were the most produced tank ever.
    You can have it modified to carry a T-72 turret and the hull modified for the extra weight.
    At least South Africa and Sweden sold modern electronics for it including NV and fire control equipment.
    Ofc it can handle both ERA other additional armor kits and APS.

    In a sense if kept up to date it can still be competitive. It's just a tad uncertain if it actually is any cheaper then a modern equivalent tank at that point.
    But it doesn't have to be bad.