Usagi as raised by the GEoM idea [SM/WH40k]

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  1. Just something that I was posted on a different forum that I also decided to put here.

    The GEoM comes across a baby Usagi either after by thrown into the SM mangaverse or Usagi somehow being cast into the Warhammer 40k reality. Being what he is, the GEoM is more then capable of divining Usagi's true nature, cue him promptly adopting her and several decades/centuries down the line every other power outside of IoM within the two realities getting epically shafted.

    ...Though I got to admit I feel a slight bit of pity for Mamoru if he still ends up with Usagi given that the 'meet the family'thing is probably not going to go well for him if the any of her brothers mange to show up for it and can keep from sniping at each other

    Not to weigh in one way or the other but Usagi probably would work best as her 'normal' self if simply for the fact that I'm sure that GEoM would've been fairly paranoid about the baby Primarchs back when they where in his care and would have done his damn best to keep what amounts to a cosmic entity from being reborn in one of them. Which means that Primarch!Usagi wouldn't have the Ginzuishou and would a lot less powerful when it comes personal power, especially going by the manga where by the end she's become the shoujo equivalent of a proto-GEoM.

    Where as if he meets Usagi after she's born, the GEoM will still probably be a bit paranoid about her but will also be to see that she is neither a daemon or some other cosmic horror (at least for humanity) but something closer to himself. And the GEoM is also more likely to be more open about the truth of the Warp to her by sheer necessity. And I really can't see Usagi not spilling the beans to at least Magnus post-Nikaea in order to explain the GEoM dislike for sorcery, and Horus if just accidentally.

    Which in itself could have some massive consequences...


    Please note that idea uses the manga-version of Sailor Moon and not the dubbed or anime one. The Sailor Moon manga was to use a robot analogy is basically the Gurren Lagann of magic girls. At the start of the series the only things that Usagi can do is throw her tiara at her enemies and the physical capabilities to launch herself into orbit. By the end of the first season, she's with Mamoru help capable of resurrecting the entire planet after every one dies.

    By the Second arc her power has jumped again to the point where she can suddenly Death Star a world. And at the end of the entire series she's powerful enough to block the combined attacks of all her Senshi after Galaxia resurrected them as her slaves, go on to fight Galaxia, get her wings ripped off, and then help resurrect the galaxy.
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    Usagi is to Grimdark what paint thinner is to the Mona Lisa...

    I think 40k would have an epileptic seizure with her around.

    Before long, Warhammer is cleansed of the Grimdark and it becomes BRIGHTHAMMER! HIGH ADVENTURE!
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  3. Depends on the verse, while that's fairly true for the anime and dub the manga on the other hand is quite a bit darker and the background isn't close to being all fluff and roses.

    Frankly there are a few areas with the manga that fall pretty close to being Grimdark. Despite being a shoujo the Sailor Moon universe in the manga is pretty much runs on being a Lovecraft Lite with all the end bosses within it being what amount to Eldritch Abominations.

    Even the ending of the series despite it's cheerfulness is a Pyrrhic Victory for the good guys.
  4. Here's a good example of the difference between the anime and manga.

    ANIME Deathbuster Daimons

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    MANGA Deathbuster Daimons

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Supposedly Naoko Takeuchi was less then impressed with the job done on the anime version Sailor Moon.

    The villains in the manga tend to be a lot nastier, and a lot less likely to have either possessed or mind controlled the anime, and more likely to be genuinely evil psychopaths or at least just plain crazy.

    A example being the anime version of Tomoe Souichi compared to his manga counterpart.

    Anime Souichi is a genuinely good man who was willing to sacerfice his own life and soul in return for keeping his daughter Hotaru alive, and when freed of Gerumatou was willing to risk his own life attempting to protect Hotaru when she was possessed by Mistress 9.

    Manga Souichi on the other hand is a insane mad scientist whose experiments and desires caused him to be ejected from the scientific community, and spent a number of years experimenting on Hotaru (and turned her into a cyborg though that was to keep her alive) and other people which is where all the daimons come from in manga, and decided that he was the Chosen One of a soul devouring cosmic horror who desires to make Earth its new home by destroying all life on the planet and becoming one with it.
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    I only get a logo. Can you give another link?
  6. A logo on what?
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    Fortunecity saying not to hotlink.
  8. Is that any better?
  9. Anime versions show, but not the manga ones.
  10. The manga is darker, but not anywhere near grimdark. It's still a place where the power of love and friendship wins in the end.

    With Usagi in the 40K verse, the GEoM is unncessary. She's already the God Princess of Mankind, soon to be God-Queen o M. And at her peak she can singlehadedly take out both the C'tan and the Chaos Gods at the same time, and then finish up by turning Tyranids into a benevolent force of good and niceness. And for her, it would be Tuesday.
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  11. Ok, I think I've gotten that fixed. Sorry about that.

    EDIT Also clarified some of what I meant by the differences between the anime and manga villains beneath the pictures.
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    Oh, I know Manga Usagi gets close to grimdark some times.

    But the fact remains that while dim, it's not dark. And she'll poke out the eye of terror.
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    And it would BE AWESOME because we'd cheer her on as she does it.
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    Bah, I've been of the mind that if you were to merge SM with 40K you would either need to do a merge either well after or well before the Great Crusade (or the eye of terror).

    Sailor Mars with a cog symbol around her neck (with an eye replace with a implant) for instance.

    Or have something like Sailor Cosmos. GEoM was a Ass Hat politician during the Neo-Crystal Tokyo that drove Neo-Queen Serenity away. Of course without her there, things went down hill. She is NOT going to be pleased when she shows back up.
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    I can see her on some planet, "Why can't you Tyranids just BE GOOD?"

    *Smacks Down some Gene Stealers*...
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  16. The entire idea is basically about effects that Usagi would have in the WH40k and SM realities if she where raised by the GEoM, and their efforts to bitchslap Chaos down in both realities.

    But it wouldn't be cakewalk on any level. And they might end up with the same type of ending as they did in the manga which for all it's positiveness is when you start thinking about it fairly depressing given that winning against Chaos only has delayed it and now its truly immortal and will be back at some point.

    The idea I had was that the Warhammer 40k and Sailor Moon universes where different realities but either plotbunny X either a toddler Usagi finds her way into WH40k universe right in front of the GEoM or he something find himself in the SM reality and ends up adopting her,
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    While SM is generally lot stronger what stopping the chaos gods from corrupting Sailor Moon?
  18. Jonen C

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    The fact that Usagi would probably corrupt purify them in turn?

    EDIT: Don't tell me it can't be done. Tell her. She'll pierce the heavens with her drill plothax crystal Gizhousmo-thingy Silver Imperium Crystal shiny rock.
  19. About the same reason that the Chaos Gods can't really corrupt the GEoM and had to work for it when it came the Primarchs. A mixture of sheer raw power, strength of will, and mental defenses. Even your 'normal' Senshi in the manga seems to have some completely impressive mental defenses. And very much like the GEoM, Usagi is basically designed for standing against Eldritch Abominations. Which is part of the reason that Usagi is such a freak in the manga when compared to even other Senshi. She is to them what they are to a normal person.

    Also I doubt that the GEoM is going to let Usagi out of his sight until he's confident about her ability to defend herself mentally and is going to have spill the beans somewhat on the true nature of ruinous powers which more then anything will help to keep her from falling. And as I commented above I can't see her at the very least not telling Magnus post-Nikaea in order to explain the GEoM dislike for sorcery which could have some major consequences...
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    Sounds like it would be kickass. Write that sucker.
  21. This.
  22. firefossil

    firefossil I have charts. Lots of charts.

    Humanity: 'dies horribly'
    Usagi: 'rezs'
    Humanity: 'dies horribly'
    Usagi: 'rezs'
    Humanity: 'dies horribly'

    WH40K may have been a little bad, but at least you died horribly ONCE.

    Now the IoM gets to die every season.
  23. I'd rather be rezzed a million times than risk the after life in 40k.
  24. firefossil

    firefossil I have charts. Lots of charts.

    Ya, but do remember that plenty of the humans go to the nice afterlife to hang out with the Emperor. They are probably not going to be happy to be dragged kicking and screaming back into corporeal world to be OM NOM NOM'd by Tyranids or whatever monster of the Week shows up.
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    I wonder if the GEoM might actually make Usagi worse. For all his good parts he is a genuinely awful father.
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