"Video Hardware Error"

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by DKN117, May 3, 2012.

  1. DKN117

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    A few days ago, I was listening to a CD on my computer. Whenever I listen to a CD on my computer, my computer does it with Windows Media Player, complete with that big picture with swirling lights and colors. About 2/3 of the way through the CD, the screen goes wonky, and then I get the dreaded Blue Screen Of Death. My computer auto-restarts, and after I find everything I lost track of in the Bluescreen, I check the "problems" log and find something called "Video Hardware Error". I write it off as a fluke, but one CD later it happens again. Two hours later, it happens a third time.

    Googling "Microsoft Windows Video Hardware Error" hints at a problem with my video card. Out of fear, I haven't watched a single video since (that includes YouTube). I just now tried using one of those compressed air cans to spray into the vents on my computer in case accumulated dust caused it, and am now going to try watching an episode of something online.

    If this doesn't work - or hell, even if it DOES - can someone please tell me what might be wrong and how to go about fixing it?

    EDIT: I should add that after the third time, I performed a "System Restore" (hit F9 when the computer's bringing itself to life), and have no idea whether or not that will have changed anything (I'm guessing/predicting not).
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    It would be helpful to know what your machines specs are.

    Otherwise basically the generic answer is update your video card drivers.
  3. DKN117

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    Compaq Presario PC, Model "SR5816F", 3GB RAM memory, 250GB Hard Drive, 32-bit operating system, with Windows Vista Home Premium. I have an "overclocked" video card installed about a year ago so as to play StarCraft II without horrifying lag. The computer is... about four years old I THINK (as in, don't bet money on it; I may be wrong).

    This problem has never, ever, ever happened before.

    And as said, the "problems" archive lists "Video Hardware Error" as the cause of all three bluscreens/shutdowns.
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    Well... your SC2 lag, while helped by the video card upgrade, is in large part caused by the processor you have.

    It could be that your system is overheating, or that your PSU is starting to go.

    Like I said however, update your video card drivers.
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    What kind of video card?
  6. DKN117

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    @ Forgothrax: The box that the vid-card came in is sitting in a storage shed out behind my house. It's 8:34PM and dark outside; I ain't goin' out there right now. I'll check tomorrow, if you guys really wanna know.
  7. thtadthtshldntb

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    right click on my computer (or computer in Vista and 7), choose properties.

    click on device manager. look for it in there.
  8. DKN117

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    I just got my computer back up and running after ANOTHER out-of-fucking-nowhere shutdown, this one different from previous ones:

    my monitor abruptly went blank, the monitor showing the "No Signal Detected" message it gets when the monitor is turned on but the computer is either off or in Sleep Mode. Nothing I tried got rid of it, so I had to hard-restart the whole damn computer.

    Further info were two things found in the Problems Log corresponding to the event:

    "hpqddscv" - "Service Hang Report"


    "HpqSRmon" - "stopped working"

    There was no "Video Hardware Error" corresponding to this particular incident.

    Now, both of these are pretty much gibberish to me. Anyone make sense of it and tell me if it had to do with my monitor's sudden rebellion?

    Also, going to bed now. Will check reply/ies in the morning. ...Unless my computer restarts itself in the middle of the night (it does that a lot, and has been for a long time), in which case I may not have time to check before I have to head out for the day.
  9. thtadthtshldntb

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    You have something systemic going on. Could be some component starting to fail.
  10. confusopoly

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    Agreed. By the way, compressed air into the vents doesn't help all that much if it is overheating because of dust. I'd recommend actually opening the case and really blowing the dust out.

    Just found a website that seems to give a good explanation for what to pay attention to when doing this:
  11. DKN117

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    My tech-savvy uncle and I are planning on opening it up and cleaning it out this weekend. ...And now his wife's in the hospital with complications related to a surgery she had months ago, so I'm not sure we'll be able to do it this weekend after all.

    EDIT: Just remembered something. Last night's error happened when I was getting ready for bed. My memory's a tad fuzzy, but I either

    A) went to hit "Ctrl + S" to save a Word Document, or

    B) went to hit "Alt + Tab" to switch to something else

    Might I have accidentally hit some bizarre combination that caused my screen to black out and require a hard restart? More than once have I accidentally finger-slipped and sent my computer into Sleep Mode (which this was most definitely not).
  12. i had a the blue screen appear on an older computer, it was happening always in the same spot while playing a game at first.
    But it degenerate later to happen when the computer was pushed a little.
    the problem came from the ram's dimm being damaged for my case.

    i would suspect that it could be either your pc got some bad ram or a case of overheating from the either the video card it self.

    i would suggest to borrow a cheap video card to see it the computer give you trouble.
    if it doesn't then the problem was most likely the card.
  13. Forgothrax

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    I'm thinking power supply, actually, especially if you installed a more powerful video card. Could be that your PSU was just barely sufficient to handle it and the capacitors are degrading below their ability to provide sufficient power.
  14. DKN117

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    My uncle and I just took my PC out back and cleaned it out. Oh man, was there a shitload of dust. Time will tell if this solves my "Video Hardware Error" shit or not (can't find out tonight; have to focus on my term paper).
  15. DKN117

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    Finally finished my term paper. Now I'm about to try a CD (~56 min. long) and see if me & Uncle cleaning the computer out made a difference or not.

    (gulps loudly, crosses fingers)

    H-Here we go...
  16. confusopoly

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    So, did it help or did your computer die?