War Scenario: North Korea launches all-out invasion of South Korea

Discussion in 'The War Room' started by BobTheNinja, Nov 11, 2012.

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    I've been reading the novel Red Phoenix by Larry Bond, and it's made me wonder about what would happen if North Korea decided to launch a sudden, all-out invasion against South Korea just after Christmas Eve, 2012. How would this scenario play out? Assume no nuclear weapons or other WMDs are utilized by the North Koreans.
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    Hard to say, but since alot of people on these forums are pro-democracy, they're gonna support SK out of bias.

    And then those same people will argue that SK has superior military capabilities.

    We can hypothesize what will happen all we want. But we truly won't know what will happen.
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    Lots of dead people, also the economy takes a tip just because of how important Seoul is in the regional economy, and as a part of the GDP of the RoK. Then the purge of the North Koreans begin as a bunch of angry South Koreans, who probably just lost a sizable portion of their capital's population (either because they've been killed, injured or just driven from their homes as a result of the war) take their revenge
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    This thread has been done before. General consensus is that Seoul ends up in ruins from artillery fire and the Norks do a lot of damage, but are driven out in short order. South Korea has the capability to pull it off by themselves if need be.
  5. The SK military would destroy the NK army. This isn't 1950, and the SK military doesn't suck anymore.

    That said, NK would still manage to kill A LOT of civilians in Seoul. Imagine an army that knows that their family and friends have just been killed, and their killers were in front of then. It would be a war to hilt, and NK would not be the winner.

    Of course, that's precisely why NK isn't launching an invasion anytime soon.
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    Will Mainland China even want North Korea to create such a ruckus that sends smoking debris all over the region among with potential North Korean refugees rushing North, Northeast and Northwest to escape the conflagration in the DMZ ......
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    I wonder, should the South Koreans rally and begin driving hard north, if China would step in and slap the Norks silly to prevent the SKs from destroying their buffer state?
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    Not a happy day for Seoul and not a happy day for those troops stationed right along the DMZ, for a whole lot of shit is going to come raining down on them. In the beginning, you'll see the KPA run hog wild and make some substantial gains, but long-term, they're screwed. Still not a fun prospect for anyone involved.
  9. Well, given that Seoul getting demolished would also heavily impact the Asian markets, China won't be happy at ALL.
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  10. Deadguy2001

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    Mantrid drones.

  11. Darth Invictus

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    Norks attack and ravage Seoul quite badly, their propaganda driving them to acts of brutality not seen for several decades, then when the South pushes them back the RoK soldiers, many having lost loved ones, are going to take it out on every communist they can catch. Essentially the WW2 eastern front in an ironic microcosm
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    And MK-1 Mantrid MBTs as well. Millions of them. :eek:
  13. Deadguy2001

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    Will they run on liquid Juche instead of capitalist gasoline?

    SERIOUS: To be honest, if the South Koreans actually cross the 38th parallel in force, the Chinese are probably going to mobilize their tank armies and storm across the Yalu to carve out as much of former North Korea as a buffer zone. The situation is probably going to go completely FUBAR if the South Koreans don't stop after advancing after Pyongyang or running into PLA units though. :eek:
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    They don't need WMDs to cause catastrophic loss in human life and quite possibly a crash of the international market. North Korean artillerymen promise to turn Seoul into a "sea of fire" if they ever receive orders from their commanders, and that is no empty boast. They have hundreds of hardened batteries within range - and explicitly targeted - on Seoul, whose sole purpose is to bombard it the moment the war resumes. A simple conventional barrage by the series of weapons they have set aside for this task would cause a number of civilian deaths that is probably best not to imagine, but it would almost certainly be hundreds of thousands at absolute minimum. Of course, it is not going to be "mere" conventional explosives, the North Koreans will likely be using chemical and biological payloads. There are millions of people in Seoul and the outlying suburbs who would all effectively be so many victims.

    There is absolutely no way to neuter this threat before it causes the damage it was intended to. Even though the North Korean air defense network is probably no great shakes, there is no way in a million years that sufficient assets can be tasked to knock out a enough delivery platforms quickly enough to stop Seoul from becoming a slaughterhouse. Even a few guns firing for a few minutes would be enough to cause that, let alone the literal arsenal that the North Koreans have trained on it.

    If a war begins, Seoul will more or less instantly become the site of one of the greatest man made disasters, alongside such atrocities as the Firebombing of Dresden. This has been, effectively, how the North has had a "nuclear" threat so to speak without actually possessing one, much like how Iran could close the Straits of Hormuz.

    Lesser weapons will be tasked with annihilating South Korean and U.S. Army staging grounds and bases along the border. Anything that survives will have the unenviable task of acting as a sufficient speedbump to the following North Korean offensive.

    The South Korean government is no fool, and has been drawing essential organs of state away from Seoul and to areas out of reach of the initial North Korean bombardment. The silver lining, such as it is, is that the North Korean army is likely no real match for the South Korean army. There is no evidence to believe the North Korean army is trained so extensively as to outmatch the South Korean one, nor does it have a truly decisive edge in numbers. Both states have some of the largest armed forces in the world. Since the human factor is balanced out, the gross edge in equipment for the South will be telling. Once the later fully mobilizes, the Grim Reaper will be waiting for the North. This is not factoring in further support from any elements of the U.S. armed forces who happen to be on hand.
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  15. Please, one is more than enough to single handedly show these capitalist-nazi-pig-dogs the glory of jouche communism. :oops:

    And did anybody mention its amphibious capabilitys? Those poor carrier strike groups. :(
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    This is like the 5th or so time in a month that a topic similar to this popped in the forum that I'm aware of. so definitely covered before and not much has changed. It's basically down to what everyone has said: Millions of dead South Korean civilians, North Korea toppled, and the Chinese pissed.

    Just in case you want to read more:
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    I did a article about this for my social groups newletter... I suppose it would be appropriate to post it here and ask for some thoughts in the process.

  18. Korean tank units have now greatly increased in power.


  19. HanEmpire

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    How would that stand up against South Korean K-tank series?
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    what are those little panels on the nodes on the left and right front of the turret?
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    Could someone explain the joke about the "MK-1 Mantrid MBT", please?
  22. Mantrid(the poster about 3 posts above yours) is a North Korean fanboy/lover who spews Juche propaganda any time he gets a chance. Oddly enough he is Canadian. Hes batshit insane(and not in the good way).
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    Well, with what you're describing, he seems like a wise man who longs for the just and honest rule of our Dear Leader while having a very clear idea of the modern art of war. It's pretty obvious to me that the so-called technological advances from the West and the Lesser Korea will change nothing to the Best Korea's destiny. After all, its glorious elite forces are led by the One who wrote The Art of War (and that's not even talking about the obvious qualitative gap enjoyed by the DPRK forces - who else has a fleet of space zeppelins on the far side of the moon, anyway?).
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  24. About that infamous NK artillery dug in batteries preaimed at Seoul. Could USA "borrow" SK couple dozen tac nukes for sole purpose of "solving" that problem?
  25. Desert Fox

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    Actually I would expect a LOT of tactical tomahawk strikes