Warframe 2: Electric Boogaloo

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  1. TunerAineree

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    Now you start to wonder if the Grineer have EVE cloning and memory technology.
  2. Senteth

    Senteth Rogue Symbiont

    Every time you kill Captain Vor, another clone gets made and imprinted with his memories.
  3. Cyclone

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    I'm at 28/100 missions before I got bored playing with pubbies today. Not bad for two day's worth.
  4. Pills man

    Pills man The harbinger of bad quality

    What happens if I do 100 missions 50 G/50 C ?
    Because I'm trying to have them 50/50 so I can at the end,where the winning side becomes obvious ,I'll snag one mission for the winning side.
  5. Cyclone

    Cyclone Disciple of Zor Amicus

    From what I understand, running missions for one side subtracts from your missions completed for the other.
  6. Pills man

    Pills man The harbinger of bad quality

    As far as single war rewards go,but the site says I could do 100 missions overall and get G loot as long as most of them are grineer missions.
    That's what I understood from the description anyway...
  7. Cpl_Facehugger

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    You get yelled at for messing up our clan score. :V

    Unless you're not in our clan. :p
  8. Pills man

    Pills man The harbinger of bad quality

    Nope,I'm not in your clan,anyway I'm messing only my contribution :p

    So no actual hindrance happened :D
  9. Restalaan

    Restalaan Behold my stand! Health: Crimewave!

    The corpus are crazy, they're throwing potatoes left and right.

    bloody heck, this is going to tear me apart.
  10. Khiruki

    Khiruki Take it easy!

    Beh. They're only yellow potatoes. FOR THE SISTERS.
  11. HioH

    HioH Lounging King

    From what I understand, DE is going to Ramp up Corpus rewards throughout the event. So expect MASSIVE differences towards the end.
  12. So.....

    Corpus space cruiser reward?
  13. Restalaan

    Restalaan Behold my stand! Health: Crimewave!

    The grineer better step it up then, this is turning into a bidding war.
  14. MJ12 Commando

    MJ12 Commando Solidarity

    Grineer final reward: Deployable Roller Blueprint.

    A reusable blueprint that lets you deploy an allied Roller! Become Stunlock Man. Learn the ways of the agency remover.
  15. Shinji117

    Shinji117 Endless Troller

    Banned from Conclave.
  16. Corpus final reward: Deployable Fusion Moa Blueprint

    Ride the battlefield atop your mobile Obelisk of Light. Deploy the Gun Drone and crowd surf as it rains down death.
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  17. MJ12 Commando

    MJ12 Commando Solidarity

    Also, Stalker is bad at intelligence gathering.

    Hey dude, he's right here on the phone with me! Can you stop accusing me of murdering Ruk da Truk?

  18. Shinji117

    Shinji117 Endless Troller

    You should ask him to hold and forward him to Ruk.
    Ruk might have something to say about the Stalker killing his expensive and war-winning mercenaries to "avenge him".
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  19. Early impressions of the Embolist now that I've leveled it up.

    In terms of pure DPS it is superior to the Ignis in every aspect. Between the pistol mods, high base damage and poison element, the Embolist can and will melt high level enemies far faster than a comparably modded Ignis.

    That being said, it has a small cone and tiny range. Treat it like a can of bug spray, more suitable to single targets or very tightly clustered ones (courtesy of Uncle Vau). Whereas the Ignis can, especially with the Firestorm mod, set an entire room on fire and then some in the space of a second.

    Ignis is your fiery carpet bomb, while the Embolist is a bunker buster. The two could synergize quite well, but will need more experimentation.
  20. Kyte

    Kyte Never quacked for this

    Volt shield.
  21. Qeveren

    Qeveren Well hello there, little friends...

    Oh man, Tenno tech is just...

    I mean, IFF explosives are insane enough, but an IFF flamethrower? Are all their weapons just lobbing utility fog or something? :p
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  22. I have IFF corrosive gas, you tell me.
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  23. Yezar

    Yezar Solidarity

    Mind if I join the clan?:)
    Username is Eledeon.
  24. Arkalest

    Arkalest Shadow Cabal Human Resource

    Uh, what happens if you do 100 missions?
  25. Yezar

    Yezar Solidarity

    You get a reward?

  26. How exactly do you pick the faction?
    Is there a prompt or is it based on the mission title?
    I noticed that they're marked Grineer or Corpus, but I'm not seeing if that means for or against.
    This one sound tempting.