Weeping Angels Vs. Daleks

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  1. Tsakara

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    A Dalek Ship has crashed in the midst of an ancient city, tumbling into ruin. Hidden amongst the ruin, are the weeping Angels. The Daleks start to repair their ship, but the weeping Angels have other plans.

    Who wins in this fight?
  2. Kronecker Delta

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    I don't think Daleks have to blink.
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  3. Sayle

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    The Daleks time lock the Angels and continue with their work.
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    (1)Displace them in time now, what's that? You can't?

    Something like that anyways. I think the Daleks are a little out of the Angels league.
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  5. Atlan

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    No, but they DO have a narrow field of vision.

    If the Angels pull their "Benevolent Death" tactic of parking someone deep into the past and eating the potential energy, they might win. Breaking a Dalek's neck? Not so much...
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  6. 1812

    1812 Lech Walesa

    This, I suspect. In fact, I can even hear the Daleks saying this. And shaking slightly while they talk (as they seem to do, for some reason).
  7. The Daleks aren't entirely such hot shit as individual units. As a civilisation they rip off hilarious mega projects almost as a hobby, but on their own they're 'merely' like a strange form of power armoured infantry. Advanced they are, but normal Dalek grunts from a crashed ship on their own are probably not going to be able to deal with Weeping Angels at all.

    The Weeping Angels would be screwed when the rest of the Daleks turn up to do the crazy stuff to them.
  8. Lord Squishy

    Lord Squishy Shadow Cabal Member

    Eh, even individual Dalek soldiers are pretty potent, for the most part. Heavily armed, armored, capable of flight...
  9. Cirello

    Cirello Eschew Obfuscation

    Actually, they seem to blink in their true form. Maybe it was just because their case was open. Of course the Daleks may be so interlinked with their armor that they may not need this eye to see

    The real thing the angels have going for them is their power sapping effect on technology. If it affects the Dalek eyestalks the same way it effects lights, the Daleks are basically fucked. Barring some sort of technological solution on their part, personal timelock, temporal prison, or blasting the statues into dust with a deathray (probably wouldn't work but its a very Dalek solution)

    I'm calling a stalemate right now. Why? Because, murderous though they may be, they are both oh-so patient species
  10. You can't kill a stone, but you can blow it up to tiny bits. :D
  11. I've started to assume that smashing up a Weeping Angel statue won't actually stop it. Otherwise, such brilliant episodes would be entirely ruined by the clear as day fridge logic of GET SOMETHING HEAVY AND SMASH IT TO PIECES.

    "There's a Weeping Angel on the loose."
    "Get twenty guys with hammers. We won't all be blinking at the exact same time."
  12. Brellin

    Brellin Bolos are magical

    Hah! Fools! This is exactly how the Daleks first got in on the time-travel buisness. Since they live for ungodly long amounts of time they found a bunch of weeping angles and used them as a means of poor-mans-timemachine. Since the Daleks can time travel anyway it only made them get to their destination faster without needing to expend any energy of their own.
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  13. Don Blake

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    Question- would the Angel's touch actually effect Dalek armor, or would they have to break in and touch the Dalek inside?
  14. Aratech

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    "Nearest city?"

    "Salt Lake."


    "2.1 Million."

    "All dead..."
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  15. Brellin

    Brellin Bolos are magical

    Yeah, individual Dalek's aren't "infantry" they are "miniture Spaceships". Daleks for the most part are Sufficently Advanced. Maybe not individually but as a speices at anyrate.
  16. Well what, you expect two skinny people with no sledgehammers or anything to be able to crush five statues without blinking the whole time with dust and crap around.
  17. mackon

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    Slight spoilers for the latest episode of nuWho.

    Well in this latest episode the Angel had been in the hands of and moved around between private art collectors for centuries and being transported via spaceship when we first see it. So they can obviously be moved around while in their stone mode. Just push the silly things over if their anything like stone their at the very least going to be badly chipped and cracked maybe if your lucky the head will snap off.
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  18. Lord Squishy

    Lord Squishy Shadow Cabal Member

    Actually, I'm pretty sure just destroying the statues is not sufficient, even if it were possible. Their methods seem... too advanced for that.
  19. Minor WMD +2

    Minor WMD +2 SelfPreservingSuicideUnit

    Also anything that captures the image of an Angel becomes an Angel. So the eye stalks of the Daleks will allow the Angels to bypass the Dalek's armor.
  20. Why wouldn't they be breakable? Even assuming they were tougher than normal stone doesn't mean they are able to survive some real firepower. And we have no reason to belive they are tougher than normal stone.
  21. Lord Squishy

    Lord Squishy Shadow Cabal Member

    For one thing, there's no implication that quantum locking is at all related to physical stone? :confused:
  22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzWiSbL8pbw

    Its the reverse really. There's no implication that quantum lock means anything other than just stone.

    Edit: Its also said in the episode itself the freeze into rock.
  23. magic9mushroom

    magic9mushroom BEST END.

    A Weeping Angel can't fit inside a Dalek's casing, unless they have more quantum-related capabilities than we know of.

    Weeping Angels seem to lack long-range weaponry, and Daleks have shields that vapourise metal easily. Whether the Weeping Angels' touch would work is a moot point.
  24. Anopheles

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    They don't become formed inside the camera. The one in the cabin exited the monitor.
  25. The problem with that is that while this is true, it's incredibly unlikely that the Angel will live long enough for them to take advantage of it.