Whale Wars: Viking Shores.

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    Les I'm a bunny again, huzzah!

    I may be mistaken (not that I could blame the Japanese), I saw the episode preceeding that with Watson talking about how lucky they were to find the fleet (while they were trying to find their missing man) while they themselves were at bingo fuel and were about to have to go home without harassing any Japanese vessels, and the interviews with the crew saying they were feeling real creepy and queasy about the whole 'let's jump the Japanese while they're trying to find their dead friend's body in the ocean' thing.
  2. Les

    Les I'm a bunny again, huzzah!

    I remember that episode.. I keep thinking back to Deadliest Catch.. in one episode the Time Bandit is stuck in an ice-pack after off-loading and being non-iceclassed has to brave the ice pack because it has no choice.. safe harbor is closed and if they don't press on through the ice with the tide coming in they'll be battered on the rocks, only chance is to push on for open water and pray.

    On the Time Bandit, Captain Hilstrand orders his most experienced deckhands into the bow compartment with orders that if they see water coming in they are to sound the alarm and Run.

    On the Steve Irwin 'Captain' Watson (there is some dispute over whether or not he is now or ever was formally/legally recognized as 'Captain of a ship at sea'.) orders his least experienced (and most expendable) into the belly of the ship with orders to stop any leaks that might crop up.. no instructions on how to do so... assuming same is even possible.

    I've heard in an earlier episode that in icy southern waters not unlike the Bering Sea a Zodiac tips-over being deployed in waters it should never have been deployed in, Watson actually spends time dithering and seriously contemplating abandoning his crewmembers in the frigid water in order to continue tracking the Japanese vessel they'd found. On a similar episode of Deadliest Catch the instant a man on a boat ahead of the Time Bandit is no longer seen on that boat they go immediatly into 'Man-Overboard' mode...

    "Seconds count when you're in the water. " -Captain (for really real) Johnathan Hilstrand.
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    I'd prefer the SS go back to attacking shark finners than whaling, the whales Japan takes are a drop in the population whereas sharks are in serious trouble

    Besides at the rate those idiots are going in the south sea they'll end up as a modern day Franklin Expedition if they're not careful
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    Isn't Watson also on record saying that he'll straight up lie if he thinks it would improve his appearance?
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    I wonder how long until this example of the SS gets sunk yet again. :D
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    Wait and see. Not much else to do about it.
  7. They're based in Australia who tends to flip flop on the issue because the SS has gotten groundswell support from that area for assorted, and not entirely wholesome, reasons.

    Also, Watson and his gang have a tendency to run away from their trials. In Norway, they had the trial anyway, so he's still an escaped convict to them.
  8. Why would they? To the Australian government, he's something of a lightning rod that politicians can occasionally endorse to gather the activist vote.
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    I don't think Russia would nuke Australia over whaling.
  10. The SS did that before back during the Cold War. Of course then it was against the eeevil Soviets, so they were likely sheltered by NATO. Not so much these days. The more realistic outcome of the pissing match is that Watson and crew is going to get busted by the local coast guard, or navy, with orders to take them in, or down. There'll be some Australian hand wringing from the politicians, but his political worth just won't be worth it at that point.
  11. I can't tell if you just REALLY hate sea shepard (ARRRGH EVUL HIPPIES HOW DARE THEY TRY TO STOP A BARBARIC PRACTICE) or REALLY love whaling.

    Either way, you're kinda dumb bro.
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  12. The SS are much like the PETA. A bunch of attention whores who only pay lip service to the cause they supposedly espouse because they're much too caught up with the Hollywood idea of fighting the 'evil empire' which happens to be the whalers in this case. The only difference is that the SS is more violent whereas PETA prefers their proxies in the ALF to do the dirty work.

    A shame though, that you couldn't muster anything more intellectually mature for your counter-argument than a five year old's temper tantrum.
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  13. Uhh, Sea Shepard has stopped Japanese whaling operations 2 years now and cost the ICR millions of dollars.

    In fact, it's at the point now where the Japanese, due to economic and political pressure (both of which were created by Sea Shepard) are considering ending their whaling programs.

    So yeah, pretty dumb. Sorry.
  14. Hmmm, nope, looks like you're full of it. Japan has not stopped whaling operations. And unsurprisingly, haven't considered ending it at all. Reduced catch is not 'stopped'.

    Honestly, what is it with the SS supporters and their utter lack of research skills? 5 seconds on google would have given the truth of the matter, but if you lot can't even be arsed enough to see if you're not spouting total bullshit

    I do believe I've pointed it out before on this board, but let me see if I can put this in a context you can understand. Bin Laden? He didn't want America in the Middle East, hence 9/11. Did America leave the Middle East as a consequence?

    What the SS does with their activities is the same damn thing, with the same results. Whaling's not economical these days, but if it comes to a decision between keeping it afloat with tax monies or folding to the foreign barbarians, Japan will pick the former all the time.
  15. You know, the funny thing is, if you had actually read that article, you'd see that the Japanese specificially claimed they were stopping due to sabotage by anti-whaling activists.

    Also, the foreign barbarians line gives me reason to believe you're one of those people who supports whaling because GLORIOUS MOTHER NIPPON SHOULD NEVER BOW TO BAKA GAIJIN!

    Hopefully after they shut down the ICR, Sea Shepard will cripple the Japanese commercial fishing industry that stubbornly refuses to stop overfishing.

    I, for one, support anything that shows just how backwards, regressive and corrupt the Japanese government is. I'm sick and tired of seeing Japan getting a free pass to do whatever they want because ~MY ANIMES~
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  17. You said "stopped for 2 years". They obviously can't have stopped for 2 years if they're only stopping this years catch early. Changing goalposts are we? Or is your English so bad that 'stopped' means 'sort of reduced' to you now?

    Ahhh, silly silly wannabe activist who doesn't give a damn about the whales he claims to love so much because he's too enamored off the idea of playing the 'glorious eco warrior'.

    Let me try to simplify this for you so your clearly deficient intellect may possibly grasp it, though I hold no great hopes thereof if you're incapable of even comprehending the differences in language between 'stopped' and 'reduced'.

    Japan would have let whaling die a natural death. It was in fact, a few decades back. Catches were down, and the industry was scaling back. And why not? The market for whale products was dwindling. And then along came Watson and his band of violent, screaming activists who were jumping up and down about the evils of whaling. And guess what? Whaling spiked up as a consequence, national pride meant that Japan just couldn't be seen to be weak to a bunch of annoyances.

    I wager however, that you're the sort who is incapable of realizing that actions have consequences, and that not all those consequences are pleasant. After all, you took my explanation of consequences and decided that it must mean I supported whaling.

    Do grow up. The idea of 'with us or against us', as you so practice, went out of style with Bush jr.

    You keep on hoping that. The more realistic of us will just take bets on when Watson ends up killing his crew through gross incompetence and then trying to blame the villain of the day for it.
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  18. "Went home early and below quota specifically citing Sea Shepard as the reason why" would count as stopped, yes.

    Sea Shepard got a similar result 2 years ago, when they successfully blocked the processing ship and very nearly got it's crew arrested and detained by the Chileans (who, by the way, still have a standing arrest order for any and all Japanese whaling ships that enter their waters)

    Right. Your evidence for this is SO compelling.

    Also thanks for proving my point about Japan's shitty government by pointing out that they continue a barbaric, antiquated practice that receives universal condemnation from the international community because WE WILL NEVER FOLD TO BAKA GAIJIN!

    No, your continual support of whalers (Even if it's based off your moronic South Park notions of HURF DURF EVERYONE WHO DOES ANYTHING EVER IS STUPID TRUTH IS IN THE MIDDLE) means you support whaling.

    Yes, I'll keep hoping that Japan will actually play by the rules for once instead of being a bunch of arrogant shitweasels.

    Meanwhile, you can continue to furiously masturbate to the thought of human beings dying. Anything to show those bakas not to mess with Japan!
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    Uh, Mashadarof? Machomadness hates and dispises pretty much all things Japanese.
  20. Well Harry, Madness is certainly living up to the insanity in his name. Though he really ought to put "Liar" in it too, given how he keeps on changing that goalpost so that 'hindering' means 'stopped'.

    And crazy man? I only need point you to this. Notice how there's a spike shortly after the SS was founded in 1977? And how the much more civilly arranged moratorium brought it down before it started up again? Mind you, that moratorium was also discarded, thanks in no small part, to the SS and the greens.

    Ah, but who cares. You're just another kool-aid drinking crazy man. Eloquence, logic and evidence is wasted on your fanatical backside.
  21. Of course he does, he's a vigilante, it goes with the territory.

    Anyway, aren't those the same laws that prevents Faroese whalers harpooning some activists? I mean, mammals are mammals...
  22. Yes, because everyone knows that correlation IS causation!

    Also, what is it with the wapanese always blaming the west for how fucked up Japan is? It's really too bad we didn't let the Soviets invade. A little Stalinism would have done the Japanese a world of good.
  23. Oh, but there is causation, it was quite explained in the other article. I'd say it's funny how you pretend not to notice the links, but then again, you're a crazy man who hates Japan for some odd reason, so it's quite expected you'll seize any old excuse to run up that rant of yours, while ignoring the rest.
  24. It was "explained" in an opinion piece.

    I mean, I know you fantasize about cleaving Paul Watson in twain with your Hanzo steel, then taking your new waifu into your arms as the Japanese give you a heroes welcome, but I don't honestly believe you're stupid enough to think one journalist's opinion constitutes fact.
  25. ....eh? Nobody mentioned anything about how fucked up Japan is thanks to the West.