Whale Wars: Viking Shores.

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  2. The explanations mentioned facts. Facts which were corroborated.

    Unlike the rest of your incoherent rambling. And outright avoidance of basic statistical evidence. Ah, but the mistake is mine. I gave the self confessed insane lunatic the time of day! I expected honesty from the crazy man, not vitriol, spit and just plain ravings. Which he certainly gave in copious quantities.

    When you finally feel like giving sanity a try, do give us a call, but until then, enjoy talking to the air.
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    Oi! Do not compare Loco Inc and her subsidiaries to the likes of machomadness; the two are in no way, shape, or form affiliated or similar. He's a statistical outlier and a disgrace to us all.
  4. what.

    It had some quotes from a Japanese diplomat and some quotes from another diplomat saying that diplomat was full of shit. IT'S AN OPINION PIECE. THIS IS NOT DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND.
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    Lets see the shepherds do the same thing to the glorious nation of BEST KOREA! or SB nation if we are in that sort of thing.
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    The show still airs? I though it was cancelled after one season.
  7. I'd pay good money to see a Whale Wars/deadliest catch crossover just to see teh Crab fishing folk beat the ever living crap out the Sea Shepherd twits.

    oh and I can only stare in amazement at MachoMadness... he may actually be more reality blind than SDB is! protip... you aren't macho enough to effectivily use Adam Savages 'I reject your reality and substitue my own' technique. Even with blatant shifting goalposts.

    You blatant Anti-japanese bigotry also doesn't help your... well I hesitate to even call it a case
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    Actually he was saying Japan is being petty and reactionary - I don't think he has at any point supported whaling or Japan, just saying that their response was predictible and a direct result of SS's activities.

    That's all you, being petty and reactionary and resorting to ad hominem attacks because AFAICT you seem to have some kind of crazy irrational hate-on for Japan.
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    He has a conviction in Norway....Australia hasn't deported his ass to there why? If they lack an extradition treaty I can understand but what about Interpol? Doesn't the Australian government work with them or am I mistaken?
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    Most likely the Norwegians don't see persecution as being worth it. If they do arrest him then he can claim the martyr, meanwhile since he's too much of a coward to actually face his crimes they've effectively banned him from their country.
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    One of these days they'll encounter this:


    Loaded with these:


    And then they'll be sorry.
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    Machomadness, quit it with the all caps trolling and actually do some debating worth a damn.
  13. A little off topic, but did the emperor send Godzilla to meet you in the shower or something?

    I mean, short of being in an occupied territory in WW2, that's really the only thing I can think of that justifies the type of anger you seem to feel towards the Japanese.
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    Did he watch a really bad hentai vid? :p
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    Why in the fuck would you take a non-ice classed vessel into an Antarctic ice pack? It's like begging for mother nature to ass rape you with a sandpaper condom. Really, I want to know what genius on the bridge decided to take the Sea Shepherd through a fucking Antarctic ice pack. I grew up around the crab fishermen in Dutch Harbor, Alaska, and whenever the Arctic ice migrates south into the Bering Sea, the boats sail to the nearest port and drop anchor for the duration. Those boats are designed to operate in the high seas and terrible weather in the Bering and the North Pacific, and none of those captains are dumb enough to take on an ice pack in anything less than an ice breaker from the USCG. I know it's like comparing apples and oranges, but it's the same sort of principle: Don't take on extreme environment conditions in a boat unless that boat is designed to handle it.

    If that pack ice had been a bit thicker, or if the hull had been a bit weaker, that'd been the end of the Sea Shepherd.
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    As others have said, it's amazing he hasn't gotten anyone killed yet.
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    What a fucking genius. I'm sorry, but shit like this gets me livid. The sea is a harsh, brutal mistress, and if you tweak her nose one too many times, she'll bite your hand off and shove it down your throat. There are plenty of experienced Bering Sea captains that wouldn't dare do half of the idiotic crap that Paul f---ing Watson has done for publicity. I should also temper this by saying that most of the boats in the Bering are owned and operated by one of three Japanese owned subsidiary companies, so none of them would take on the Japanese whaling fleet for the simple fact that you don't crap where you eat, and pissing off the Japanese whalers will surely piss off the Japanese seafood industry and cost you your boat and your job. That being said, anyone who takes a non-ice classed vessel into an Antarctic ice pack just to score better ratings against another reality TV show deserves to be thrown overboard.
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  19. No offense dude, but you come off as one stupid, racist ass fuck. Do you know why Japan has a massive amount of fishing and whaling? Because they lived on small fucking islands with almost no place to grow livestock or farm. So their society developed with fishing and whaling being popular. It's their chicken.

    I hope Japan's response to the SS eventually ends with a US Navy Frigate pointing the business end of a cannon at Sea Shepard and telling them to get the fuck out of their sight before someone's finger slips on the trigger.
  20. Whale isn't a popular food in Japan. In fact, it's hardly even a niche these days. The Japanese government keeps whaling not because it's profitable to sell as food (the massive debt of the ICR should show this) but because they've been run by the same regressive assholes since the end of WW2, and they're terrified of being stood down by the "gaijin untermensch."

    When it comes to fishing, there are lots of nations who could say the same as Japan. It's worth noting that none of them constantly overfish and put in zero effort to stop it except Japan. The Japanese refusal to stop overfishing and abide by international treaties is not only threatening hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of lives, but it really shows that the fascist ideals that created one of the most prolific mass murdering regimes in history have not gone away.
  21. They were chasing the Nishin Maru at the time and IIRC it was the great man himself who decided to roll the dice.
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    In the episode of Deadliest Catch I cited earlier.. the non-Ice-classed F/V Time Bandit got stuck in the ice because what started out as light floes turned into pack ice during the many many hours of off-loading they had to do, even then their original plan was to anchor-up and wait it out until they find the tide was pushing them towards the rocks.

    The Sea Shepard vessel Steve Irwin, pictured above, DELIBERATELY turned into the ice pack to go looking for any whaling vessels that might be in there (Nevermind you can't hunt whales in an ice pack). I can only assume Paul (CAPTAIN!) Captain Paul Watson (Who has never officially been recognized as a Captain of a Ship at Sea, neither from rising in the ranks in military service nor through civilian certification.. but insists he's a 'Captain' all the same) ordered the ship into the ice pack purely for purposes of ramping up the drama for the camera crews.
  23. Oh, so now you're actually admitting that Mash was right about the need and desire for whale meat going down?

    Yes, I'm sure Japan is doing it because they're super duper evil, not because they feel they need to actually feed themselves. If you have such a hard on for the SS, why don't you join for the next campaign? And wear a hat to identify you, that way we can all make bets as to just how much balls you have.
  24. I will say this: The only reason Japan is still whaling is people like Sea Shepherd. Without SS and Paul Watson they would have bought out the main whalers and shut the trade down ages ago. Something similar may be true of Norway too for that matter (though the local environmentalist organisations are usually in favour of whaling). Both countries have a chip on their shoulder you see, something about having been dominated by foreigners for yonks and not liking it one little bit.

    If you actually want to stop whaling get Paul Watson to sit down and shut up, stop rocking the boat, and then wait untill the local parliaments ask "Why are we subsidizing this tiny, dying industry? Can't we just pay off the whalers and be done with it?" Which probably wouldn't take long once national pride was no longer a subject.
  25. And let's not forget that the only reason why Japan finally dropped their objections to the moratorium was because of the US threat of cutting off access to Alaskan pollock fisheries to get them to comply. And when Japan went along with the moratorium, guess who cut off access anyway?

    So in short, there's a lot of overreach and double dealing that led to the mess. With a hefty amount of support by the anti-whaling crowd I might add.

    Not that the likes of certain extra crazy people would ever admit to their fault.