What ever happened to the bloom box?

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  1. sleepingdragon

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    a few years back, 60 minutes did an interview

    I guess it's been a few years and just seeing if we have heard anything lately.

    was it hype?

    is it under development?

    or something else?
  2. SGTschlock

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    *raises eyebrow*

    This seems suspicious.
  3. BriDog

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    Looks like they've been selling commercial and industrial scale "energy servers". The residential model is still a few years off according to the website.
  4. ACOG

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    So is it actually possible?
    I mean making fuel cells in that size?
  5. Admiral Skippy

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    According to physics, sure, but then so is the Penrose process for pumping energy out of black holes. The devil is in the actual engineering, which theoreticians like me prefer not to dirty their hands with. :D
  6. I popped over to the site but I'm not interested in hearing a fucking commercial for these things. I just wanna know what it uses for fuel, how much power a given size can put out, how much fuel it uses to do it, and how much it costs. They do an excelllent job of hiding that info behind a lot of blah blah innovative blah blah environmental blah blah shiny new tech blah blah.


    Seriously I'm starting to hate hearing about new tech anymore.
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  7. Major Diarrhia

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    If it's what I think it is, it's a natural gas fuel cell, but I'm just going by years old memory, since I didn't bother watching the video.
  8. I seem to recall several years ago during a 60 minutes interview that the inventor was claiming it could run on anything type of fuel. I think it was ebay and google that had installations at the time and they were running natural gas.

    Whole thing seems out there to me. I won't believe any of it until I see it in operation myself or at least some better articles....60 minutes does some good stuff, but I haven't seen much since then.
  9. Wolfius

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    Watching the 60 minutes segment...
    Google has a data center running on them with natural gas, 60min claims they only use half as much as would be needed to generate the same power conventionally. E-Bay is running them on biogas from a landfill and their CEO claimed to have saved over $200k in about a year, tho I don't know if that includes tax breaks.

    They also listed Staples, Wallmark, and FedEx as having installed some.
  10. Qeveren

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    http://www.bloomenergy.com/fuel-cell/es-5700-data-sheet/ ?
  11. the atom

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    Isn't this thing actually in commercial service already? I thought I heard something about walmart installing it in some of their stores.