what happens if your body stops producing hormones

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  1. Just wondering what would happen if a human stopped producing testosterone, estrogen, etc. I see this commonly in scifi where people get full body cyborgization and with the undead. But i was just wondering what would be the psychological effect and what would that do to your body physically.
  2. Yeah you'd die, you need hormones to keep on living, pretty much every command your body sends is controlled by hormones. without then you'd simply shut down and die, funnily enough though pain isn't controlled by hormones, so you'd feel utter agony before you die.
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    My mother had her thyroid gland removed about fifteen years ago now. She has to take thyroid hormone supplements to replace the hormones the gland produced. Without it, she becomes very irritable and hard to get along with within a day. Within a couple days she's erratic, distracted, and even a bit confused. If she went a couple weeks without her hormone supplements, I think she'd die.

    That's just one gland and one hormone.
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    We'd turn into shit?

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  6. Yes...without hormones we all turn into fecal matter, it'd be a shittier version of the end of evangelion.
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    With or without hormones, I am biologically incapable of believing that's possible.
  8. Yeah...I hope.
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    My life doesn't change at all.
  10. As others have said, death. It would probably be a lingering death as various processes in your body cease to function properly.

    Although, this should not apply to undead or full conversion cyborgs as in either case, the technology or magic that makes this possible is going to solve the hormone problem too.
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  11. ...But dude, you wouldn't be able to move a single muscle in your body, all of your organs would shut down, your cells would't replicate, you'd suffocate and die feeling every single second of your agony, without adrenaline to soften the pain.
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    That statement implies that you have a life to change.
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    Eh, I'll give it twenty minutes before successful mercy killing.
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    If everyone goes full-body cyborg, the porn industry goes bankrupt overnight.
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  15. Nah, they have so much money stored up right now that they'd super advance monkeys and make porn for them.
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  16. Here is a list of human hormones, on the right column it says what the hormone does. Imagine losing all of those benefits at the same time. It would be pretty horrible. I don't know how long it would take you to die though.

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    Nonsense. You're just as biologically capable of believing absurdities as anyone else.
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  18. All at once, a couple of hours, without any way to dampen the pain from adrenaline.
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  19. Lots of industries go bankrupt, though porn people can start making Matrix style porn programming that can be downloaded into your cyborg body and give your brain a sexual experience.
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    Oh, I quite agree, but everyone has their absurdity limit, and that's way past mine.
  21. Okay assuming you are a full body cyborg and have no use for hormones how would this effect you psychologically?
  22. Does the cyborg have a physical human brain and everything else robotic or has the brain itself been turned into a computer?
  23. Not that much, you could have sub routines that simulate any emotional aspects, the only difference would be that there may be a divide between people increasing their emotions to absurd levels and those who simply choose to live without them.
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    We don't know for sure, we can't know for sure, since something like that has yet to be created.

    However, if I would hazard a guess, it would be the coldest and most calculating sentient being to ever exist on this planet, assuming you don't replace the hormones with an artificial substitute.

    Which isn't saying that it'll be heartless. Just... distant, due to having a large amount of its emotional mechanism stripped away from it.
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    You'd have to have some kind of simulation devices to imitate having an organic body or you'd pretty much lose all emotion. That's what happens in the real world when the emotional brain/body link is damaged or broken; emotion weakens or goes away. The brain appears to use the responses of the body as part of a feedback loop to "remember" what it is feeling; without that loop it can't sustain emotional states.