What if the Nationalists won?

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    How would the world have been different if the Nationalists had won the Chinese Civil War and defeated the Communists? Discussion of both effects on the past and present are welcome.
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    No Great Leap forward and no cultural revolution. Also there wouldn't have been a korean war as most likely North Korea would have been wiped out once Mccarthur reaches the yalu river.
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    Mantrid as the entity we know him to be ceases to exist?
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    We were pretty close to seeing a Kuomintang China instead of Red China. The Nationalists pushed the commies to Manchuria and only needed air bombings to soften up the red defenses for the final strike. The US told Chiang not to do it as the Americans feared that this action might pull the Soviets into the Chinese Civil War.

    As per the OP's scenario, the early decades of Kuomintang rule would be very oppressive for the Chinese people, as it was before the civil war started. It would be par for the course as the capitalist regimes of South Vietnam, South Korea and Taiwan were oppressive and near-dictatorial. Over time, as happened with South Korea and Taiwan, the oppression would have eased up and China become a true democracy.

    It's possible that if the US thinks the Kuomintang was not being hardline against the commies enough, it might sponsor a pro-dictatorship coup like they did with Iran, Greece, many of the Latin American republics. This would earn us a long-lasting resentment by the Chinese people as it actually did with the Latin Americans and Iranians. Of course, that resentment would evaporate in the sudden democratic reforms and prosperity that would come with Glasnost and the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    The capital of Nationalist China was Nanjing. So today, the capital may likely still be there instead of Beijing. We'd be talking about the Nanjing Olympics. Nationalist China becomes an economic powerhouse at about the same time as OTL Japan.

    Speaking of Japan, would the US give it as much support as it did in OTL? There possibly may be less support and the missing support goes to China instead to shore it up against the Soviet Union.

    There may be no Korean War. If there's still a commie North Korea, it'd be crushed at the Yalu River and we'd have a unified Korea. A Best Korea that's actually best! :)

    Though there may be a possibility, however slim, that the Soviets would get militarily involved in the Korean War in lieu of the Maoist Chinese. In which case, we might see a World War III.

    Without Red China, the US wins the Vietnam War and we no longer have the bogeyman of Vietnam hanging over every little war we have afterwards. Alternatively, we might instead have a Mongolian War.

    Without Red China, the Dalai Lama still lives in Lhasa, being theocratic ruler of independent Tibet.
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    1/5 of humanity would be a lot better off
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    I'm not sure about that.

    The areas claimed by the ROC today also include Tibet and even Outer Mongolia. So I could certainly see the Nationalists trying to reclaim Tibet, and most likely succeed.

    Outer Mongolia will never happen, as it was a Soviet client state and housed Red Army units.

    Well, at least we'd still get 7 Years in Tibet. :)
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    I don't know. From what I have read, the Republic of China did include Tibet as a part of the Republic, however that inclusion was one of autonmous region or something along the lines of a dominion. I don't think the Republic of China ever envisioned direct rule the way the Reds did.
  8. Unlikely, unless they invest heavily into educational reform, which they can't affoard without the great leap forward.
    The Republic of china was pretty much an anomaly and a huge distress to the imperial bureucracy, the most major part of the high and middle class equivalents china had. Communism was pretty much a relief to them as it wasn't really any different from the Imperial bureucracy. Only the person on the top changed.
    It's likely that the republic will just fail from lack of support from it's own bureucracy and lack of support from the people. Communism will only be delayed by a decade or so.
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    Latin Americans and Iranians are still resentful so I'm not sure how you can say this.

    CyberianKnight: I'm sure your opinion is important to someone...
  10. Isn't it quite possible that the result is a Second Chinese Civil War in the 60s/70s?
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    Probably more likely than not. The RoC was incredibly ramshackle even at it's best.
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    I think the optimistic views about a greater RoC are a bit naive. Under the KMT, China was hardly unified - many regions were effectively autonomous states. Without the Japanese and the Communists to pose a unifying threat, they'd quickly end up at each others' throats - consider the warlords in the early Republican era, and how Chiang Kai-Shek had to bribe and cajole them into joining his side.

    The results may well have been decidedly worse than Communist rule. For all that it was awful, it at least afforded a degree of stability in Chinese society - a stability that enabled them to increase literacy rates and education levels to the point that, when the ideological reins came off, the economy was poised to boom. Under the Nationalists this might not have been the case.