What is the most common ammo in the USA?

Discussion in 'The War Room' started by Blak, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. Blak

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    What is the most common ammunition type that people use for guns in the USA?

    1. Assault Rifles (5.56 or 7.62x51 NATO / x39) ?
    2. Handguns (9 mm)?
    3. Shotguns (gauge something)?
  2. Vendetta

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    According to CSI: Miami the FBI say 9mm
  3. Citrakite

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    Most common gunshot is by pistol and most common pistol is a 9mm. You do the math.
  4. Blak

    Blak lurking shivan

    right, figures. What about the other kinds of guns?

    Are Assault Rifles even available at all to the civilian?
  5. Citrakite

    Citrakite It's no fun if I can't trick you.

    Something like 12% are rifles as is hunting rifles. Sorry but number of people shot by Civie AR's is patheticly low.
  6. Yes, but not in full auto. You can get a SK or a AR-15 but honestly most people only get handguns, shotguns (people like 12 gauge around here) or hunting rifle's would come in a close second.
  7. E1701

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    Actually, I'd almost guarantee that the most common ammunition is .22 LR. The stuff is cheap, every sporting goods store has a mess of it, you buy it by the brick, and people fire off huge numbers of those rounds compared to any other. You might fire 20-50 rounds of something like 9mm at a sitting, but if you're plinking with a .22, you can fire off 200+ rounds easily, because you won't be getting recoil fatigue.

    9mm is probably the most common caliber of pistol, but the most common ammo would almost have to be .22 LR just to keep up with demand.

    If you're talking about *weapon* types as opposed to ammo, that's a little trickier.

    9mm seems to dominate the pistol market, because it's relatively cheap and a lot of pistol models come in that caliber - especially among police and military. But .45, .44, .357 and .38 special are quite common, as are .22 match pistols.

    Rifles would be very difficult to figure accurately. At best you might be able to find sales figures, but since guns aren't a consumable resource, you'd have to find figures going back 50+ years to get an accurate read. The most common, apart from .223 (military, SWAT, and civilian AR/varmint use), would have to be the typical hunting loads - .30-30, .270, .30-06, .300 mag, and to a lesser extent, .35. Although again, .22's would have to be a hefty piece of the market.

    The most common shotgun by a long margin is the 12 guage, followed by the 20. The .410 is downright rare, as not many are still made, and their niche is usually for small game or die-hards with skeet. The 28 is also very rare, as it's too light for anything but small game and smaller upland birds. The 20 is a common gun, as people with recoil aversion like them better than 12's, the ammo is cheaper, they're solid weapons for kids, and they pack enough punch to down most birds shy of waterfowl. The 16 used to be common, but it's tough to find these days, as most people looking for a lighter gun go for the 20, and those who want to hunt larger birds or big game go for the 12. The 12 is easily the most common - all around excellent firepower, range, reliability, and utility, everything from small game, to waterfowl, to big game, to military and police use. Larger guages exist, but are also quite rare, usually due to being overpowered (especially for those not fond of shoulder-bruising recoil) and expensive... the 10's and 8's aren't seen too much anymore. And the grandaddy of shotguns, the punt gun, isn't even legal as anything except a display piece anymore.
  8. Blak

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  9. A_Name

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    I agree with the .22 LR comment. Most people use it for shooting practise far more than any other calibres. The default 9mm paraballum is very common however.
  10. Rubberanvil

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    Who still make 8 gauge guns and ammo?
  11. Athene

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    .22LR is going to be the most common by since it's dirt cheap, you can store\buy more of it at a time, and its like the Space Marines of ammo\firearms.
  12. Marching Pig

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    i read somewhere that the .40 S&W was the most common hand gun round in the U.S.... Maybe, it was second most common....hmmm....*tries to find website...*
  13. Alyeska

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    Most popular Police sidearm, but not civies as of yet. Its popular, real popular, but its not that predominant yet.
  14. Marching Pig

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    there you go. But as far as handgun rounds go, it's quite a "good looking" round. It's got a nice shape and size, and just looks neat. Just like the .357 Sig.
  15. Alyeska

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    The .357 sig is a cleverly modified .40SW. The Sig is a .40 cartridge necked down for the smaller .357 round. This creates a very powerful and high velocity round. Not quite the same stopping power as the .40S&W, but with a good punch behind the .357 sized round, I do believe it beats out the old .357 magnum.
  16. Marching Pig

    Marching Pig The Frail

    my point is simply that both the .357 sig, and the .40 s&w are cool looking bullets.
  17. the .357 sig and .40S&W are now being used by police forces because they have greater stopping power that the 9mm para. Side note the .357sig use a 9mm para and the .40S&W is based the 10mm which was used by the FBI but they said the round was too powerful.
  18. As others have said, the most common stuff is probably .22LR and 9mm, in some order. 12-guage shotgun is up there somewhere too.

    Contrary to whiny ass gun confiscation freaks and press reports, assault weapons of any type are extremely rare in the US compared to other types of firearms, and full-auto is just about unheard of.
  19. hm

    Well, I dont really know the answer to this question. Except that for me at least, it would be the .22 since a .22 caliber bolt action rifle is, while not the only gun of fired, the gun that I've fired most often by a long shot.
  20. Vendetta

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    Did you know that the mafia prefer the .22 for assasinations than any other round? It's much more deadly than any other round simply because if you shoot someone in the head with it, it doesnt have the velocity to come out the other side. Rather it bounces about in the skull fucking the brain up.

    Just some info I picked up from somewhere:)
  21. Probably an urban legend, but there's some truth behind it. Generally bullets that don't exit will do more damage than ones that just burn right through.

    Unless you are using really big bullets, like a .44 magnum. That'll exit someone's head. What's left of it, anyway.
  22. wyldstallionryder

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    The .357 SIG is actually a .40 S&W necked down to a 9mm bullet; it's named the .357 SIG because it supposedly matches the power of the .357 Magnum, not because it's actually a .357 bullet.
  23. Erinyes

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    At. .355 in. diameter, it's closer to it's caliber number than quite a few rounds, such as the .38 Special (.357 diameter).

    I know that I have more .22LR lying around than anything else. At least 1,000 rounds, maybe a bit more. It's simply cheap. You can buy 550 round boxes at Wal-Mart for $7 or $8. Next to that is the 250 rounds of 9x19mm. And then 60 rounds of 7.62x51 NATO. rounding out the list are 12 rounds of .22-250 (a relatively low volume caliber. Most people use .223/5.56x45mm to do the same job. The .22-250 just has a bit more power behind it).

    The most common rifle round by sales, IIRC, is still the 30'06. Other common ones are .30-30, .308 Winchester, .300 Win Mag, .270, .223 Remington, 7.62x39 Soviet, .357 Mag, and .44 Rem Mag (there are an awful lot of carbines in those last two calibers. Winchester and Marlin lever actions, and Ruger makes/made a good .44 autoloader). Cheap SKSs from Yugoslavia have almost completely eaten up the US surplus market of 7.62x39.
  24. E1701

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    I have a feeling that the Mafia, like some intel agencies, used the .22 for execution purposes not because it bounces around, but simply because it's so damned concealable. It's also easier to muffle if you plan on putting a round into someone's ear canal... discreetly.

    There is, though, like Kodiak said, some truth to the bouncing. I'm not certain about head shots, but I know of at least one case (told to me by a friend of the victim) where a man took a round from a .22 in the chest, and the round, lacking the velocity to exit the other side, deflected through the body cavity four times, bouncing off ribs before it stopped - and while the entrance wound was small and the first path of the bullet more than likely survivable, the deflections tore him up so badly that he died before the ambulance arrived.

    Rubberanvil: I actually don't know... as I said, they're damned rare. ;) The biggest I've personally seen was a paper shell from an older 6 guage shotgun. You couldn't have paid me enough to try firing that beast. :eek:

    Edit: Upon doing a little checking, it seems that 8 guage shotguns are no longer made by major manufacturers, although there might be some Russian outfits that still do. However, Winchester and Remington make 8 guage industrial shotshells that are used for cleaning slag out of industrial kilns, and apparently there are still a few to be found in use in Britain.
  25. Rubberanvil

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    I remember reading Russians were experimenting with the idea of a pintle-mounted 4 or 6 gauge autoloaders to deal with crunchies getting bit to close to their AFVs.

    FBI doesn't want to admit it's agents are a bunch of lazy pussies.