What is the most evil society that you wouldnt mind living in

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  1. Just what it says on the tin.
  2. Cloak&Dagger

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    I suppose the UNSC wouldn't be too bad in a peacetime setting.

    Also, modern day First-World countries. We let millions of people die every year from preventable causes.
  3. Jiven

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    The Matrix.
    Yeah, I am one of thoses.
  4. Silveraith

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  5. SpartanElite

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    The Ancients were evil?
  6. Tassadar

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    How is this evil? It would be evil if we made millions dies every year, but doing nothing is not evil.
  7. Paragon Loki

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    Evil prevails when good men do nothing.
  8. Tassadar

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    Startrek=evil, Culture=evil and many other are evil to you than?
  9. FiatPiscis

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    Honestly? The Imperium of Man.
  10. iBorg

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    Draka Final Society. Of course. Provided I was on the masters' side. They're evil in the sense that their society's based on slavery, but by this time it's mostly lording over happy-genetically-brainwashed serfs and having fun and sex and SCIENCE!!!.
  11. I suppose OP should specify whether we get to be part of the ruling class or not.
  12. And rape and killing sprees, when put around unmodified humans. War to the knife against Samothracans. Overrunning low-tech aliens and inducing worship of the Draka. They're not as utterly psychopathic as their earlier variant but they're still extremely, gratuitously, evil.

    I'll echo Nomad's call for more specifications. Living in for what capacity? And as an alernative of what, just living elsewhere, living or dying, what? Average member of the overall population?

    The cheap answer would be some dystopia that's extremely evil, but also unstable enough in canon to be likely to collapse soon, giving prospect of either keeping my head down and going through things or trying to contribute to the revolution, if I'm actually courageous enough. Seems to be going away from the OP's question.
  13. Centron

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    Let's face it. Any society that's evil but someone has a comfortable position in it would be OK for that person. Not for others of course but that person isn't going to care much. Hell, they may even be part of the nastiness that's going on and be fine with it.

    As for me, I haven't found a deliciously evil enough society to exploit yet.
  14. Jiven

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    All will be assimilated.
  15. Teen Spirit

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    Depending on the planet you could honestly have a great freaking life totally away from any of the violence.
  16. Daniel2112

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    Coalition States from Rifts.
  17. Caesers Legion; if I was a Legionarre.
  18. Ironanvil1

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    You did play New Vegas, yes? An average legionaries' life is nasty, brutal and short.
  19. I would not mind living in the Holy Britannian Empire from Code geass only if I blend in the backrounds.
  20. Gray Area

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    Me and in ME? Or me and is average guy in that setting?

    The former... Not sure.

    The latter? Dark Eldar. Dark Elves (FR) Dark Elves (WHFB) Actually, most evil places I'd be fine with aslong as I am an average one of them.
  21. Silveraith

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    Yes they were very evil; just like ours.:p
  22. You would live the mean average life(mid caste or poor overlord), as a member of whatever species but you would have your own morals and would be fully painfully aware of how evil the society is. You will be telepathically informed of 1 particularly evil act the society has taken every day
  23. Tassadar

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    The Borg, I would not have much of a mind to mind it.
  24. Gray Area

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    What!? :eek:

    I'm going to my happy place now. :D
  25. Peptuck

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    And this is before the Courier shows up.

    Then your life is exceptionally nasty, tragically short, excessively brutal, and you'll likely end as some form of radioactive mush-confetti, unless your brain gets ventilated by Boone who snips you from 11,000 miles away.