What's so damn popular with Communists?

Discussion in 'Non Sci-fi Debates' started by 404, Jul 23, 2005.

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  1. 404

    404 Let's make a deal...

    Can someone tell me what's so fucking popular with Communists these days? Why do I see these posing idiots in their Che Guerva t-shirts? I was in the mall, and I saw a shirt in some "popular" store for teens that had the Soviet Sycle and Hammer, with red backround and said CCCP.


    What the hell is wrong with these people? Why do they wear these things? To look cool? What if some guy walked around with a Swastika t-shirt? Would he be oh-so-cool?

    Here's a fun fact: Communism caused more death and suffering than Nazism. Not to mention that our culture throw such a great hatred against Nazism. But against Communism? Noooo. They, after all, were just a "political ideology".

    Guess what, morons. Communism is more than a "political ideology" against "fighting the man". It's the release of our freedoms and our opportunities for more squaler. An even greater fact is that we surrender our resources and freedoms to "The Man", in this case a Communist leader. At least in a capitalist and democratic society we retain our freedoms and we have opportunities.

    Why don't these dumbshits realise the treasonous behavior of wearing such Communist clothing?

    Or how about Che being cool? What's so damn cool about Che Guerva? Oh, he fought the man and was a rebel?

    Here's a fun fact: how about him imprisoning and torturing many Cubans? Or building one of Castro's most notorious prisons?

    Oh yeah, he's soooo cool, torturing innocents and "fighting the man". Way to go, morons.


  2. The Last One

    The Last One Angel of Cynicism

    Your question is in the title and the answer in the post.

    I mean, seriously, why the heck do you get so worked up about it?
  3. 404

    404 Let's make a deal...

    It's more of a rant, and the title is more of a rhetorical question.

    Because Communism is such a terrifying political ideology, and has such a history behind that. To think that these guys would think of them as "cool" is not only despicable, but sad.

    Just replace the sickle and hammer, and Che's picture with the swastika and Hitler's face. Then you'll see what I'm getting at.
  4. St_Maggot

    St_Maggot Evil Henchman

    For anyone tired of working, for anyone who's had bad job experiences, for anyone lazy, for anyone with rebellious desires, for anyone anti-authoritarian, for anyone idealistic, for anyone into style, for anyone who hates consumerism, for young people, for educated, for working-class, the communist viewpoint (as filtered by popular media and general ignorance into little more than a Che shirt) can be appealing since it promises to change every miserable aspect of their lives.

    It won't, but people are stupid.
  5. 404

    404 Let's make a deal...

    Oh great, it looks like the ad on the top has a sense of humor. :p
  6. St_Maggot

    St_Maggot Evil Henchman

    lol "for all your revolutionary needs."

    And it's an online STORE. You know, for CAPITALISM.

    How do 'communists' these days take themselves seriously? the Che-adoring ones, anyway?
  7. Karamozov

    Karamozov Retired "Special"

    I love those ads. Always so...topical.

    I've gotten annoyed with this shit too. Except, I have always liked the Soviet Hammer & Sickle. Not for what it represents really, but because I just like the symbol.

    At my high school, we had "Spirit Week" and each class had their color, seniors being red. And they sell these stupid shirts for people to buy and wear on the last day to the assembly (waste of time, money and everything else) for the stupid "competitions" and shit. Two years ago, the seniors had their red shirts with a black hammer and sickle, reversed, and their theme for the year was "The Red Scare".
  8. Fratley Teradoc

    Fratley Teradoc Part of the 18th Angel

    Maybe they do it thinking they look "badass" and "cool" ???

    I wear a Russian made Ushanka in the winter months here in Iowa, and it came with a little Soviet red star with hammer and sickle pinned into the front center of it, I wear the hat mainly out of usefulness and the pin just for the oddity of it. Plus the hat is rather stylish in my regards.

    Maybe it's the same thing with people who adore the Nazi's good uniforms, the Soviets had some sense of style, funky hats, trench-coats, maybe it's just a fashion thing, lol?
  9. Vladimir Rustov

    Vladimir Rustov The Lowest Asshole

    Communism means well but will never work unless we sacrifice some of our free will and desire to compete. In that case we will all end up happy drones toiling for society and our fellow man. In the end itll also mean stagnation, not progress.

    Regarding Che Guevera:
    He is the symbol of a rebel, a freedom fighter and for some a hero. Some people like that stereotype. No wonder its mostly young people.


    404 I got a problem with this:
    In the Western world you are allowed such behaviour without being a traitor to anything but perhaps common sense. If not you are engaging in your own sort of "treasonous behavior".
  10. Karamozov

    Karamozov Retired "Special"

    If you actually want to get into the looks of it, german and russian unifroms and such from ww2 were much cooler looking.

    But the people who actually support this.

    Also, I love how punks cry to not conform, but anymore, they conform to the established "punk" look.

    So many punks who root for anarchy have no idea waht that would entail. And to explain it graphically to some in its most stereotypical incarnation is great fun because they get a look of horror if they really care at all.

    I love fucking with idiots! :D
  11. dacis2

    dacis2 Reservist Moderator

    hmm, this is why I support Facism!

    *hears Government Stormtroopers banging at the door*

    "NO! Its a JOKE! A JOKE!!!"
  12. 404

    404 Let's make a deal...

    Well, I was exaggerating it a bit, but that's just supporting a symbol that wants to see our American way of freedom, democracy and opportunity to be gone.

    I mean, they shouldn't be executed or anything like that, but from a cultural standpoint rather a legal one, it makes absolutely no sense.

  13. Where did you get the numbers about Communism causing more suffering then nazism. The great Stalin beat up those nasty Kulaks who were causing famines and the Soviet Union defeated the Axis almost single handedly and liberated the death camps. The only torture that ever occured in Cuba under Castro is in the Gitmo concentration camp Moron.
  14. Major Diarrhia

    Major Diarrhia Concept Philosopher

    Yep, it's all about "fighting the man" and the totalitarian vogue. The real communists don't wear that stuff, they go under other guises, unless they are extremists.
  15. 404

    404 Let's make a deal...

    There's the gulags and the works of the KGB.

    And that's not even counting Communist leaders like Pol Pot, Kim, Ho Chi Minh, the Khmer Rouge...
  16. Karamozov

    Karamozov Retired "Special"

    Because it is widely known fact that more died at the order of Stalin than of Hitler (and a good number of Stalin's victims were his own people).

    Also, the way that every woman found on the way into Berlin was raped by the Russian soldiers?

    The Soviets weren't all that good either.
  17. 404

    404 Let's make a deal...

    AND that's not even counting the attrocities commited by Pol Pot, the Khmer Rouge, Kim Il...
  18. Karamozov

    Karamozov Retired "Special"

    Yeah. I was just mentioning the two that come to my mind everytime soemone tries to villify Hitler and German soldiers as daemons walking the earth. During the same time period you had these assholes to the east being far worse...
  19. My friend has and wears a jacket with the hammer and sickle symbol, as it was $3 at a yard sale or something.
  20. Dragannia

    Dragannia Killer the Great

    No matter what you think of the ideology, the Hammer and Sickle is pretty cool, to be honest.
  21. TK99

    TK99 Me Use Spell Check Now

    MY favortie Che Guavor t-shirt is the one that replaces Guavor with Ceasar from planet of the Apes.

  22. Karamozov

    Karamozov Retired "Special"

    I knew there had to be more who thought like me here at SB.

    Communism may suck, but the Soviets were cool!

    And anyone who likes just the symbolism and such, go read The Red Star. It is a big graphic novel type dealy. Awesomeness. Sky Furnaces own you all! :p
  23. BriDog

    BriDog Simple But Supreme

    It's cool to embrace what society rejects.
  24. The Last One

    The Last One Angel of Cynicism

    Well, the Germans weren't much better on the way to Moscow.
  25. The Last One

    The Last One Angel of Cynicism

    But your reaction is exactly what they're looking for. Hell, I praise Communism's sound track in my sig.
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