Which Nation has the weakest military in the world?

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  1. By this I'm referring to the weakest military of a nation that has actual armed forces.

    Not those which have little more than palace guards, internal security personnel or border guards.

    And not those nation that are either "failed states" (Somalia) or are currently under effective military control of another nation (Iraq, Afghanistan)
  2. Iceland.

    If that fails, then Monaco.
  3. Alamo

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    Antigua and Barbuda, their army only has 248 men. And it is an army, not just a paramilitary force.
  4. Can I amend my thread and say that the nation must have a regular military with a minimum of 5,000 uniform personnel?
  5. someguy16

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    Probably one of the Stans or someone in Africa.
  6. legionare

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    The micronation of sealand!!!!!!
  7. someguy16

    someguy16 I must crush them soon.

    Isle of man? Something in the Caribbean sea?
  8. And prince's personal guard consist of
    (Of course they trained with military of France.)

    Yup, it's an actual military. (and professional to the boot.)

    NAVY SEALS Enforcer of the Sentai

    I think there is one West African country that still has the stone age level infantry.:D
  10. Nonite

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    Weakest? How would one know how strong a military is, if it hasn't seen combat in, well, ever? And by the addendum I assume you mean least effective and not the one with the least personnel.
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    Is the isle of man even its own nation? I didn't think it was.

    EDIT - Wikipedia shows that I was not far from the mark, as it is a dependency of the United Kingdom and, technically speaking, ruled by its royal family.
  12. Cmdr RayCav

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    They can claim it's "a real army" all they want but unless it's specifically trained and equipped to fight a foreign force it's a glorified internal security force.

    The weakest large army would almost without a doubt be North Korea's. It's not even a question of how antiquated or obsolete their equipment is anymore, but how are they going to get the parts to fix them. In a real shooting war, and with ROB-like intervention preventing the targeting of population centers, the first thing the majority of their troops may very do once they get across the border is break rank, drop their weapons and surrender, if for no other reason so that they can stay the hell out of North Korea.
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    You don't know very much about the Norks do you?
  14. The weakest army is the Afghan National Army, since it will cease to exist without foreign backers, and most of its troops refuse to even fight while those backers are around.

    This is how fanatically they will fight:

  15. Cmdr RayCav

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    We don't know how the North Koreans would react beyond propaganda and the actions of men who were probably hand-picked for precisely that kind of response, but even a lot of North Koreans themselves realize what kind of hellhole they live in. I imagine there would at least be some immediate defectors. Hell, we get them all the time even in peacetime.
  16. Break rank to loot, maybe, break rank to surrender in mass after they fought their way across one of the most heaviest defended fortification lines on the planet? Not buying it.

    And there are a great number of armed forces on this planet I wouldn't bet on when facing North Korea. They are weak only in comparison to their neighbors.

    Hell, from what I read about them, the German army might have trouble beating them on its own...
  17. Your very own link states that the regular crew of the submarine were killed by their own payload of spies all in one go, for no reason that would be reasonable other than the fear they would defect.

    Claiming that specialised infiltrators are representative of the regular North Korean army is stupid. Claiming that specialised infiltrators who killed the regulars with them out of a fear of defection are representative of the regular North Korean army, requires an endless tirade of abuse that would get the thread closed, the server burnt, the building levelled and the ground salted.
  18. Cmdr RayCav

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    Sweet let's do it then.
  19. Ha, i was just about to post that also.
  20. Vatican, they have how many guardsmen?
  21. Cmdr RayCav

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    Doesn't count, it's just a security force.
  22. Besides, there are 134 of them, they're well trained, and reasonably heavily armed with light infantry weapons. So they probably beat out the aforementioned 100ish man militaries of island states.
  23. Aya

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    France, they have the only army with soldiers who have sun tans on their armpits and where white flags are standard issue. :D

    I'm joking people, geesh. I know they're one of the most powerful in Europe. :p
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    Heh. I've been waiting all thread to grow the balls to poke fun at the Europeans, but I guess you did first. :p:(

    I mean seriously. This thread BEGS for people to get in a "No, you suck more!" discussion.
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    Well, since Canada doesn't actually have a military, I guess they're inadmissable. :D