Why Do Cheerleaders Dress "Immodestly"?

Discussion in 'Non Sci-fi Debates' started by Glory, Nov 20, 2012.

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  1. lord geryon

    lord geryon *gaze*

    So finding an attractive female attractive is 'creepy' now? What the fucking fuck.
  2. open_sketchbook

    open_sketchbook Herald of the Evil Feminist Shadow Cabal

    In broad terms, a sport is any competitive test of skill (a game) where physical execution is a factor.

    Candyland and Snakes and Ladders are not games because there is no skill element, as no player ever makes a decision.

    Chess is a game because you do not win harder for moving your pawns particularly fiercely or throwing your pieces across the board to land in their spots. Tic-Tac-Toe and Advance Wars are also games.

    Soccer is a sport because the game (put the ball in the net) has a challenging mechanism. So is competitive dancing or Counter-Strike.

    Doing cartwheels in your backyard is neither a game nor a sport. Two people competing to plan optimal cartwheeling patterns is a game. Two people competing to perform optimal cartwheeling patterns is a sport.
  3. SeaDart

    SeaDart Solidarity

    Your entire argument revolves around the fact that any female dressing skimpily must automatically be a tart, if not an outright slut, interested only in getting dick. Do not try to twist my post.
  4. open_sketchbook

    open_sketchbook Herald of the Evil Feminist Shadow Cabal

    The real problem here is the idea that being a "slut" is some kind of great evil.

    Oh no, this woman enjoys and seeks out sex. Clearly, spawn of the devil!
  5. No searching the webs for girls in cheerleading outfits makes me feel like a creeper.
  6. Arguably the real scandal of high school cheerleading is just how horrendously dangerous and virtually unsupervised it has been in the past (generally most schools simply have a teacher with no physical education or EMT training supervising).
  7. prometheus110

    prometheus110 Solidarity

    I have to echo Razor here. Those are some killer abs.
  8. Alyeska

    Alyeska Beast Slayer Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    Federal court ruling is irrelevant. Cheerleading has all the classic components that make up a sport. Physical activity. Rules. Coordination. Just because a court is too dumb to figure it out doesn't change facts. Go read up on the definition of the word "sport". Cheerleading qualifies.
  9. Goes for men as well. It's not that sluts are evil. It just hard to trust a slut. Now there is a difference from enjoying sex and having many sexual partners. And being a slut
  10. lord geryon

    lord geryon *gaze*

    Why? If it's an image like in the op, it's obvious she knew she was having her picture taken. If it's of cheerleaders in a performance... they're performing in front of a crowd. They're not chilling at home on the couch.
  11. badrobot1001

    badrobot1001 Ex-Florida Man

    Why do doctors wear scrubs with white coats over them? Why do construction workers wear jeans and steel toe boots? Why do business people wear suits and ties into the office?

    Cheerleaders dress like sluts because it's their uniform, they HAVE to dress like that to attract male attention. C'mon, now!

  12. You sound repressed.
  13. CommanderRazor

    CommanderRazor Your friendly Commissar-Admin Administrator

    No, being a creeper would be confirmed by drooling over pictures via excessive text of the obsessive sort, or else purposely posting up pictures purely for their sexual value. Simply acknowledging attractiveness isn't 'creeper', though bear in mind that this woman in the OP's pic may not be 18 for all we now.
  14. Lol hardly.
  15. Yitzi

    Yitzi Jew

    There's nothing wrong with being a sexually active female, but there is something shameful about being undiscriminating in one's sexuality.

    Whether it is possible to wear revealing clothing for everyone to see while still being discriminating in one's sexuality is another question.
  16. foamy

    foamy Solidarity. Banned

    Because the primary audience for most sports is male.
  17. SeaDart

    SeaDart Solidarity

    That cheerleader does not make me drool.

    It makes me sad. It makes me sad that a cheerleader is more fit than me.


    EDIT: That's a university cheerleader, Western U.
  18. open_sketchbook

    open_sketchbook Herald of the Evil Feminist Shadow Cabal

    Oh wow, two horrible people in one thread! It's like Christmas and my birthday!

    First, let us get the formalities out of the way. Fuck you. Fuck you forever.

    Okay, now let's move on.

    See, here is the thing. You are a terrible person, so I don't expect you to really understand, but it actually doesn't matter at all what a person does with their personal life. You could have one, two, ten or zero sexual partners, concurrent or sequentially, and you have no right to call anybody names or shame them for it.

    If you were in a relationship with a monogamous commitment (something I readily admit makes no sense to me whatsoever), and they cheat on you, yes, they have breached their trust. But the problem there has nothing to do with sex. It is entirely down to the breach of trust. There is no moral difference between any other kind of breach of trust, and the only reason you think there is comes down to the fact that you have the primitive morality hailing from the Bronze age.

    You never have a right to shame anyone for consenting sexual activity. Any instance of doing so makes you a terrible person. Shut the fuck up forever.

    Holy shit, it's a party of terrible human beings up in this thread!

    It is not your job to police other people's sex lives.

    It is not your job to police other people's sex lives.

    It is not your job to police other people's sex lives.

    Likewise, how somebody dresses has dick-all to do with how they act and is at best self-expression at one's own identity. Kindly get in the line of people who can get fucked.

    Nono, in the back. First come, first serve, have some manners.
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  19. Gecko4lif

    Gecko4lif Tristitia

    Son thats an 8 pack
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  20. KnightErrant

    KnightErrant You came to the wrong fiefdom! Moderator

    Nothing wrong with showing a little skin.

    Hell, if I was in that good shape I'd find every opportunity possible to take off my shirt, not just bare my midrift.
  21. I have this grand theory, goes like this:
    Sports, particularly US football, is very homoerotically-charged. It's this way because the fans and the players are so far in the closet, they're finding Christmas presents ... belonging to the last people to own the house they live in. In order to maintain their state of denial, they have females dress in skimpy outfits so that they may point to them and say 'No, honey/society, it's not the men in tight pants rubbing up against each other, nor is it the frequent ass slaps giving me this raging boner, it's the females in their revealing clothes!'
    This would be especially vital where women are openly objectified, and homosexualsflaming faggots of faggotry are simply not tolerated. I mean, look at Texas. Openly homophobic, opposes women issues, fucking loves football.
  22. Gecko4lif

    Gecko4lif Tristitia

    Everything involving the same sex is homoerotic. Humans are freaky bitches that way.
  23. Es Arkajae

    Es Arkajae God Emperor of Earth

    Cheerleaders rely on sex appeal as much as dance and athletic routines to get attention and rouse the spirit of the predominantly male target audience.

    Males unsurprisingly enjoy looking at nubile young women in skimpy clothing. Women are also aware of the power of sex appeal and will use it to their advantage when they can.

    So you have lots of males gathered for a common purpose, in this case to watch sport (physical activity/violence), alcohol (beer being served or consumed, at least later if not right there and then) and sex appeal ( young attractive cheerleaders).

    Its like the holy trinity of male entertainment. :p
  24. Actually it does. If I am talking to a woman and she mentions to me. That she has a history of selling her body on the street for drugs and that she has cheated on every one of her bfs/gfs. I doubt I will want to date her. Someone's personal past matters a lot when it comes to relationships.
  25. lord geryon

    lord geryon *gaze*

    How about you shut your own mouth?
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