Why do Dragons Hoard Gold?

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    Because Tolkien said so. And we can't deviate from Tolkien.
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    Umm the Discworld explanation is the one i go for they hide out in our imaginations and we think they want gold so they covert gold because its traditional like eating virgins, Its not because they care about it but humans do so it's just to keep us happy.:D
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    Mostly because the storytellers don't want hand out gold or princesses for free and putting a dragon in front of the treasure represents enough effort to warrant that. But that answer wouldn't be fun.

    Yeah, Shadowrun has two reasons for that...

    1) Gold/money = power and influence, andwhen you are a super-intelligent near immortal, politics and corporate intrigue are great ways to prevent boredom. They also help to make sure your longterm plans work out.

    2) Everything else is a personal memory. To the looter, it's a standard enchanted sword. Forthe dragon, it's the weapon King Krolx IV tried to slay him with 8,000 years ago, and reminds him of the way his idiotic soldiers found all the damn traps by running into them, which still grants a good smile today. And god help you if you try to steal that memory!
  4. Why do they hoard gold?


    They Love Gold!

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    Why not? I have plenty of times.
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  7. To be famous because of there massive hoard attracting adventurers and peasants which increases there fame cause of there kill listS
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    No, everyone knows Space Battlers horde quasi-legal porn.

    Did no one tell you?
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    Because they're fucking dragons and that's just what they do.
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    I'm not sure there is a person alive who wouldn't vote Smaug Paul.
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    It's like one of those orthopedic mattresses, but for a gigantic biologically-immortal reptile. They take their shuteye seriously.
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    most Half dragons are the spawn of -good- dragons I believe. though I'd bet many chromatic half-breeds are the result of mind control.

    if the partner is smaller, and if the dragon is kind? shape-change.

    and in DnD there are -huge- numbers of dragon sized creatures around, many of which care about gold.
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    Dragons are natural collectors, its just luck and the rumour mill that we mostly hear about the ones that collect antiques. The comic book, action figure, sci/fi memorabilia, so on collectors are a lot less talked about in story and song.
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    Dragon have a species wide fetish for gold.
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    Funny answer: Dragons love them bling.

    Odd answer: Species-wide endemic of kleptomania, possible reasons include inherited behavior from wandering heros who come by to jack shit.

    'Don't-know-what-I'm-talking-about' answer: Dragon hoarding behavior may have evolved from several factors. The first possibility is that it makes their 'nest' attractive to possible mates. Another hypothesis is that when a dragon lays on top of a pile of it's hoard, small pieces of metal and precious stones often sticking to to the soft underbelly, serving as improvised 'protection'.
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    This makes me think...

    Dragons don't hoard treasure - no, too much treasure and wild greed cause dragons, like a sort of combination of thoughtform transformation and psychosomatic illness.

    Call it the Eustace Hypothesis.
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  17. That's how it worked in Jack of Shadows.
  18. It is how gold reproduces. Just like bees helping to pollinate flowers, dragons evolved in symbiosis with gold. After a time spent in the wild, gold naturally seeks to return to the place of its spawning to mate with other gold and bear young. Unable to return on its own power like salmon swimming upstream, dragons instead gather the gold back into great hoards where the gold can find mates. That is why dragon hoards seem to grow over time -- the gold is actually reproducing. Adventurers then spread the gold back out into the wild to continue its life cycle.
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    I recall reading something about how a dragon would be guarding the treasures of dead kings, hence the anger at people who steal from the hoard, but for the life of me I can't remember where I heard that.
  20. Its easy, to troll humans
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    The dragons in a setting I'm working on hoard gold not because it has any value to it, but because humans value it. The dragons draw power from love, desire, and value, so they often just take items that humans value greatly, becoming larger and stronger by essentially feeding off things the monkeys covet. The bigger the hoard, and the greater the legends surrounding the hoard, the more power they get from it. That's also why they covet pieces of art, magical artifacts, and religious relics, because humans love that shit and the dragon gets stronger by possessing it. And since he steals it, the value shoots up because hey, some jackass dragon stole the important thing, and everyone wants it back.

    It's also specifically the reason why they kidnap princesses; princesses are naturally adored by entire kingdoms, so having her close by will feed him intensely well. He won't eat her or anything, because dude, that would just ruin the real value to the princess. And in a pinch, he'll kidnap the daughter of a governor or mayor or other popular nobleman. He won't kidnap princes or male ones, because people don't adore them as much. Sexism for metaphysical profit, ho!

    If he's really, really desperate for power, the dragon might grab some other beloved, important person to imprison in the hoard next to him, but he'll likely get rid of them if the benefit isn't worth sharing food and water with the git. And when the adventurers or army show up to take back the hostage, he'll usually just give them up well before they reach the lair. Or maybe take them to some scenic spot and leave them out in the open chained to a post, and be all roaring and menace-y to the adventurer when he arrives, only to flee when the adventurer "beats" him. Stories of the hero slaying the dragon to rescue the princess are either embellishments to make the hero look better, or the result of the dragon pushing his luck too far and the hero actually landing a deathblow on the idiot.

    Point is, the dragon is a businessman. His business is trading gold and treasure and bitches for power. The humans just don't realize that the dragon is making metaphysical bank off their material greed and genuine love.
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  22. I've always thought dragons demanded virgin princesses because a) princesses are usually better conversationalists than the local Grade Z Peasant Wench and b) because they really need someone to scratch that annoying itch right between their wings that they can never reach.
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    You do realize that iron and steel are several times lighter than gold, right?
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    If by "annoying itch right between their wings" you mean "Libido", then yes.

  25. That's nonsense, dragons don't love gold. They just tell it that to get it into bed.