Why do people hate Disney?

Discussion in 'Media Madness' started by Pulpy, Nov 30, 2012.

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    Ever since they bought Lucasfilm, I've seen loads of hatred from SW fans--even the fans who hate the prequels and George Lucas. Disney's whole history is being trashed by many, as if they never enjoyed a single Disney, Pixar, Touchstone or Miramax film, and people are acting like all Disney does is make children's films. The way people are acting, you'd think Disney authored the prequels and tinkered with the original SW films. I'm worried that this association with Lucas--who seems to turn ANYTHING he's associated with to shit since the early '90s--will bring about the end of Disney. He's like a walking curse.

    Why all the hate?
  2. Bishop Gantry

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    Noone ever liked Disney... Their movies yes but Disney itself...
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    Most people have no idea how large Disney's empire really is and the full range of movies they make (Disney gave us Con Air, for example). Plus, the copyright thing, HUGE source of nerdrage.

    Also, Star Wars fans are genetically unpleasable. Disney licensed Star Wars so heavily it was practically a Disney property long before the acquisition but nobody complained then.
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    People hate the corporate bigwigs, not the studios that make the magic. They are pathologically obsessed with the company's image, and unable to understand that their attempts to make things more likable might end up ruining them. It's not always bad though, and I personally see them as coming back around after a period of less-than-stellar performance.
    True dat.
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    I see what you did there.
  6. Hurin

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    You wanna give an example of that?
  7. Preda

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    The declining critical reception of the Pirates movies, the absolute marketing disaster of the good movie John Carter, the oversimplified pseudomoralistic trend underlining movies such as Pocahontas and Hercules. All of these from a company who mere years before dared to bring racism and Inquisition to the animated film, and spawned spectacularly-crafted tales like Beauty and the Beast or The Lion King.

    I point to the recent critical and financial triumphs of Tangled and Wreck-It Ralph, as well as the generally unappreciated quality of John Carter as proof that the products coming out of this company are back on the path to relevance.

    If this posts seems a bit oddly-worded to you, it is because I have just finished watching The Measure of a Man.
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    Yup. We're about ten years out (2023) from another extension act for the copyright on Steamboat Willy. Just imagine the fireworks over that.
  9. Hurin

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    No arguments here. Not to mention Cars 2, and Brave which sorely disappointed me, although it wasn't bad.
    What? Please don't tell me you dislike Pocahontas because the Natives were portrayed as slightly in the wrong (less so than Radcliffe and the settlers, but still). And Hercules was awesome.

    Agreed. Disney/Pixar have really been on the ball lately.
  10. Well, I'm more ticked with them because I see them getting too spread out in the franchise department, and threatening competition in the marketplace, which could lead to them being lazy fucks.
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    I loved both Pocahontas and Hercules, but I don't always use my own opinion to justify whether a film is good or bad. I feel very strongly that John Carter was good, and I will defend it forever but while I liked Pocahontas and Hercules, I see a difference in the profundity of their statement when compared with Hunchback or Lion King.

    Make no mistake, though. It is my opinion that even the worst Disney movies are miles ahead of other studios' creations in many ways (like the quality of animation)
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    Nazis obviously
  13. Personally, I am rather optimistic about Disney acquiring Star Wars.
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  14. Assuming you're referring to Hunchback when you talk about Inquisition, that came out after Pocahontas.
  15. Onimech

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    When I worked at a Blockbuster every once in a while someone would secretly leave a poster in the kid's section declaring that the specific Disney movie they were targeting was evil and that no one should watch it. One time it was all about how racist Aladdin was, another mentioned how demeaning to women Cinderella/Snow White/Sleeping Beauty was, and another talked all about how John Smith from Pocahontas was a pedophile. There was one that warned not to ever let anyone watch Dumbo because it gives a strong racist and bullying message. Usually pretty graphic with loads of not so child friendly language and plenty of Disney character images. Never caught the guys doing it but it was pretty common in my store and the one across town.
  16. PeaceKeeper_Cmdr

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    Disney gets criticized for its fanatical protection of its brand image, sometimes rightly so, but its worth pointing that image is primarily what they sell. Their business isn't really the business of selling movie tickets, or theme park tickets, its about selling Disney. Anything with the Disney name on it, you know immediately what you're getting. You might hate it with a passion, but you know without a doubt what you're going to get. And you have to protect that, because an image based on wholesomeness and child-friendliness can never really be restored if it is ever tarnished. That's why there was so much hand-wringing regarding the start-up of Touchstone and Walt Disney Co. getting into R-rated films. The leadership was afraid people would notice that Touchstone was just a facade, and Disney's reputation would be ruined. Turns out that didn't happen, but the fear was very similar.

    That's where the whole copyright business comes in too. If Steamboat Willie gets into the public domain, people could do whatever they want with it (like insert clips of it into porno films), and Disney is terrified of damage to its brand purely by association. It's less about squeezing more money out of their oldest properties, and more about controlling public perceptions by keeping ahold of everything ever made with their name on it.
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  17. Bryan

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    I don't hate Disney, not at all. They've made some of the most memorable movies ever.

    Think about all the animated movies they have that haven't been in theaters in generations yet are loved by even the youngest children now and will be for generations. They know how to make good movies. Like any company they've gone through ups and downs in movies, TV, and their theme parks and brand image. Disney is still a great brand and you know what you're going to get.
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  18. Hurin

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    Okay. I understand, and I agree. Outside of the Shrek franchise, and How to Train Your Dragon, I don't really believe there's any animated films that come close to Disney level of quality.
  19. Acatalepsy

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    Who are these people who hate Disney? Do you have any actual evidence that Disney is the subject of any unusual degree of ill-will?
  20. CIDE

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    How could anyone hate the company that's going to fix a franchise...?
  21. areoborg

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    They're probably afraid that they're going to make it more "family friendly" with kiddy stuff, and taking out some of the blaster fighting and lightsaber fights...

    Because Lucas didn't do a fine job with THAT with Jar Jar... :mad:
  22. CIDE

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    Yeah, because Disney can't do blaster scenes or lightsaber fights? There weren't any sword fights in Pirates of the Carribean, right? No death's in Con Air. Or maybe they're forgetting all the epic energy beam fight scenes from the Avengers and the related Marvel movies. I remember the Tron sequal having HORRIBLE action sequences too. We can't forget the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe titles...

    Yeah, Disney can't do live action movies! :rolleyes:

    Sarcasm aside I still can't see how the company that's going to FIX Star Wars should be hated.
  23. Darmani

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    Disney represents all that supposedly patronizing and oppressive to common views of mainstream media. More than a little of the pop art movements have been in defiance of its widely enforced and rigid standards. Somehow they get no credit for pro-gaylesbian stuff because they over fifty years ago put out Snow White and the Disney Princess is an effigy of female oppression. Being so mainstream so.. the man they get hate for all that's wrong and the "lies to children."

    If some are to be believed part of it is that Disney has been a lot more girl focused than "manchild" focused. But also they are just so widely shared and so old they are easy to make fun of, especially their mascot who's name in some language is a pejorative for homosexual men. During the rise of anime, especially on the net, disney was the imaginary dragon many netizen rode to slay to introduce such progressive and amazing things like Ranma 1/2 and Getter Robo. It doesn't help more than a few people use them as babysitters or supplement/replacement for didactic upbringing of kids and so freak out at any deviation from them or dislike them for the association.

    But atop all of that there isn't a creative type that talks to fans that doesn't have a horror story. Lion King ripping off Tezuka productions. Carl Banks's treatment being unfair. JMS Disney is a powerful multimedia conglomerate that has a public image of innoecent and lvoe and peace. Dealing with the corporation can be, though it shouldn't is, a major feet of clay moment seeing a hero in tarnished light and what was once loved becomes hated. Generally this switches back when you have kids or gain less a rebellious attitude so much as a mature one (they really are good at animation) But despite decades of encouraging all sorts of creativity for being a corporate machine and not 'cool' and the definition of mainstream family values entertainment AND corporate control...some expect the worst
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