Woman wins 70% of assets in divorce

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    Woman wins 70% of assets in divorce

    Now I know the normal lot here will start yelling about how this is an example of misandry man-hating blah blah blah.

    Instead of doing that perhaps you should stop a moment. And read the article. And note how she basically paused her career progression in good faith only to have her partner basically shaft her. So when she renters the job market she's a couple decades behind the people who stayed in employment. Oh, and this is only a lump sum. The partner is still earning much more than she is so this isn't going to effect his ongoing earnings and will help her.

    Remember, marriage is a partnership. You screw your partner over don't be surprised when the court screws you over.
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    Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy another thread that will rapidly devolve into the usual boys vs girls and feminist boys.
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    This thread will be a beacon; a great example of why Spacebattles is a good place to participate in rational, well mannered discussion.

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    I'll start the popcorn!

    NAVY SEALS Enforcer of the Sentai


    Yep it is going to happen in 3.2.1:(
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    50 percent is enough.:(
  7. Rabe

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    I can see the rational, as long as a stay at home husband could make a similar claim in applicable circumstances, seems legit.
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  8. Normally I'd be against such a high settlement but having read the article it does look like the correct decision.
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  10. Basically this, it's not 'woman fucks man over' it's 'stay at home parent gets compensation when working parent goes off and is a massive dickhead'
  11. Where's the shit storm? I want my flying feces!:(
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    God dammit how many times do I have to repeat myself?

    A marriage is now betting someone seventy percent of your stuff that -you- will love -them- forever. Can no one see why that's a bad bet?
  13. Hassam


    Yeah, I can see where the judge is coming from. However even after reading the article I think it is unfair to say either partner screwed over the other. First off we have no idea what even caused the divorce.
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    I'm cool with it. Wish something like that had happened to my own parents.
  15. Im too busy settin up a like farm
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  16. I...

    don't care. I don't know these people. Their divorce is none of my business. Apparently Wellington is a city in New Zealand which isn't even in the same hemisphere as I am. It's their life. I hope it works out for both of them, whoever they are.
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    That only applies if you arrange for your partner to give up their career and become a stay at home parent. If you don't have kids and both continue working it will be much more equal.

    Hell, you could even have split bank accounts if you really wanted.
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    Sorry man, SB's apparently taking this in a calm, mature manner.

    Seriously though, good for her. She deserves it from the sound of things.
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    Based on the summary provided I was inclined to view this as bad insomuch as the methods of citing cases from similar countries mean it might effect here, she didn't have to put her career on hold, nobody was forcing that, if the government thinks that it should help people who ruin their lives perhaps it should help them itself instead of draining money from the closest person

    From the article however
    So apparently the husband was responsible (perhaps not directly and perhaps he was) in terms of derailing attempts at getting her career back online so I am inclined to view the result as justified, perhaps I even would had I faith in legal systems
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    Good on you, SB, for actually handling this calmly, atleast for the moment.
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    I don't fancy betting someone -half- our pooled assets that I'll love them forever either.
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  22. Feh. All that hype and everybody decides to be mature.
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    The husband's repeated affairs, including one with another woman who harrassed his wife so badly she had to give up her job?

    The article doesn't go out and say it, but there's something very fishy going on when 70% of the assets of a guy who earns a million a year is only $1.3 million.

    I rather suspect that the husband managed to deliberately dissipate or disguise his actual assets, and although it can't be proved one of the reasons the judge gave such a high proportion to the wife is because they know it.
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  24. Teen Spirit

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    Perfectly reasonable considering everything.
  25. Vanathor

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    Store the money in a third party corporation or trust, and live in a state without alimony and that is all it takes.