Women in Star Trek being called Mr.?

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Have women in Trek been called Mr.?

  1. Yes, women in Trek have been called Mr., not just Sir.

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  2. No, women in Trek have never been called Mr., just Sir.

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  1. Major Diarrhia

    Major Diarrhia Concept Philosopher

    In Star Trek women have been called Sir but have they ever been called Mr.? This is particularly in reference to Tasha Yar but is in general as well. Please give examples if you can.
  2. Buggsy


    I recall Lt. Savik being referred to as Mr.Savik. I can't remeber the sceen, but I think it was Kirk who said "Mr.Savik, you have the con." He might might have said Mistress Savik, but after listening to it several time, a friend and I agreed that it was "Mr.Savik".
  3. It's a military convention, IIRC, that all persons are Sir or Mister regardless of gender. Though that might be changing in the current military.
  4. Ladiesman

    Ladiesman Spacebattles Resident Racist

    It seems odd that in the 24th century, after all sex discrimination is gone, they still say "Mister" and "Sir" for everyone. I guess they were just being traditional, and it never changed in that timeline.

    Although, we do see people who disregard it, like Janeway. What was the line? "Don't call me sir.", "Yes Ma'am.", "Don't call me ma'am. Just call me Captain." or something like that.
  5. jegs2

    jegs2 Humble Servant

    Proud to say I don't know the answer to that.
  6. Noble713

    Noble713 Not-So-Mobile Infantry

    One of the Colonels in my ROTC cadre was female, and we always called her Ma'am. Same for the senior who was Battalion Cadet CO.
  7. Slacker

    Slacker Horseman of Apathy

    Apparently, officially everyone is "sir" or "Mr", but in practical use that's changing. Remember at the begining of Voyager-you know, back in the days we had hopes it wouldn't absolutely suck-Harry Kim had the whole "Ma'am/sir" issue.
  8. Galaxy

    Galaxy Vengeful S.O.B.

    I thought it was funny that Sisko called Jadzia "old man". Of course i know that's because her symbiot's last host was an old man.

  9. Agreed.
  10. PeaceKeeper_Cmdr

    PeaceKeeper_Cmdr Pimping for Justice

    They do it all the time in TOS. It often "Mr. Uhura", and on occasion they simply call female crewmembers "Mister".
  11. Has it ever occured to you that the females name was Mrs Terr
  12. E1701

    E1701 Core High Commander

    *kicks Dev for good measure*

    Anyhow, that "Mr. Saavik" thing appeared to be a one-time issue. Remember, ST:2 was designed to be very classically militaristic. And officially, women are also "Sir" and "Mr.".

    In TOS, Uhura was always referred to as "Lieutenant Uhura", and once or twice by a lower ranking crewman as "ma'am".

    In the newer shows, it was mostly "ma'am", and occasionally "Miss"...
  13. I say, poor show old chap
  14. PhalanxBL

    PhalanxBL For Freedom!

    Implying that there's somehow shame in knowing the answer to it? Come out and say it then.

    Some folks like analyzing the social and political mores of fictional universes. What shame is there in *imagination*? From imagination springs forth all that we create.

    The only shame is when *all* you have is imagination, and never action, and lose yourself in your fantasies to the exclusion of reality. But being knowledgeable about fictional science fiction universes, and having a real life, are *not* mutually exclusive.

    I find it odd that you, as a regular member of this sci-fi board, would disparage sci-fi fans for their hobbies.

    Perhaps your "pride" is misplaced, eh?
  15. QeylISS

    QeylISS Lord of the Klingons

    I think they go for Mister for safety reasons because so many people could make bad vulcan jokes about a Mistress Savik ;) :D

    repressed emotions, mating only every 7 years...... ;7