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  1. Brian is a boxer and pretty good at it.

    And Grue should totally be the Red Ranger.

    Or Clockblocker.

    Red Ranger is either Experienced Leader or Brash Young Upstart.

    Sveta should get a power coin somehow.
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  2. skychan

    skychan Catgirl Sith Lord

    On controlling Leviathan

    Personally I like the image of her fainting of blood loss while Leviathan continues to do the robot behind her. :)
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  3. Do keep in mind that while she is the world's greatest precog she's not perfect. Even aside from the giant blindspot called scion people reacting to precogs disrupt her future vision. That means it's quite possible for Taylor's trigger to disrupt Simurgh's plans. Weather or not it did is a different question.
  4. Just wanted to announce that Scarab 2.b is done and in beta. Would have posted such in my own thread, but I didn't want to give my readership a false start. XD

    Other than that, briefly pondered the idea of Taylor triggering with the transmigrated soul of Saulot instead of Queen Admin. Currently abandoned due to: A. not blending well (almost so OCP it loops around to useless), and B. being kind of OP (if the OCP is ignored).

    The brief idea though also gave me gigglefits of the Undersiders as a vampire coterie (or playing Vampire the Masquerade)... I picture Skitter being a Nosferatu with a swarm of ghouled mosquitoes and bees. Bitch would be a pretty straightforward Gangrel with Ghouled dogs (Aptly named Hellhounds). Regent is Ventrue (or Toreador) as hell. Tattletale is probably either a Malk or a Tremere... Tremere because people wont like her talking because Tremere tend to spout a lot of self righteous bullshit, and Malkavian because it'd be almost funny if she was exactly like canon, but nobody else can convince her she's not a supervillain instead of a vampire. Grue is either Lasombra Antitribu (eeeeh), or else one of those annoying players that wrote a good enough backstory to justify Obtenebration out of clan (also eeeeeh), or just a Lasombra traitor (more likely with 50% more ex-sabbat baggage).
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  5. Selonianth

    Selonianth Writer of Words

    I rather think she'd have seen the disruption in her vision coming in time to find it and work it into her plans. I didn't say it wouldn't disrupt her vision, I said it wouldn't disrupt her plan. She *did* successfully plan around Scion being her blindspot well enough to arguably engineer Khepri into existence.
  6. Cauldron: Please fill out the following personality quiz so that we can send you a very large amount of money.
    Taylor: What? Is this a scam? Like the Nigerian thing they have on Aleph?
    C: No, totally not... Please?
    *cackling* Lord Oberon. Perfect.
  7. A good point. Psychologically speaking Taylor is in a interesting place. As far as she knows is the only person who knows the terrible truth about Scion. Her only ally? a evil organization bent on conquering earth for their own gains and are pretty blatantly using her. She has no friends to confide in, the closet being Finster. Who while comparatively nice is firm in his loyalty to Rita.

    This is going to make Taylor very reluctant to trust and open up to I think. She gets on a passingly friendly basis with her marital arts instructor and possibly some of the students (Who would ideally form the core of who she helps ALpha chose as the rest fo teh Ranger team) But how far can she trust them? What will they think when they discover her deal wtih the devil?(And Taylor is probably smart enough to realize it is a matter of when if only because Rita would reveal it to cause a split.)

    SO you'd have the interesting situation of the other Rangers knowing who Taylor was, but having to work to draw her out (And possibly a love triangle between Taylor, Uber, and Grue... because that concept amuses me). Meanwhile you have Tattletale thrust into the role of convincing Taylor to develop a cape 'villian' identity and deal with her trust issues. All while trying ot comprehend the big secret of Taylor her power exposes to her.

    CB: okay lets do this.. may the power protect us...

    KW: what?

    SS: Have you been binge watching Uber and Leet again?

    A clone may show up eventually. But I don't think its quite as critcal a thing, especially if TT is a ranger. Brockton Bay is A CITY. which mean there are probably hundreds of thousands ppl who live there. ANd a fair amount of capes both named in cannon and otherwise. Which is a lot of people who can 'not be seen together' with teh Green Ranger. Especially since its apparnt the rangers have teleportation capabilities.

    Thats not even going into the hoops you'd have to go through to realize the Green Ranger has other Cape abilities they don't use while in uniform. Because without that information your back to including every civilian who lives in the city (or beyond if you factor in Teleportation) as potential identities for the Green Ranger.

    Its doubtful to be a pressing issue for years to come, barring TT ability spilling the beans.

    A interesting thought. WOuld depend on if the putties have a self destruct/limited lifespan or not. Still yes you could use Containment foam on Putties. They are disposable minions and I Doubt Rita would invest the energy in freeing them via making them grow giant sized.

    Although of what use they would be to the PRT tinkers is questionable. They are essentially animated clay using magic to animate them. Not exactly much for a tinker to extrapolate from. Especially as the motivating power behind the putties is outside the PRT's imagination.

    No you'd have to go the Machine Empire and their Cogs to get PR footsoldiers who could provide TInkers with anything useful beyond 'how do I kill/defeat these things' knowledge wise.

    Hmm there's a amusing thought... how Would Saint and teh Dragonslayers react to the Machine Empire?

    Probably later in the story since you'd have to come up for a reason for the S9 to interact with Rita so Finster can see Bonesaws work in progress and think she might maek a suitable apprentice.

    OH yes Zedd will definitly kick things up a notch... of course in the snipept I wrote I hinted that Rita may be more open to Finsters love potion earlier too.... and at least some of the same logic applies. ALbeit Zedd is probably much more confident in being able to deal with Scion, not knowing where his Mate is is a big handicap. FUrhtermore expand to much energy or failures and other groups in the UAE may step up to conquer earth where Zedd 'failed', especially the Machine Empire.
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  8. Essex

    Essex Eat at Joe's

    Perhaps Grue was Embraced by a traveling Xi Dundu. They're a Lasombra variant from Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom known for their great loyalty to those who share their bloodline (sounds like Grue's personality to me). Same Disciplines, but the weakness which makes Lasombra suffer bonus damage from sunlight is replaced by a weakness which halves their strength if they rest while touching their native soil.

    Of course, vampires in the Wormverse would lead to questions regarding how vampires exist in the Wormverse without anyone noticing. You'd think they'd be discovered pretty fast, and people would think they're some form of infectious Parahuman manifestation.
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  9. Selonianth

    Selonianth Writer of Words

    The only problem is said personality quiz would either not be in depth enough, and thus fail, or Taylor would fill it out from her biased point of view and thus it would fail.
  10. Which is why it's more along the lines of "the undersiders playing vampire" or "undersiders in World of Darkness". It's not a fully fleshed idea with plot or anything, just a giggle-muse. And good catch on the Xi Dundu... just didn't consider using Ebony Kingdom since the Undersiders take place in America.
  11. koolerkid

    koolerkid Lord of All Things

    Taylor can't second trigger here for the same reason she couldn't in canon - she already did. If you reread, there's two big gaps where it's strongly implied Taylor had a trigger vision. It's not very clear, but it seems like the first trigger was "understand Endbringer/Leviathan", and the second was "control Endbringer/Leviathan".
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  12. Zordon: *Sigh* sometiem THere are days I wish I'd never left Eltar....
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  13. Selonianth

    Selonianth Writer of Words

    Speaking of Zordon, is it just me that's reminded of the Face of Bo when you see him?
  14. PossiblyEnos

    PossiblyEnos twitchy

    Console yourself. At least the Path to Victory did not go to Glenn Quagmire.

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  15. Inverness

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    Leviathan doing the robot pushes right up on my absurdity meter. When Taylor falls unconscious just have him stand around and protect her, but no continuing the dance.

    I also think it's perfectly fine if Taylor gets to control the others. It's not like they're going to have to be around to generate conflict for Taylor everyone else will do that.

    Though in actuality I think it would be cool if Taylor has to get near them first to take control before it stays permanent or something. That gives an excuse to feature Endbringers fighting Endbringers if you want to go that direction.

    Also, people generally consider Leviathan the weakest, but he holds back a lot. I have little doubt he could stay underwater and go around spamming tsunamis 24/7. You could pretty much guarantee the death of any humans living near the ocean. Of course I wouldn't be surprised if Leviathan could just bring a tsunami on land and basically drive the whole damned thing across a continent. There wouldn't be anywhere on land that is safe.

    Edit: I can't help but imagine Taylor making the Simurgh play classical music in everyone's head.
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  16. Does the Moon have any resources that are valuable on Earth but considered worthless by the galactic community? I can picture Taylor getting sick of Rita's migraine-induced rants and using 'useless yellow rocks' (i.e. gold) to purchase chocolate, a back-massaging chair, scented candles, trashy romance novels, etc. to keep Rita calm. If asked how she got the money or where she keeps disappearing off to, Taylor could say that she's the part-time gofer/assistant for a house-bound millionaire like Terry McGinnis from "Batman Beyond" as the best lies have a grain of truth in them. And while she's at it, Taylor might as well pick up a few goodies for the others: books, tea, and an iPod for Finster, toys and candy for the bumbling duo, moisturizer for the putties (do they dry out?), and nothing for Goldar cuzz he's a jerk.

    Shellshock was created when Baboo and Squatt placed a clay turtle along with a baseball and a bat, a hook, brass knuckles, and a tiny cannon into the monster-making machine. What would happen if they placed a tinkertech item into the monster-making machine instead of a mundane object? Example: a pistol Kid Win dropped in a fight or a piece of armor recovered from Dragon's damaged drone.

    If they used a smart phone or DSL modem in the creation of Shellshock, maybe the turtle could wireless surf the internet in order to fight out more about Scion and his missing partner, thus making him a reoccurring background character. Almost all of monsters in "Power Rangers" are designed for battle and not recon, spying, healing, logistics, etc.
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  17. TPK

    TPK Hello, friend. Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    Posting this here and not in the designated thread because I don't want to give anyone false hope.

    I'm sorry, but I don't think I can keep writing She Who Skitters in Shadows- it's just got too many issues that I've taken up beef with as of my recent reread.

    I've lost plot threads, misrepresented characters, made poor character sheets that don't properly represent Taylor, and kludged together a, frankly terrible, plot. In my opinion, it's been running on 'awesome' for most of part two. As much as it pains me to say it, I'm going to officially abandon that story. A re-write is possible, but extremely unlikely.

    I'd like to thank everyone who reviewed, responded, and spammed the like button so much. This story, by my count, has earned me roughly 13,000 likes, and I have no idea why.

    That said, I'm going to try to stick to shorter projects for a while, and not let myself overreach like I did with Skitters again.
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  18. Mechworks

    Mechworks Brings shame to the boots of Nancy Sinatra



    She stood, unconcerned, as wind failed to stir her clothing. The fluttering garment she wore looked as though it should be indecent, yet failed to reveal more than her feminine shape. Her eyes were closed, as she Listened- “-ou see the kids, you shoot. I don't-” -she'd heard enough. Her eyes opened, and she lept, trailing wisps of verdant green...


    Armsmaster expected many things on nighty patrols; robberies, muggings, the occasional supervillan fight, that sort of thing.

    A thirty-foot-and growing Lung barreling though two buildings and most of the street a block in front of him was not on that list. Then he say the glow. It was a sickly green, the same color as stereotypical radioactive material. Strange patterns of shadows moved though it, and he wondered at its oddity.

    Then he desperately rolled to the side as a four-foot ball of burning green shot from the holes Lung had made and cratered the building behind him.

    Then he saw what could only be a cape, walking calmly through the rubble. She was surrounded by an aura of radiation green, made of countless glowing insectiod streamers of energy. Her clothing manged to completely conceal her features while seeming as insubstantial as air. A glowing brand burned on her brow, and in her right hand she held a burning sphere of verdant green.

    Then Lung recovered, and Armsmaster's jaw clenched. Lung's entire left side was blackened and burnt, in a way no-one had ever seen. While he was healing, it was slow- slower that he'd ever heard of from Lung, who was now pushing forty feet, and sprouting the beginning of wings.

    Then the world turned to fire as Lung vomited white-hot flame at the glowing girl.

    Who simply ignored it utterly, walking though the torrent of fire that could have melted steel as though it wasn't even there. Her response was a simple pushing movement that sent another blast of that green fire fling at Lung, who rolled to avoid it entirely. Then backhanded the girl with one massive taloned paw, shredding the flimsy fabric covering her head with metal scales.

    The girl was... strange. He didn't know how else to describe it. She was totally normal, yet somehow, she felt off. Then he noticed her eyes were shut.


    She opened Her eyes, gazing imperiously at the raksha? godblood?Lung, who roared and charged Her again. Just before he struck, She felt a tingle in the back of her mind, telling her legs to move just so, and claws the size of spears cut naught but air.

    Her partner sang with her, telling her of so much, of what she had been, and was, and would be.

    And for the first time in her life, Taylor felt in control.

    Extra credit! guess how many ranks of Past Lives Taylor has!​
  19. Selonianth

    Selonianth Writer of Words

    Um... 7? It's a magical number. Failing that, whatever 'All of them' is.
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  20. PossiblyEnos

    PossiblyEnos twitchy

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  21. Lavanya Six

    Lavanya Six Alien Space Bat Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    Basically, yes. The two big gaps were supposed to represent two trigger events in quick succession. I didn't show the visions themselves because they broke up the flow of the story and didn't really add anything.

    There's a hint that Taylor already has a looser control over Leviathan after the first but before the second trigger: when he drops her and she breaks her ankle, it's because she's thinking about him letting her go. She just hadn't caught onto the connection between her thought and his action yet. [Edit: And yes, there's a weak empathy too in the "bag of water" line.]

    And a good thing Taylor didn't scream something like, "Just go ahead and kill me already."

    I do think the PRT/Protectorate would be hesitant about exposing Taylor to the Simurgh. Sure, she'd stop its attacks... but they'd also potentially be exposing her to its corruptive influence. With the kind of power Taylor can dish out here, that could get messy.
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  22. Rita or Taylor could leak information about the Machine Empire to Dragon and/or Saint and the Dragonslayers so that Earth would build up anti-tech planetary defenses. That way, Rita doesn't have to worry as much about her rivals in the UAE and spend less effort watching her back.

    In "Pacfic Rim", they said it took 14 months to build the first Jaegers, so Rita would deliberately ignore Earth's attempt at making faux-zords secure in the knowledge that works on technology won't work on magic. Heck, Taylor might even convince Rita to weave protective wards around the military's "secret" bases so parahuman villains won't disrupt their efforts.
  23. Xexilf

    Xexilf Solidarity

    Behemoth would be tricky. Assuming her range is less than 50ft or whatever it was on his manton-ignoring, and assuming he dosent want to be controlled... how would you do that? presumably with a lof of forcefields and stuff. Or if she has simurgh already she can probably pull it off.
  24. Wildbow WOG says Taylor never second-triggered. Those strong implications were mistaken.
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  25. Alex12

    Alex12 SCIENCE!

    Behemoth's range is 32 feet.
    Since it seems he has to focus or something (given that hitting him is still possible), I'd guess the way to do it would be to swamp him with a bunch of attacks and things he needs to deal with right along with Taylor.
    Leviathan, a whole bunch of Legend's lasers, a bunch of Dragon's gunships, missiles, whatever they can get.
    Admittedly, Taylor's range here seems to be more than 32 feet.
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