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  1. Yog


    Thread 1.
    Thread 2.

    So, we have reached the limit of the previous thread (or were getting close to). Because of this, I'm starting a new thread, namely this one.

    Useful links:
    Unofficial timeline
    Spoiler-free cast list
    More in-depth cast list
    List of names and descriptions by Ehn

    List of story threads that were born here:

    She Who Skitters in Shadows (Exalted/Worm) by gibbousmoons

    Fiend; or I how I learned to stop worrying and love the Green Sun. by logiccosmic

    [Worm/StarcraftCross] Queen Of Monsters. by Seras

    It Is Dark (Exalted/Worm) by Guile

    Worm and Scion by Arthur Hansen

    Memoirs of a Human Flashlight [Exalted/Worm] by Golden Lark

    Night's Odyssey, a Worm SI by Night_stalker

    Kansas City Shuffle [Exalted/Worm] by HioH

    Plea by BF110C4

    Panacea for the Soul (Worm) byArthur Hansen

    Survivor, Life 2 (SI/Worm) by Dimensionist

    The Dragon and the Dark Lord by Screwball

    A Will To Survive (Prototype/Worm) by Dimensionist

    Endings Hued In Violet [Exalted/Worm] by NSMS

    A Different Kind of Justice by koolerkid

    Alteran Alternatives (Stargate/Worm) by Pyrion

    The Doctor Is In The House [Marvel/Worm] by Vanathor (round robin)

    That makes 9 of Us too! (Worm non crossover fic) by warlock7

    The Littlest Solar (Worm/Exalted) by Anondylar

    Neurocracy [Worm] by Videocat

    Moonlight on the Bay (Worm/Exalted) by Slamu

    An Imago of Rust and Crimson (Worm crossover) by EarthScorpion

    Hope Comes to Brockton Bay - a Worm Fanfic by Ack

    Oh, What Webs (Worm SI) by kestrel404

    List of snippets:

    Hope Comes to Brockton Bay 1, non-specific superhero universe crossover
    Hope Comes to Brockton Bay 2, non-specific superhero universe crossover
    Hope Comes to Brockton Bay 3, non-specific superhero universe crossover
    Hope Comes to Brockton Bay 4, non-specific superhero universe crossover
    Hope Comes to Brockton Bay 5, non-specific superhero universe crossover
    Hope Comes to Brockton Bay 6, non-specific superhero universe crossover
    Hope Comes to Brockton Bay 7, non-specific superhero universe crossover
    Hope Comes to Brockton Bay 8, non-specific superhero universe crossover

    ...I wish superheroes are real, Puella Magi Madoka Magica crossover

    Your Mother Is (Not) Dead, exalted crossover
    You Can (Not) Succeed, exalted crossover, continuation of Your Mother Is (Not) Dead
    You are (Not) Hungry, exalted crossover, continuation of You Can (Not) Succeed
    Riley is (Not) Happy, exalted crossover, continuation of You are (Not) Hungry
    Rebuild of Riley is (Not) Happy, exalted crossover, continuation of You are (Not) Hungry
    Interlude 1: Of Wizards and Exalts, exalted crossover, continuation of Rebuild of Riley is (Not) Happy
    A girl and her Berserker, Fate/Stay Night crossover

    Something useful, non-crossover

    Making a costume, non-crossover

    A Change of Pace, non-crossover
    A Change of Pace 2, non-crossover
    A Change of Pace 3, non-crossover
    Story #2, snippet 1&2, non-crossover
    A Change of Pace 4, non-crossover

    Panacea for the Soul, non-crossover
    Panacea for the Soul II, non-crossover
    Panacea for the Soul III, non-crossover
    Relay Infection, Mass Effect crossover
    Falling Iron, Marvel Cinematic Universe crossover
    Falling Iron 2, Marvel Cinematic Universe crossover

    Stranded in another world Skitter and Clockblocker on Avenger!Earth
    We are going to need backup, Zerg-maker!Taylor, the beginning
    Several months later, Zerg-maker!Taylor, confrontation route, continuation
    Exploring the grid, Tron!Taylor
    She's lucky to be alive, Hellsing crossover, continuation of "I want to live"
    ♦ Topic: Brockton Bay Bank Robbery, Hellsing crossover, continuation of She's lucky to be alive
    Memories of the exile, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 crossover
    Taylor in Crysis, Crysis crossover
    Meh, they're just bugs, non-crossover
    Second chances, Simurghed, non-crossover

    I'll take it., non-crossover
    Something exciting, RWBY crossover, kinda
    Too Many Exalted Crossovers!, exalted crossover

    I am the king of everything!, non-crossover, omake of Something useful
    Is this some kind of punishment?, non-crossover, continuation of I am the king of everything!
    Goblin Queen | The things in the walls, Exalted crossover
    Goblin Queen | Things in the light of day, Exalted crossover
    Goblin Queen | Things change, Exalted crossover
    Goblin Queen | Things that intimidate, Exalted crossover
    Goblin Queen | Things that see and Things that protect, Exalted crossover
    Goblin Queen | Things that hunt, Exalted crossover
    Goblin Queen | Things that fight, Exalted crossover
    Goblin Queen | Interlude : Beginings, Exalted crossover

    Transported to a different place, Dark Knight Rises crossover
    snippet 2, Dark Knight Rises crossover
    snippet 3, Dark Knight Rises crossover
    Plea, non-crossover
    Plea chapter 2, non-crossover
    Plea 2.2, non-crossover

    Every girl wants a pony, starcraft crossover
    Champion of the Ninth Age, DC crossover

    Dreams of a thousand spiders, S-class Taylor, the beginning

    I just wanted to go home, prototype crossover
    Flesh and Blood: Incubation 1.1, prototype crossover, corrected version of I just wanted to go home
    Flesh and Blood: Incubation 1.2, prototype crossover

    When the Moon Hits Your Eye 1, exalted crossover
    When the Moon Hits Your Eye 2, exalted crossover

    Visions of Samsara, Naruto-inspired non-crossover
    Visions of Samsara 1.2, Naruto-inspired non-crossover

    Dimensionist (EDIT: thanks from Yog to malhavoc431 for correcting my indexing of "A Will to Survive 1-5" snippets)
    A Will to Survive 1, prototype crossover
    A Will to Survive 2, prototype crossover
    A Will to Survive 3, prototype crossover
    A Will to Survive 4, prototype crossover
    A Will to Survive 5, prototype crossover
    Get Your Game On Pt. 1, non-crossover
    Get Your Game On Part 2, non-crossover
    Get Your Game On Part 3, non-crossover
    Get Your Game On Part 4, non-crossover
    Get Your Game On Part 5, non-crossover
    My Totally Bogus Adventure Through Time And Space, Part 1, non-crossover SI
    My Totally Bogus Adventure Through Time And Space, Part 2, non-crossover SI
    Book of Darkness, Book of Light, Demonbane crossover
    Awakening, Lovecraft mythos crossover
    The Birth of Dynamo 1, non-crossover
    The Gamer, Part 1, non-crossover

    An Unscheduled and Unauthorized Field Trip, Whateley Academy crossover via the fanfic Tansy Running High
    An Unscheduled and Unauthorized Field Trip 2, Whateley Academy crossover via the fanfic Tansy Running High

    Stand and Fight, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure crossover
    Not Heroes! Not Villains! Not Endbringers!, prototype crossover

    Interlude: Ambush Bug, DC crossover, omake of A Different Kind of Justice
    Repairing things 0.2: repairing sorrow, non-crossover, continuation of Repairing things

    Sisterly Love: Herald, non-crossover, parallel to Sisterly love by Jaertin
    Aww, did that hurt?, Borderlands crossover

    Was it worth it?, non-crossover, omake of Something useful
    Me in a Living Hell, non-crossover SI
    Defiant, non-crossover
    A Beast by any other name, non-crossover

    Topsy Turvy, non-crossover, slash
    Golem|Theo and Annex|Kirk.. non-crossover

    Skitter Inc, non-crossover
    Skitter-Hime, Mai Hime crossover

    monster lab, monster lab crossover

    Reach out with your feelings, Star Wars crossover
    Reach out with your feelings 2, Star Wars crossover
    Reach out with your feelings 3, Star Wars crossover
    Reach out with your Feelings 4, Star Wars crossover
    Omae wa mo, Shinderu, Fist of the North Star crossover

    Exalted Crossover- She Who Skitters in Shadows [1], [2], [3]
    BEEEEEEEEEES, DC crossover
    BEEEEEEEEEES 2, DC crossover

    Inverse, non-crossover, slash
    Initiation 1.1, non-crossover

    Golden Lark
    I had won, Exalted crossover

    You Know My Name, non-crossover

    Into the deep, non-crossover SI

    Prologue: It Is Dark, exalted crossover
    Arc 1.1, exalted crossover
    Arc 1.x Interlude (Hookwolf, Imp), exalted crossover
    Brockton Bay Bowser Baddies, Mario crossover
    Brockton Bay Bowser Baddies 2: Rumble in the Docks, Mario crossover

    Kansas city shuffle, Exalted crossover

    infernal snippet, exalted crossover

    A door opened, a door closed, D&D: Planescape crossover
    A door opened, a door closed. Part 2, D&D: Planescape crossover
    Roll for Initiative, Generic Fantasy/D&D ripoff crossover
    Roll for Initiative 2, Generic Fantasy/D&D ripoff crossover
    Roll for Initiative 3, Generic Fantasy/D&D ripoff crossover

    It's not pinkeye, it's a superpower!, Naruto-inspired non-crossover
    Sisterly love, non-crossover

    Call for help, non-crossover
    Nexus, an interlude sequel to Call for help, non-crossover
    Nexus 2, non-crossover
    HERE TODAY, BACK AGAIN, Groundhog Day crossover
    A New Path, Naruto-inspired non-crossover

    Judge Mental
    Now, isn't that a marvel?, not really a crossover

    Flea Circus, Carnival Phantasm crossover

    Sweet Dreams, Dota 2 crossover

    A Different Kind of Justice, DC crossover.
    A Different Kind of Justice 2, DC crossover
    A Different Kind of Justice 3, DC crossover
    Handshake, non-crossover

    Malkav reborn, WoD crossover

    Second Breath 1.1 Exalted crossover
    Second Breath 1.2 Exalted crossover

    Myriad deaths of Taylor Herbert, the One crossover idea
    Not the Sheep! (A Worm / Worms Crossover)
    What Would You Do, surprise Crossover
    Mortal Combat, continuation of What Would You Do
    Danny's Beautiful Daughter, non-crossover

    Recollection of Jade, exalted crossover

    You shouldn't have done that, Batman crossover

    Calling card, non-crossover
    Calling card 2, non-crossover
    Calling Card 3, non-crossover
    Calling Card 4, non-crossover

    Endings Hued In Violet, Exalted crossover
    Endings Hued In Violet 2, Exalted crossover

    Alteran Alternatives 1.01, stargate crossover
    Alteran Alternatives 1.02, stargate crossover

    a good fight, Ranma crossover

    CAULDRON'S RIM, Pacific Rim fusion

    Robo Jesus
    Good news, bad news, non-crossover SI

    Kaleido Onyx 1 - The Origin Story, Nasuverse crossover
    Skitter For President, non-crossover
    Kaleido Onyx 2 - The Bully is a Fangirl, Nasuverse crossover
    Taylor Hebert and The Mask of Loki, Mask movie crossover
    Kung Fu Hustle, Kung Fu Hustle crossover
    -Going Off The Rails-, Exalted crossover

    Regret 1.1, non-crossover
    Regret 1.2, non-crossover
    Earth-Bet, Eclipse Phase crossover

    The Dragon and the Dark Lord, fantasy crossover
    The Dragon and the Dark Lord 2, fantasy crossover

    Jailbreak, exalted crossover
    Potential is Awoken, BTVS crossover
    Avoiding a Bad End, non-crossover
    Goddess of Flash 1, Bleach crossover
    Goddess of Flash 2, Bleach crossover
    Goddess of Flash 3, Bleach crossover
    Goddess of Flash 4, Bleach crossover
    Goddess of Flash 5, Bleach crossover

    You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do, non-crossover

    Glorious Death, exalted crossover

    Sir Bill
    Clockblocker and the Truly Immoveable Rod, non-crossover
    Villains Worship, Mass Effect crossover
    Damn Precogs, non-crossover
    Waaaaagh! on Crime, WH40K-inspired non-crossover
    Incubator, Puella Magi Madoka Magica crossover

    Codex entries, Mass Effect crossover
    Who is this guy? DC crossover
    Magical Worm, surprise crossover
    Magical Worm 2, scrapped version, surprise crossover
    Magical Worm 2, surprise crossover
    Cloudy with a chance of peace, FFVII crossover
    The Long Trek Effect, surprise crossover

    Red Dragon Empress, Highschool DxD crossover

    she is the night itself, non-crossover
    She Sleeps, Lovecraft mythos crossover
    Extraction 1.1, non-crossover
    Extraction 1.2, non-crossover

    It Grue on me, AU around chapter 5
    skitterworm II, Tremors crossover
    Worm Effect, Mass Effect crossover
    recuperation, Love Hina crossover
    Face Fault, non-crossover
    memories of Charlotte, non-crossover
    Hatching 1.1, non-crossover
    That make 9 of us too, non-crossover
    That make 9 of Us too 1.2, non-crossover
    Discovery, non-crossover
    Recuperation 1.2, Love Hina crossover
    Patronage, Leverage crossover
    Discovery 1.2, non-crossover
    Demolition bug, Demolition man crossover
    Eidolon bugs out, non-crossover
    Discovery 1.3, non-crossover
    Eidolon bugs out 2, non-crossover
    Sarah Livsey and the school of Magic 2, non-crossover
    Hatching 1.2, non-crossover
    Future?, Marvel Cinematic Universe crossover, omake of Falling Iron and Second chances, Simurghed
    That family business, non-crossover
    Empowered Worm, Empowered crossover

    Winged Knight
    In Comes a Paladin, Pathfinder crossover

    It's a special sale day!, surprise crossover

    We are going to have fun!, Weird Science crossover, kinda
    Apotheosis, S-class Taylor, the beginning
    By the Ancient Contract, MGLN crossover start
    I want to live! Hellsing crossover.
    For the honor of the regiment!, BOLO crossover, kinda
    Repairing things, non-crossover

    Wrench in the plans of mighty, Mage: The Awakening crossover

    EDIT: now alphabetically sorted by author courtesy of The Unicorn
  2. Theocrass

    Theocrass Solidarity

    Reposting from previous thread.

    Ah, so it is a cape who does that? I'm actually current with the story, so I'm not sure how I managed to miss his mention. I suppose they could still hack something at Cauldron and use Boomtube tech to escape. Or I guess it could be a Cauldron facility on Earth Bet. That seems like I'm just making things too convenient for myself, though. On the other hand, like I already said, I'm less fond of this idea. I suppose it doesn't need to be a Cauldron facility, but I'm just having a hard time figuring scenarios where the heroes and the Protectorate come to blows. I know Wormverse has a lot more sickos and a darker tone, but I don't believe the Protectorate's welcoming to people from another world would be so bad as to permanently alienate them. On the other hand, an interrogation is the worst I've considered them doing, but now I don't recall if we've ever seen the Protectorate handle travelers from another world who weren't brought there by the Simurgh.

    I am glad you pointed out the Scarab thing. I'm not very computer-savvy, so I'm trying not to get too bogged down in that stuff. Kind of hard to do when you want Dragon to feature, too. >_>

    Do you see anything glaringly wrong with the Simurgh idea? I was actually thinking of having them arrive at the same time as the whole locker incident, just for the potential butterflies. Hell, maybe Taylor could end up joining them. Maybe people could get it in their heads that Blue Beetle was Skitter's summon, even. :p

    The only problems I can think of is that there isn't an Endbringer attack at that time. I'm thinking their arrival will be completely unintended by all parties involved. Perhaps I could make a scenario where Simurgh is attacked instead of attacking and either the party attacking her or the people fighting her will be responsible for the portal that brings the heroes forward.

    While that does sound cool, I am sadly unfamiliar with the Authority.

    I'm actually completely sure about who I want to bring into the Wormverse.

    It's not going to be a bunch of familiar characters, mostly because Blue Beetle is an adult leading a team of younger heroes. Which includes Warhawk (DCAU), one of my favorite's among DC's more obscure heroes. :D
  3. Ixenathier

    Ixenathier I cast my sight across worlds...

    Roll for Initiative game creation/idea refinement

    Each "Character sheet" is a smallish piece of paper torn off a pad with spaces for Name, Race, Class, and a short description including gender.

    Stats are Agility, Mind, and Body. These numbers are then used in a contest of ability versus a target number.

    Each Class has an index card for each level with assorted effects listed on it. These range from spells, to special attacks. I was thinking of about 5ish abilities per card to keep things from getting to complex initially.

    Race grants a few minor modifiers to stats, and a single racial ability. Races include: Elves, dark elves, humans, dwarves, and others.

    Tokens representing each character move around the board looking for treasure and the goal of the game.

    Initial challenges come in the form of cards drawn from the challenge deck. Each card has a paragraph of flavor text and a short description of the challenge and results. These range between monsters, traps, and natural hazards. Class abilities can be used to bypass some challenges altogether, while others can modify results.

    Rewards are drawn from the treasure deck as indicated in the results of challenge cards. These can range from gems, to scrolls, to weapons with listed effects.

    So far this is what I have worked out for how the game works. Simple, quick to set up, and totally deceptive as to what is going on. I am trying to make the game believable enough that Tattletale's power does not ping a problem.

    Setting up I was thinking of this for character choices for the poor players pre-endbringer.

    Tattletale gets to be the party thief. Human thief with alchemy and trap making for additional abilities. Every party needs one, and she has a tendency to be the party skill/trap monkey anyway, so why not?

    Grue goes with elven sun cleric. Light, healing, and strengthening his friends in battle. Sort of an inversion of his powers in a come as you aren't way.

    Bitch gets dragged in by Skitter because being a dog or wolf could be cool. Nets a Werewolf druid with powers more in line with WoWcrack than D&D. Shape-shifting off the bat (wolf form only), with a smattering of healing, destructive magic and close combat.

    Regent joins in due to having nothing to do. Well that's my idea so far. Dwarf fighter character to act as party tank.

    Skitter gets a dark elf mage. Roughly based on WoW mechanics hybridized with D&D spells. Most of her spells would be in the blaster classification. Fire, ice, and so on. More esoteric spells can be picked up through Treasure or choice of level cards.

    Imp would be left out because she has yet to trigger. She can join in for the second part of the campaign, probably as a thief or similar.

    And for some unholy reason I am wanting to drag Panacea and Charlotte into the game post Leviathan. Panacea the paladin and Charlotte the mage's apprentice or bard?

    Any ideas or comments? Because I want just enough detail for the game to believably slip under the radar while not painting myself into a corner.
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  4. Yog


    Not sure how Panacea would work, given that her conduct towards Skitter right after Leviathan made Taylor dislike her. If this is avoided, somehow, then I could see it, maybe. Still not sure how.

    The game system seems believable.

    Taylor may pick up item creation at some point. She's always bemoaning the lack of Tinker support, after all. It could be avoided by Lisa flat-out blocking Taylor from picking "artificer" or similar as a class / specialization to prevent munchkining. They are playing for fun, after all.
  5. By the way, have I mentioned how biigoh liking my Raksha posts frightens me? Because I sort of like Taylor, and right now, the nicest thing someone could do for her would be to kill her dead.
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  6. Endymion

    Endymion An Operator will be with you shortly.

    Pull in Parian later as the Ranger/Archer. IRL she has no personal offense. She might like playing ranged DPS.
  7. biigoh

    biigoh Purveyor of Fine Fanfiction

    As she currently is? Sharper emotions... and something hungry....

    Not quite. ...

    Pretty much this

    What she's becoming is quite unknown...
  8. Yog


    And then you have to add the administration entity into the consideration. That multi-dimensional, bigger than the observable universe, insanely complex, hyper-evolved near-godlike thing attached to Taylor's brain that actually manages the communication between her and the Unshaped, and learns and matures while doing so. It also weights in on what the final result is going to be, I think.
  9. biigoh

    biigoh Purveyor of Fine Fanfiction

    Or this...
  10. Which could easily wind up worse than Scion, depending on the story and mythos built around itself. Like it could decide to go for the 2nd Entities spot, and it would do a good enough job of it that it would make it work despite it not being true. Or any number of other things. But it could also be good. As much as having a soul eating abomination that you have no chance of doing anything against on your planet can be good.

    Here's an idea for a story. Instead of the 2nd entity, Scion was the one who died. So we instead have a mega thinker with tons of agency and planning, but far less power. Still, Contessa on mega steroids. Not easy to take down. Plus she will have pawns. Many, many, many, many pawns.
  11. Ixenathier

    Ixenathier I cast my sight across worlds...

    Ah but that is the fun part. I plan on having at least the first part of the game before Leviathan appears. An apprentice mage Skitter alone would shift how the fight would go just enough to potentially derail any problems with Panacea. Toss in thief Tattletale and some magical healing? The rails just turned to pixy dust.

    System is go then unless someone finds a glaring flaw in believability then.

    Artificer is not an available class choice sadly for Skitter. Mid level mages can make some stuff though. IF they find a teacher that is...

    Sounds good. and depending on how long the campaign goes, grab her girlfriend too!
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  12. As I said, I like Taylor. I don't think I could finish a story where she was destroyed in a way orders of magnitude worse then mere death.
  13. Malbutorius

    Malbutorius Routinely Genderbent

    I just thought of something, Taylor's trigger causes her to begin hearing a voice in her head, said voice is the 'Narrator' and randomly gives her information she probably shouldn't have, such as

    And so walked of Sophia Hess off to perform her job as Shadow Stalker.
    Of course, it isn't like Our Hero would know that now would she? Just like how she doesn't know about Dragon being a, well, Spoilers, cant tell you ahead of time now can I readers? Now, Lets get back to the story shall we?

    The story itself would be heavily self aware and break the fourth wall constantly, basically, she gets the power to hear the Narrator of her story, sometimes said narrator would mention things like being able to fly by throwing yourself at the ground and distracting yourself at the last possible moment, then, when your flying, not thinking about blatantly defying the laws of physics, or, when she's trying to break into a safe the narrator mentions

    'That the possibility of her learning the code to the safe (Witch is 9745) is phenomenally low, and she will likely be there all day.'

    Or whenever she meets Coil not only does the Narrator mention that Coil split the timeline he also mentions what Coil does in that alternate timeline, so when she first meets Coil...

    'And then, as Our Hero entered the room Coil used his power to split the timeline, in the other timeline attacking Our Hero to figure out her combat potential, unfortunately, Our Hero perished in that timeline, Fortunately, We aren't reading that Timeline now are we?' and such, I think it would have so much potential for hilarity and Taylor having completely and utterly broken powers while being relatively balanced, also her wondering who these 'Readers' are would probably be hilarious.
    EDIT: Sorry, enter button wasn't being noticed when I first typed it up.
    EDIT2: So, Thoughts? Opinions?
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  14. biigoh

    biigoh Purveyor of Fine Fanfiction

    Nor I... but as a fyi... ascension into being something more is something that happens in exalted. Look at godblooded, elementalblooded and demonblooded they get to shed their humanity and people don't think its horrible
  15. has anybody suggested crossing worm with the Tick yet?
  16. Endymion

    Endymion An Operator will be with you shortly.

    Lol, and then she finds out that Yes he really does have Tick powers...because she can puppet him and Arthur.
  17. I like it, sounds hilarious. The power would be really unbalanced since it's pretty much "author can give hero information". He might give critical information or he might not. Would be funny if she can also hear the readers at times. As for the power rating and classification.

    Thinker ?, Saracen Rue Taylor knows things.
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  18. sasahara17

    sasahara17 Just another random writer

    So essentially Taylor joins the exclusive club of fictional characters who are completely aware they are fictional? This I like.

    On one hand, the revelation she is a fictional character in a webserial could drive Taylor completely insane and she starts acting accordingly. The next thing you know, she'll start hearing other voices in her head, start commenting on things she really shouldn't know, bemoan the lack of the little yellow boxes because of the format of her story is prose and not a comic...in universe everyone will regard her as this lunatic who somehow has more precognitive powers than every other precog combined. She'll be totally OOC, but the story would be total crack at this point anyway so this won't matter much. Taylor might as well have Deadpool as a penpal or something equally as ridiculous at this point.

    On the other hand, if she tries to maintain a grip on her sanity and keep a lid on it... I can see the narrator start going off on weird unnecessary tangents. Imagine: she's meeting Miss Militia in person the first time and suddenly the narrative launches into this purple prose double entendre filled description of how 'inhumanly beautiful, gorgeous and attractive and you should totally kiss her for the benefit of the readers because our target demographic would love that sort of thing' the other superheroine is despite Miss Militia being... well, Miss Militia. By the end of it, Taylor is smashing her head against a wall trying to get the image of Miss Militia's 'big nukes' out of her mind, while the latter is looking in confusion and horror. 'Unreliable narrator' will have a whole new meaning, eh?

    This sooooo turns the entire grim-dark world of Worm on it's head, but I'm sure it's going to be good for a oneshot or two.
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  19. taylor have been complaining about their lack of tinker support...
    what if they were to recruit one?
    imagine Leet, with the imaginative guidance of Taylor...
  20. biigoh

    biigoh Purveyor of Fine Fanfiction

    Question, is there any discription or pictures of Sophia, Emma and Madison?
  21. Undead-Spaceman

    Undead-Spaceman Skeleton Supreme

    Had to search around a little but here you go:

  22. Yog


    From the in-depth cast page:
    Emma: An attractive, red haired girl, Emma is an amateur model who does occasional photo shoots for local magazines and department stores.

    Sophia is dark skinned and athletic, owing to her membership on the track and field team.

    Madison: Petite, described as ‘cute’, somewhat more juvenile than her friends in the ‘pranks’ – such as pouring juice on Taylor and encouraging other girls to vandalize Taylor’s desk or her stuff.

    Oh, that's going to be fun!
    One possible class for Panacea would be berserker I think. Or barbarian. Something like that. As a vent for her real life where she can't allow herself to use her powers for anything but healing (not even for global healing through symbiotic plagues) because of her upbringing and family.
  23. biigoh

    biigoh Purveyor of Fine Fanfiction

    No notes on hair color? At least beyond Emma being red headed and madison having brown hair?
  24. Malbutorius

    Malbutorius Routinely Genderbent

    Sophia has black hair and Madison has blond hair. I completely made that up by the way.
  25. DeAnno

    DeAnno The Mailman

    It said in the above quote Madison had brown hair.
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