Worst quotes of anime and sci-fi?

Discussion in 'Space Battles Main' started by Gaius Manlius, Aug 20, 2001.

  1. Gaius Manlius

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    After hearing "They're both monsters, one good and one evil" on DBZ the other day and remembering back on the Gundam Wing days of "There's nothing crueler than a machine playing with a person's mind." I realized that there is a lot of schlok in anime. What other crappy lines of speech stays with you guys from Sci-Fi and/or anime?

    -"Filthy Human" Gaius Manlius

    "A man animal gaining leverage over a Psychlo? Ha!"
  2. "Where's the control that extend the bridge?" "I think I just blasted it." - Name the movie where that's from.
  3. MT

    MT MT


    Star Wars: ANH

    Should I be proud of knowing that? For some reason I don't think I should be...
  4. Harbinger

    Harbinger War Rig Driver

    Try and name who said these

    "Wesa in deep do do"

    "Mesa gonna die?"

    "How rude..."

    and so on and so on...
  5. Oh, that one is easy- Star Wars Ep2: The Grotesque Death of Jar Jar
  6. Oh, I love this one from BattleField Earth- "I'm a Psychlo of my word!"
    Wow, they somehow managed to carry our phrases over to their own language despite the some odd 1000 years:rolleyes:
  7. Malsar

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    Any Jar Jar Binks dialogue
    - Star Wars The Phantom Menace

    Any technobabble in Star Trek Voyager

    "Oh shit!"
    - Data, Star Trek Generations

    "Today is a good day to die"
    - Any of a thousand times this line has been killed on Star Trek

    Anything in the Starship Troopers film

    Anything in the RG Veda OAV
  8. It's nothing to be ashamed of. IT's just the single worst(and worst acted)line in Star Wars thus far.
  9. Rubberanvil

    Rubberanvil Hentai Undivided

    You forgot everything from the "Wing Commander" movie.
  10. Malsar

    Malsar Guest

    So I did. Thanks Rubberanvil :)
  11. "Go Pokeball"- Pokemon

    ...actully anything pokemon!
  12. Kon_el

    Kon_el no one of intrest

    "If the me of the future is now in the past how could you posibly know about it"
  13. Simplex

    Simplex [Previously known as WarrenG]

    Star Wars Episode 4.

    Somebody says to Luke, "Whats wrong?"

    Luke replies, in this wussie ass, baby of a teenager femenin voice, "Oh, its Hannn"

    You have to see it, I cant describe it.

    But, "I am your father" makes up for ANY terrible Star Wars line...excluding Jar Jars line(s).
  14. Simplex

    Simplex [Previously known as WarrenG]

    I also think that all english translated anime lines suck.....they try to make the english fit the japanese moving mouths, and it doesnt work, thats why the dialogue is TERRIBLE. See "Akira" for an example.

    Princess Monoko or something is good, has good actors like Gillian Anderson.
  15. Excalibur

    Excalibur Super Sexy Stud Man

    "Now get the hell out of our galaxy"
    -Sheridan to first ones
  16. dont watch Dubs, so i cant say...

    and isnĀ“t it Princess Mononoke?
    or has it been translated Monoko in english? :rolleyes:
  17. anything coming out of the mouth of Jar Jar or having the word "pokemon"
  18. Mad

    Mad Hero of the Rebellion

    "Do you know what happens when a toad is hit by lightning?... The same thing that happens to everything else." - Storm, X-Men.
  19. Harbinger

    Harbinger War Rig Driver

    Anything that guy who Chris Tucker played in the 5th Element. God, he was annoying.
  20. Simplex

    Simplex [Previously known as WarrenG]

    Hey Mad, your quite right. X-Men lost alot of my respect when Storm said that line.

    And I was wrong about the Princes Mononoke thing, I just mixed up. But that was a GREAT, 2.5 hour japanime movie.

    I thought Sheridans line was okay in Into The Fire, Excalibur.

    Max-Payne the game is sweet, but some of the lines suck...."He was dead, I could tell by the cold stillness in his eyes." Or something lame like that. It was lame because the guy was shot dead, blood everywhere, right infront of him....hehe.

    "Oh Annie!" In Star Wars Episode 1.
  21. Isil`Zha

    Isil`Zha Beyond the Bounds Administrator

    hehe, I loved how Max Payne described everything. :D
  22. McCoy: "He's dead Jim!"

    Kirk: "Well thank you Mr. Obvious!"

    lol :p :D
  23. Isil`Zha

    Isil`Zha Beyond the Bounds Administrator

    I say that to my friend a lot. :D

    "Thank you all mighty master of the obvious, any other bits of well known info you'd care to inspire no-one with?"

    That or I just call him Captian Obvious.... and changed his windows start up screen to match. :D
  24. Harbinger

    Harbinger War Rig Driver

    Oh yeah, and from Freespace

    <..............> Well, the Shivans said it so i'm not a hundred percetn sure what it meant.
  25. Gaius Manlius

    Gaius Manlius Fallopian Refugee

    "Is that Minmei's perfume?"

    or was it

    "I know that smell it's Minmei's perfume."