Worst Sci Fi show of all = Lexx or is it?

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  1. For me it was Lexx the bastard Lovechild of Tim Burton and David Lynch (Dune era) fans wanting to remake Blakes 7 with an effects budget of £80 and a Dildo left over from Flesh Gordon.

    What do others think?


    - Whirly
  2. Reaperman

    Reaperman Blade Runner Staff

    careful, such blasphemous talk could stir the great god of spacebattle Johan himself to respond! (he had a thing for zev :p)
  3. No, Lexx is anything but the worst. Lexx is trashy, gaudy and possibly fattening but it's entertaining as anything. There are far worse excuses for television entertainment out there.
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  4. We all had a thing for the first Zev.


    - Whirly
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  5. Silence

    Silence Troubleshooter

    I thought the Lexx movies were good in a trashy sense of way.
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  6. Hmmn Space Precinct!

    Every episode seemed to feature an old Science Fiction cliche and furthermore, did absolutely nothing new with it!

    The whole show just looked and felt so tacky!
  7. Cosmic Average

    Cosmic Average Red Revolutionary

    Lexx was one of the top sci-fi shows ever, not on of the worst.

    My vote for worst is Babylon 5.
  8. Taz


    Lexx was funny more than anything
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  9. Zeronet

    Zeronet Solidarity!

    Lexx was very amusing.
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  10. Twisted Mentat

    Twisted Mentat Associate Male

    Lexx is like Red Dwarf. So over the top it's great.
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  11. Taz


    Especially the robot head that was in love with the girl.
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  12. Rabiddog

    Rabiddog Less Rabid than before

    Uh it fell in love with the guy.
  13. Lord Woodlouse

    Lord Woodlouse Space Princess

    No, it fell in love with the girl. Go wiki yourself up.

    The girl was in love with the guy, but he was dead.
  14. BriDog

    BriDog Simple But Supreme

    Lexx owns your pathetic soul.

    Beg forgiveness or feel the wrath of the Ocular Parabla!

    And 790 fell in love with Kai after he was reprogrammed during the final season of the show.
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  15. Jim3001

    Jim3001 Master Of Hammer Space

    Zev was hot.....but the show sucked balls.
  16. legionare

    legionare Book of Lorgar

    worst sci fi of all was wing cmdr, and sst, stupid incompetent human forces
  17. Satori

    Satori Buffleheaded

    You had better mean the Wing commader movie and not the games...

    Because if you are dissing privateer, i'll have to break out the space parrots.
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  18. legionare

    legionare Book of Lorgar

    are u retarded read the thread name:drevil:
  19. Satori

    Satori Buffleheaded

    Oh, The wing commander Cartoon. Forgot it ever existed. my bad.
  20. Tai Falkenburg

    Tai Falkenburg Joy To The World!

    I have to agree that Lexx was poor, at least poor enough to end up on MST3K. The show wasn't science fiction, it was poorly written fanfiction hidding under the name Science fiction. Everything else was just some lame excuse to add "mature" material. Worse, it was a poor attempt comapred to the much more interesting and far better "tales of a parallel universe" movies. Lexx was a travesty.

    The only cool character was the dead guy with the beehive hair. That's it.
  21. legionare

    legionare Book of Lorgar

    they made a cartoon.......
    dear god
    wonder which is worse

    movie, or cartoon..:eek:
  22. The movies where rather interesting, the series was crap.
  23. Lynx2174

    Lynx2174 Apathy Incarnate

    Jeebus, that existed? :eek:
  24. Rabiddog

    Rabiddog Less Rabid than before

  25. Satori

    Satori Buffleheaded

    UNles Loki kidnaped me an implanted false memroeis, yes.

    It was based on gameverse, not Movieverse, so it wasn't too bad. roughly SW quality, with a hint of niven.