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    X-COM: SG1
    A Stargate/X-COM: EU fusion.

    1. Jack O'Neill, Colonel of X-COM.

    1st of March, 2016 .

    Escorting civilians is never good. It’s even worse when you are escorting them to an alien planet via a stable wormhole device from ancient Egypt. For that extra special ‘we are all going to die horribly’ feeling that civilian can melt your brain with purple glowy magic powers from a hundred feet away. I absolutely refuse to call them psionics. I know it makes science folks like Carter sleep at night if we don’t call it magic but at the end of the day it’s magic. And when (formerly) crackpot archaeologists are running around with it on a mission to the unknown where we are not meant to shoot the aliens it irked me to have an untrained civilian with an extra deadly weapon tagging along.

    It wasn’t that I hated Psionics as such - I was always glad to have Captain Carter melt some aliens brain from across the room with her magic power but at least she had the decency to still shoot an alien in the face with an alloy cannon occasionally. Jackson just used Psionics to get guest spots on talkshows. Still at least the Commander[1] let us take real guns with us. When I had first heard about Operation: Pharaoh[2] I had feared we’d have to take small and less intimidating guns with us. But the Commander was just as skeptical about ‘peaceful first contact’ as the rest of us and he’d authorised us to use whatever gear we wanted. That meant enough plasma rifles, alloy cannons and power armour to invade a third world country. That and a single friendly robot.

    Homer[3] was our S.H.I.V. and he had a very crude drawing of Homer Simpson his side. Still it was always nice to have a robot with a handy death ray around. By the time I’d finished my rather lengthy internal monologue we’d finished gearing up. SG-1, or Strike-3 as we’d formerly been known was one of XCOM’s many strike teams and the first to become attached to the Stargate Program[4] and getting to be the ‘one’ team had me jumping for joy. Kawalsky was fiddling with the controls of his ghost armour, as he did before every mission. I’m not sure what he did to it but it seemed to work.

    My own preference was for titan armour, though that was due to the fact that my team was usually the ones clearing and recovering tech from crashed UFOs. Those things were just tight corridor after tight corridor and the extra protection the titan suit gave was worth it’s weight in gold. The suit itself was actually also worth that much, so I tried not to damage it too badly or else the Commander would get... angry. I’d only seen the normally unflappable man get angry twice, and that was enough to convince me that the Commander deserved to be on the same ‘do not piss off under any circumstances’ list as the Incredible Hulk.

    Many deride the plasma rifle. Most of these people are adrenaline jockeys who worship the alloy cannon like it was some kind of god and believe that all other weapons are inferior and should bow down before the glorious master gun. While I admit that the alloy cannon is an extremely devastating weapon sometimes all you want a little finesse. Or just to not reduce anything in the immediate vicinity of your target to extremely small chunks of it’s former self.

    Still we had a mission to complete, strange new worlds to explore all that jazz. I walked slowly along the base corridors, not stopping at our usual elevator. Strike-3’s faithful sky ranger[5] had been replaced by a circle made from some unknown alien metal, six point seven metres in diametre. It was an almost solemn occasion as we walked towards an elevator guarded by two power armoured soldiers, one German the other British. The elevator ride down was also rather quiet, till Ramirez made a Simpsons reference. Rameriz was a good kid, our new heavy after our old one had died at the hands of an angry chryssalid.

    “Well it looks like we will once more head into certain death at the hands of angry aliens, so I’d just like to clear something up. If I don’t make it none of you get my collection of Simpsons DVDs. They’re going to Walter.” If I hadn't lightened the mood I’d at least made them pretend to smile. But when even Kawalsky laughs at my jokes I think I’ve succeeded. We walked out of that elevator feeling a hell of a lot better about this mission than before. I think they were just sick of seeing endless Simpsons re-runs and had been hoping that they weren't in line to inherit all 612 episodes[6].

    We arrived at the gate room with a few minutes to spare, the concrete walls and blast doors looking menacingly uninviting. I suppose the numerous weapon emplacements scattered around the room might have something to do with the menacing atmosphere but I maintained that it was mainly decor’s fault.

    I saw Jackson first. He was standing uncomfortably in psi-armour with only a pistol and an enormous backpack, no doubt full of books. While I may not like the fact that an untrained civilian would be accompanying me into the alien infested unknown I didn't really hate Jackson. He had figured out how to work the Stargate and he came across as a really nice guy the few times I’d seen him on TV.

    We’d already been briefed and all that remained for us to do was depart through the Stargate. Commander Hammond stood near it with most of the senior XCOM staff, including the leader of Strike-1, a certain Colonel Makepeace. Smug bastard. Still it was touching of the Commander to see us off. The Stargate began to spin and we all heard it.

    “Chevron one encoded”

    “Chevron two encoded”

    “Chevron three encoded”

    “Chevron four encoded”

    “Chevron five encoded”

    “Chevron six encoded”

    This was the point when all the sensible people among SG-1 (everyone not Carter) looked appropriately frightened and awed. Carter just had that look in her eye. Her ‘new alien tech’ look - like a kid on christmas morning surveying his presents. He might know what they are but they’re never quite real til he opens the wrapping paper.

    “Chevron seven is locked!”

    With a roar the unstable vortex lashed out and faded back to the rippling pool that was an activated Stargate. We walked up the ramp that led to the Stargate, the picture of confidence and. I think we all stopped for a second at the mouth of the wormhole, just putting our arms in and out of it. Then I gave Carter a firm push as she started babbling in her scientist language and we all stepped through the Stargate. And then landed flat on our faces in a dimly lit temple.


    [1] - Really an American General, but the Council insisted that we only referred to him as Commander.
    [2] - No one ever said the people who name operations were all that creative
    [3] - Team leaders get to name S.H.I.V.s
    [4] - An offshot of XCOM at the time of it’s inception late in the First Invasion of Earth the Stargate Program was to become XCOM’s main post war focus.
    [5] - Of course XCOM has more than one Skyranger. Who would equip the planets first and last line of defence against the alien threat with only one transport?
    [6]- The Simpsons was still going strong in 2016

    This is set post game for XCOM: EU and around the time of the movie for SG-1. While most of the Stargate galaxy is the one from the show some changes have been made.
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    ...woah, woah, woah!

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    It will be interesting to see how you handle the Asgard/Sectoid thing. Maybe the Sectoids are a failed experiment in saving their race from the slow death by cloning issue? And would the SGC have a negative reaction to the Asgard due to the Sectoids?
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    Thanks, could you see any mistakes in there? I've looked over it but something always eludes me.

    I have all ready decided on that, but XCOM and the Asgard will get along. How the Sectoids/ Asgard issue will be resolved will be revealed later. You aren't too far off though.
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    I kind of always liked the idea that the Sectoids were the fault of Loki. After all, he was only one Asgard and having minions always helps.
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    I too have read and enjoyed XSGCOM. While I like it there the theory doesn't fit with XCOM:EU's story sadly.
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    Or their's the Asgard in the Pegasus Galaxy. Maybe they joined the Ethereals and did some genetic manipulation thus becoming the Sectoid race. The Wraith also have mind-rape powers so the similarity fits. Maybe they crapsacked the Pegasus Galaxy, left it to the Wraith afterwards, and turned to the Milky Way.
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    Maybe... Who knows?
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    A cousin species maybe? Or the race they were modified from was the long-lost Asgard colony.
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    There's only thing I can say about this fic....

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    Will the Jaffa and Goa'uld be more competent than in canon (actually, have any competence at all)? Otherwise, against veteran X-COM troopers armed with energy weapons and with Titan armor, psi-power and such, this will be a curbstomp.
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    Yes. While normal Jaffa will die in droves Elite Jaffa and up will present a challenge. But in the end the Goa'uld don't really 'do' ground warfare. Their idea of war is bombing your enemies planets into submission from orbit. But who says that won't change once they start losing Jaffa to X-COM...
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    It'll be really hard for them to change, since they have to learn, well, pretty much everything. Their society is not designed to help thinkers get new ideas, nor encourages initiative at the intermediate and lower ranks, the concept of combined warfare is probably foreign to them, as is the one of IFV, tanks and such.

    The gap in military thinking is at the very least 150 years wide and their society is very slow for any kind of evolution. Their orbital superiority is, IMHO, the only thing between them and oblivion, at this rate.

    But then, there is Ba'al and his pure, undiluted, awesomeness.
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    Don't forget his bastardliness too. Also as i recall one of the main reasons for his awesomeness is the fact that he doesn't actually think he a god like all the rest of the Goa'uld do. He can play the part if he has to but he can pragmatically ditch the act if required. Makes him VERY dangerous.
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    He also posses the astounding ability to re-use tech of the week.
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    And he also knows when to fold'em and make a good enough deal with Earth if it comes to that (watch out for the backstab he'll be working on, though).
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    I think all Ba'al wants are luxuries, comfort and power, but he has to deal with all that god propaganda. Which he basically considers as a waste of energy (and dealing with all those sycophants), but it's the reason he can't just become a CEO or something.
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    So... give him a job?
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    If not for discrimination concerning his species and the possibility of ethnic cleansing by the NID or something, that would be an idea, yeah.

    I have plans for him, though.
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    1.1 Jack O’Neill, Amateur Archaeologist.

    It’s never a good idea to fall flat on your face while performing something for the history books. We quickly stood up and resumed looking like bad-ass power armoured commandos. Even Jackson managed to look suitably bad-ass and imposing in his desert camo psi-armour. We flicked on our low-light visor modes[1] and assessed the situation - gaudy but deserted and rather cavernous room filled with various Egyptian religious paraphernalia. With our weapons raised we checked the various entrances - no X-rays.

    “This stays between us for all eternity. Anyone who breathes a word of this will suffer such pain that they will consider being subjected to the tender mercies of a tribe of angry mutons a holiday after I’m through with them.” Kawalsky was a serious guy and when he made his rare jokes it was always worrying because sometimes he was serious. I was fairly certain he was joking in this case but Kawalsky was a scary guy.

    That was when we heard a slight, unmistakably Texan chuckle over the radio. I really hoped Hammond was as scared of Kawalsky as I was, because I really didn’t want to be remembered as the guy who fell flat on his face while performing one of the greatest feats in human history[2].But we had a job to do - find who the hell made the Stargate and if we needed to shoot them, and if that would go well for us.

    I shouldered my plasma rifle and motioned for Carter and Jackson to follow me. Kowalsky would go up, and Ramirez and Ferretti would take the side of the building we weren’t. Homer would be guarding the gate for us, kind of like an adorable robotic guard dog with a plasma deathray. Have I mentioned how much I like big honking space guns? I approved of our SHIV’s armament very much though I hoped it wouldn’t bring down the building if it missed. That would be even more embarrassing than our unfortunate encounter with the floor. We’d also be dead, something which I intended to avoid.

    Carter took point, with her alloy cannon she could murderise[3] just about anything that got near her. In the tight and confined corridors of this temple it was the ultimate weapon. But I would never admit that out loud, or my plasma rifle might feel inadequate.

    “Kawalsky, you up on the roof yet?” I asked, hoping that we weren’t surrounded by a horde of murderous locals. Which had actually happened to Strike teams once or twice, though in that case those locals hadn’t been incredibly advanced aliens.

    “Well. I’m up on the roof of the temple but.. well sir there's a giant pyramid behind me.”

    “Jackson, you got any ideas why aliens might build a pyramid?” I really hoped Jackson had some idea, because he sure as hell talked about Pyramids a lot in the briefing and I hoped that I hadn’t suffered through that for nothing.

    “No, but I spotted a room full of hieroglyphs back there. That might tell us a little about who built this place.
    “Good enough for me Jackson, Kawalsky you stay on that rooftop and keep an eye out for any locals. The rest of you return to the gate room and set up a basecamp.”

    If you haven’t waited for an archaeologist to translate hieroglyphs while aliens could suddenly pop up out of nowhere at any moment and try to kill you before i recommend you avoid the experience. For one thing it’s incredibly boring as well as somehow simultaneously being incredibly tense. I didn’t help that Jackson was turning the pages with his mind. Let me repeat that in case you missed that - he was making them move with space magic. Carter looked impressed, so maybe this was supposed to be kinda hard? I just knew that Jackson was playing with a power that could kill me in under a second, no matter how tough my armour was. Or that I had a mind shield installed in my hemet. What? I’m paranoid about an Ethereal mind controlling me. You would be too if you had my job.

    Jackson and Carter were talking in Scientist, a language I don’t pretend to understand - I required simple explanations meant for people without two doctorates. The second the word ‘quantum’ or ‘polarity’ entered the conversation was when Carter generally got too excited about whatever alien tech she was salivating over. Still I knew that all my cool stuff was made possible by people like Carter and Jackson, so I let them work.

    It was nearly midnight on the planet when Jackson deciphered the hieroglyphs. They told a story of an alien being known as ‘Ra’ - an Egyptian god back home - and his glorious Empire. While the story of Ra’s great comeback via the human race would have made a great music video montage I was more interested in the whole ‘Empire’ thing. I don’t think that this is the sort of problem we can solve by blowing up an especially big spaceship. If I’m reading this right it will require us blowing up many, many big spaceships. Which may be a problem as Earth currently lacked a fleet of interstellar battleships. though given what I’d heard that might not be the case for much longer.

    I had to keep my head in the here and now - a planet called Abydos apparently. Kawalsky had spotted what looked to be some sort of primitive town, and if the hieroglyphs had been indication we’d probably find enslaved humans living in medieval conditions and mining some sort of alien mineral. While I may joke around alot, even on a mission this hit like a speeding dump truck. It wasn’t quite what the Ethereals had wanted but it was damn close.

    That was when Jackson told me that he couldn’t get us home yet. Sometimes the universe has a sense of humor in line with a psychopathic five year old. I walked back to basecamp wearily, where Homer and Ramirez would take first watch. Well Homer would take every watch because Homer was a robot. While Abydos’s atmosphere was breathable I was still nervous as I took of my helmet for the first time since I had stepped through the Stargate. Surprisingly the air inside the Temple smelled better here, in the temple than most desert ruins I’ve been to.

    And that was how I spent my first night on an Alien planet - bored out of my wits and thinking about how nice it smelled. I somehow didn't think that would last. I gave it a day before we were wading in alien blood again.


    [1] - We have many, many visor modes. We even have a psionicly sensitive one!
    [2] - Not so much the actual act of walking through the Stargate itself, but mastering it and using it to send a group of six people (and one robot!) across light years.
    [3] - R&D had started a petition to have murderise added to the dictionary. It currently has 32,000 signatures.
  22. Hrm. Is this after the Stargate movie? Also, you're missing a few commas.
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    They will be waist deep in alien blood soon.
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    No, but everyone except Daniel knows each other already as they were an X-COM Strike team specializing in tech recovery before the events of this fic.