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  1. Agayek

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    FFN Link


    Table of Contents:
    Chapter 1: Hostile Contact
    Chapter 2a:2b:2c:2d:2e:2f
    Chapter 3a:3b:3c:3d:3e
    Chapter 4a:4b:4c:4d:4e:4f
    Chapter 5a:5b:5c:5d:5e:5f:5g
    Chapter 6a:6b:6c:6d:6e:6f:6g:6h:6i:6j:6k
    Chapter 7a:7b:7c:7d:7e:7f:7g:7h:7i
    Chapter 8a:8b:8c:8d:8e:8f:8g:8h
    Chapter 9a:9b:9c:9d
    Chapter 10a:10b:10c:10d:10e:10f:10g
    Chapter 11a:11b:11c:11d:11e:11f:11g:11h:11i
    Chapter 12a:12b:12c:12d:12e:12f:12g:12h:12i:12j
    Chapter 13a:13b:13c:13d:13e:13f:13g:13h:13i:13j:13k
    Chapter 14a:14b:14c:14d:14e
    Chapter 15a:15b:15c:15d:15e:15f:15g:15h
    Chapter 16a:16b:16c:16d:16e:16f:16g
    Chapter 17a:17b:17c:17d:17e:17f
    Chapter 18a:18b:18c:18d:18e:18f:18g:18h
    Chapter 19a:19b:19c:19d:19e:19f:19g:19h:19i:19j:19k
    Chapter 20a:20b:20c:20d:20e:20f:20g:20h:20i
    Chapter 21a:21b:21c:21d:21e:21f:21g:21h:21i
    Chapter 22a:22b:22c:22d:22e:22f:22g:22h:22i:22j:22k:22l:22m
    Chapter 23a:23b:23c:23d:23e:23f:23g
    Chapter 24a:24b:24c:24d:24e:24f:24g:24h:24i
    Chapter 25a:25b:25c:25d:25e:25f:25g:25h:25i:25j:25k:25l
    Chapter 26a:26b

    Thread 1
    Thread 2
    Thread 3
    Thread 4

    As one of the mods got alittle trigger happy and locked the old thread early, here's the new one, and I don't have a snippet to start it off with :(
  2. Not really trigger happy. The Mods are now closing basically every thread over 100 pages from the looks of it.
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  3. Nightblade

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  4. Agayek

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    Yea, Facehugger just let me know they lowered the limit to 100. It makes sense.
  5. I'm not surprised. Most of the other message boards I frequent tend to cap treads after they hit the 50 page mark.
  6. JonBerry

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    So it's a combination of The Rift and the Grav Frigate from Homeworld.

    Go Citadel!
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  7. Oni

    Oni Devil Tiger

    Hmm, anti-fighter missiles. Secondary effects might be avoided if a ship manages to portal itself out of the way, but given how fast it occurs... Though it is a bit similar to the black hole trick the Geth pulled at Rannoch, so X-Com might not have been caught completely by surprise by the tactic.
  8. Agayek

    Agayek Ravenous Gormandizer Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    That's actually one of the reasons why it's predominately an anti-fighter weapon. Fighters don't generally have their own portal generators, and it forces the carrier's t-psis to choose between exhausting themselves (and thus drastically limiting XCOM's tactical maneuverability) or letting pilots die.
  9. acap88

    acap88 I'll assassinate you with my cuteness!

    Would XCOM learn of those singularity mines? Hell, the R&D must had joys of tears, knowing that singularity can be weaponized. What's next, Stars? Agayek, since your snippet shows that Sovereign did not affected by those mines, does it means that Reaper had encountered similar weapon before? I mean, it is ME tech. The only counter to those Reapertech must not only derived from ME tech, but those from XCOM tech as well, right?
  10. More likely, Sovereign is just too big and massive for the miniature singularities the mines are creating to do much to him.
  11. Oni

    Oni Devil Tiger

    Possibly, but I'd say it's more likely that the Reaper's engines are just that strong and capable of ignoring the pull. Unless of course, Agayek says differently. :p


    What about the second part? How close do they resemble the Rannoch black hole attack?
  12. acap88

    acap88 I'll assassinate you with my cuteness!

    So it all depends on size and volume for the gravitational pull to work? Or two or more simultaneously exploding singular mines should make some dents to Sovereign's hull?
  13. Mandemon

    Mandemon Gentlemen, I love brawl.

    Reapers have met all kinds of weapons, nothing XCOM has is something they haven't seen before, but it's different method to achieve the same result.

    Also, a dead Reaper was able to withstand gravity of a forming black hole. That should give you an idea what Reapers can withstand.
  14. Agayek

    Agayek Ravenous Gormandizer Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    XCOM's intel department is not completely incompetent, so yes, they'll eventually learn of pretty much everything that happens in the Battle of the Citadel, one way or the other. It's too public to cover up anything, really.

    As for your second question, as a general rule of thumb, it's safe to assume that, over the course of their 2+ billion year existence, the Reapers have encountered something similar to just about anything any organic comes up with, even if they haven't run into that particular thing itself. In this particular case, singularities are one of the simplest expressions of weaponized element zero, and Sovereign has seen it a billion times before. He probably wouldn't be able to tank one to the face, but at a significant distance, he has both powerful enough engines and a good enough understanding of eezo tech that he can handle it pretty easily.

    I have no idea what you're trying to ask with your last question though. I think you mean "To counter Reapertech, they need to merge human tech and ME tech", correct? If so, then the answer is "kinda sorta, but not really". The Reapers can be beaten with only ME tech, it's just the next best thing to impossible to surprise them with anything based on the principles of the mass effect. A new tech path helps mitigate that, but even then, you're unlikely to surprise them. They're just too old. There's a reason the Cycle is called a Cycle after all. Organics tend to repeat themselves, and while the Reapers haven't seen everything, they're kinda like Zaeed in that everything reminds them of something they have seen before, and that gives them a massive advantage when it comes to dealing with surprises.

    At the end of the day though, it's not the tech that matters, not really anyway. Technology does not achieve any goals in and of itself. All it does is make your goals easier to achieve. As I'm fond of saying, a guy armed with nothing but a rock can kill an Adeptus Astartes if he does it right. The Council on its own can beat the Reapers, they'd just have to be goddamn perfect in the fighting.

    It's the same basic principle, though on vastly different scales. You take an eezo core, dump an ungodly amount of energy into it, then step back and watch a black hole form. The only difference is the size and devastation of the individual black hole(s). The geth's gambit was one giant blackhole that wiped out most of a fleet, while these mines don't make singularities much bigger than a frigate, but there's a whole bunch of them.

    Either you're confusing yourself, or you're confusing me, and I'm not sure which.

    Gravity works via the equation F = Gm1m2/r^2. As you move farther from the center of mass of an object, its gravitational pull is reduced exponentially. Meaning someone that is twice as far away from the object experiences 1/4 the total gravitational force (thrice the distance, 1/9 the gravity, 4 times the distance, 1/16 the gravity, etc). Sovereign was in the middle of the pack of geth ships, and was therefore reasonably far away from the actual singularities (which were in and of themselves fairly small and relatively weak for singularities). Which means that it was relatively easy to fight the gravitational pull.

    When r gets closer to zero however, gravity starts increasing a rather ludicrous amount. There isn't much in the galaxy that can survive a point-blank singularity. Not without eezo shenanigans of its own, at least.
  15. acap88

    acap88 I'll assassinate you with my cuteness!

    Ahh, your explanation does explain it to me. Agayek, what did Reapers view of XCOM who held different than ME tech before invasion of Citadel?
  16. SneakyWalrus

    SneakyWalrus Is the Water Free?

    You know what Sovereign's reaction to this is going to be, right?

    "MY TURN"

    Cue super happy fun time explosions for all involved.
  17. Agayek

    Agayek Ravenous Gormandizer Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    Sovereign's initial reaction can basically be summed up as "Fucking AGAIN?! Christ, Harbinger needs to leave more data caches behind next time, this shit is getting ridiculous", followed by "Seen it, seen it, bo~ring, seen it, ooo that's kinda new. It's like that thing the Draullk did, only it allows for transport instead of comms. Seen it, seen it, CATALYST, WHY ARE THESE ORGANICS SO BAD AT INNOVATING?!"
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  18. Wait, I thought you said the Catalyst wasn't going to be a thing that exists in this universe. :rolleyes:
  19. SneakyWalrus

    SneakyWalrus Is the Water Free?

    Do you reckon the Reapers have a betting pool running on this?

    "Fiver on the cybernetics for this cycle!"
    "Give me fifty on the standard development!"
    "A hundred on the psychic powers!"
  20. Lancealot

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  21. ckk185

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    It's used to be twenty before the Xenforo move. Why do you think there's so many FoZ idea threads?
  22. Remember to like the first post - it raises the thread popularity in internal search engine! :)
  23. I may be a "Humanity, fuck yeah!" type of person but in response to the Citadel gravity mines I just have one thing to say.


    Bravo you magnificent sons of bitches.

    It won't be anything personal when X-COM makes their better version.
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  24. Atlan

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    Kier won't mind if you pay for a server upgrade.
  25. Great snip.

    Wonder if some Geth ships will pull a fast one and create singularity of their own to destroy the CDF.
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