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Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Agayek, Aug 29, 2013.

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  1. LGear

    LGear Great Commandy One

    Also, you realize that MECs can carry up to 4 weapons at once: on both arms, and on each shoulder.

    Trooper #3: And are those.... CAIN Launchers on your shoulders?
    Trooper #1: That's it, I'm throwing myself into the next barrage of enemy fire I see! I'M COMING MY BABIES!!!!
  2. wkz

    wkz Probably on the other side of the world from you

    Reaper #1: ...
    Reaper #2: ...
    Reaper #1: Did that thing just...
    Harbie: DAMMIT!! DAMMIT!!
    Reaper #2: Yup. Harbinger's Collector Super-Dreadnought just got taken out by ground forces
    Reaper #1: ... reverse engineered from Sovereign's corpse. Ouch.
    *Long distance radio receiver, off*
    Reaper #1: So... Old Harbie's not going to recover from his temper tantrum for a while, isn't he?
    Reaper #2: Yea... he was really attached to those collectors for some reason.
    Reaper #1: What now?
    Reaper #2: Time to wake up Bob. He's the #1 Reaper during the Kalulullian "Mechwarriors" ground defenses cycle, he should know a thing or ten...
  3. MonCapitan

    MonCapitan Magic Emperor Ghaleon!

    Thanks for posting a link to this story as I rather enjoy it. I like how canon comes totally off the rails with this tale. I've also enjoyed the world building for the Yhag so far. I am definitely looking forward to how their society will be explored going forward. They kind of remind me a little of the Klingons from Star Trek, but without the honor code and a good deal more aggressiveness.

  4. Define dead.

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  5. Total cessation of all bodily functions and/or acute vaporisation
  6. SV5195R

    SV5195R The dourest of Ozai's Angels

    Other variants: Catastrophic damage to the body (incl. dismemberment). Catastrophic brain damage or brain death. Incineration. Multiple organ failure.
  7. Thank you kindly editing post now
  8. So by your definitions Kaidan is not dead?

    Good to know :)
  9. ryuan

    ryuan What a drag...

    He's hooked up on lifesupport, so in theory not 'dead'.
  10. Mandemon

    Mandemon Gentlemen, I love brawl.

    Only technically.
  11. he would be considered to be clinically dead by this point.
  12. Sithking Zero

    Sithking Zero Hellbore Technician

    So, OBTUSE vaporisation is still okay!
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  13. Faralis

    Faralis Ancient onsen master

    Kaidan is now obviously an UNDEAD!
    Frigging strange mental image. Too freaked to write a snippet about it ...
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  14. LGear

    LGear Great Commandy One

    inb4 Kaidan gets possessed - not mind-controlled, possessed - by an Ethereal... and then he starts wearing a fedora and pinstripe pants and vests...
  15. Mandemon

    Mandemon Gentlemen, I love brawl.

  16. wkz

    wkz Probably on the other side of the world from you

    Dr. Chakwas: "Medical to Joker"
    Joker: "Ya?"
    Dr. Chakwas: "I just performed the standard Mind Control protocol... "
    Joker: "..."
    Dr. Chakwas: "... can you please join me for a drink?"
    Joker: "I'll be right down."
  17. you will be waiting a eternity.
    because the Ethereals are gone.
  18. Andrew Greaves

    Andrew Greaves Wonderseeker

    Hmmm. What about braintaping?
  19. Agayek

    Agayek Ravenous Gormandizer Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    So! It's becoming increasingly clear to me that my muse and/or inspiration for this story has managed to take a hike and I have no idea when or where it will come back. I'm hoping playing Enemy Within puts me back in the right headspace for it, but we shall see.

    Now that said, opinion poll time. Assuming Enemy Within does not do the job, would people be interested in/want to see the various outlines and whatnot I have for the current chapter and the next, plus the next two distinct stories? For plot closure and idea mining for other people's stories, if nothing else.
  20. I wouldn't mind seeing some outlines. And I hope you can get your inspiration back. This is a good story and I'd hate to see it end here.
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  21. hance1986

    hance1986 See Me. Feel Me. Touch Me. Fear Me.

    Put your thoughts out here and maybe some feedback and lines of outside thought will get things turning again.
  22. Radek

    Radek Promethean

    Put your thoughts here and we┬┤ll do our best to inspire you once more.
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  23. SharkGlue

    SharkGlue The Citadel's First Freelancer.

    Sharing of ideas are always good.
  24. Just pick two or three people and brainstorm, maybe your muse will get back as you punch them to obvlivion for suggesting something stupid :)
  25. Sithking Zero

    Sithking Zero Hellbore Technician

    Agreed. If games can't spark the instinct, then feel free to post outlines.
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