XCOM: Second Contact [XCOM/Mass Effect] - Thread 2

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  2. How are they going to get access to that paper trail, if it's anything like canon the Citadal will refuse humanity access to any records they could use.
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    Why would they? As far as X-COM would be concerned, Saren could easily be running his little war against them with Council sanction, so you bet the Council's going to do their damndest to distance themselves from him...
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    Unlike in the OTL, X-Com is likely to deploy much more significant forces to hunt Saren than one Spectre and a single frigate. They also have the advantage in that their FTL is much faster than even Reaper eezo FTL, and while they aren't reliant on them they can still use relays. Sure, the Terminus will scream about it, but the Alliance is going to be much more resistant to the threat of the Terminus this time around, and after the shitcanning X-COM will have given them in the past most of them will scream plenty but won't actually send fleets to combat X-COM.
  5. Saren is known to be a key investor in Binary Helix; start there.
  6. X-Com has no authority in Citadel space, so all the other races are going to let X-Com warfleets traipse through their space why?

    Wormhole drive isn't relevant since it is impossible to follow somebody with it due to the fact that it doesn't move through real space.

    See above, X-com has no authority in Citadel space, the only reason Shepard ever did was because they made him/her a Specter.
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    I can get behind this
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    Repeating question from previous thread: Saren is still going to be Sovereign's agent?
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    Saren doesn't hate humanity, but his whole thing with hating humanity had nothing to do with his finding Sovereign. He was hired by a Batarian who found it to protect it, discovered what it was and went full-renegade IIRC
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    I'm not really sure. I mean, after all, part of the reason Saren started being a massive dick is because his brother was killed as a result of a reaper artifact found on Shangxi, which he blamed the humans for. Sure, you could argue that he still wants the humans dead because there's a good chance that his brother was killed by them at the Relay 314 Massacre, but at the same time, things didn't really escalate in this timeline. He might find his dreams and desires squelched because of lack of popular support to "Finish the job," as it were, leading him to possibly becoming brooding and resentful, but more of a dick than an outright evil.
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    So how does the whole Meta-Turian incident go?
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    The Hierarchy found out and didn't take kindly to the thought of being turned into mindless husks.
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    In this universe, or in canon? Because that's not how he found it in canon...
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    And Saren has to bear the burden of his brother's treacherous ways?

    If that's the case, wouldn't he think differently of trying to do THE EXACT SAME THING?
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    He's not doing the same thing though. He's proving to Sovereign that organics are useful and that therefore the organics that side with the Reapers should be spared from the purge.

    In his mind, he is saving as many lives as possible by aiding the Reapers.

    His opinion on humanity has little-to-nothing to do with it.

    I had thought that was how it worked out in canon. Somehow or other he ends up in that mission Wrex met him on, from there finds out about Had'dah's find then somehow discovers what it is and murders everyone there and starts helping Sovereign.
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    As I recall, human FTL is quite fast and they have long-ranged near-instant strategic FTL anyway. They can sit outside the bubbles around relays called "Citadel space" and wait patiently on-call if necessary.

    However, most of the action in ME1 doesn't take place in actual Citadel Space in canon. Therum is claimed by the Alliance. Noveria is a private world. Feros is semi-owned by ExoGeni, another private (human) company. Virmire is in human controlled territory, and it's near the Terminus (which X-COM will give zero shits about). Ilos, of course, is owned by nobody. Heck, Shepard won't have to find the Mu relay this time around; if X-COM really wants to, they can just hop to Ilos ahead of schedule if they realize that Saren is trying to get there.

    Can't follow an eezo drive with an eezo drive anyway. However, if they can plot Sovereign's course and it intersects a star system, they can get there first.

    And as I noted above, none of those worlds are in Council space. Terminus, perhaps, but X-COM won't care.
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    Nah, the first ME EU novel explained how it went pretty simply.

    A Batarian businessman found Sovvie, and started discretely investigating it, and ended up having to recruit a Alliance AI expert, who betrayed his research station to cover his tracks, and defect. However, Kahlee Sanders had gone AWOL to bring news of the illegal research there to the public, and escaped. Lt. Anderson's sent to retrieve her, while Saren gets involved because the Batarian had hired some Blue Suns who rapidly pulled out of a deal that Saren... interrupted, and piqued his interest.

    Long story short, Sanders gets abducted when Saren betrays the location of the SA frigate Iwo Jima that moves into to evac her and gets destroyed, tracks her to a refinery, had Anderson infiltrate and rescue her, then starts blowing the refinery to hell. While inside, he finds the Batarian and expert, kills them both, and takes the research to start studying it on his own to humble humans.
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    This would be rather dumb of them as the Terminus contains individual captains capable of defeating fucking reapers with raiders. By which I mean 'do it consistently and turn entire fronts around like this while making every human fleet in the setting look bad'.

    The humans have more guns here, but not much more recent experience. They'd swiftly lose that tech advantage if they aren't careful. Because the other guy has captains who can run rings around your fleets with raiding vessels.
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    Where does it say this? Where does it say, in Mass Effect 3, that the Terminus is more effective at fighting the Reapers than the Council Nations?
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    I assume he's getting it from the multiplayer, that's the only source I can think of at least.

    Edit: And I think it should be mentioned that the Terminus was almost certainly facing the second or third string Reapers. They focused their primary efforts on Citadel space.
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  21. War Assets, Omega DLC, various planet information (the Illium entry mentions they managed to stall the invasion of that planet by managing to destroy all the processor ships, making the Reapers have to import husks until they can move a few processor ships from Council Space to Terminus IIRC).

    It's really a matter of both the Terminus Systems basically being a place where a lot more of the population has actual combat experience combined with the fact they weren't hit as hard as Council Space (they have enough industry capacity to provide Council Space with supplies after all) along with the fact that the baseline being used is the organization who only had 30 years as a species to practice this whole interstellar warfare thing.

    It could be a more fair comparison if we say used the Turian Hierarchy's military, but they're kinda too busy at Palaven to help give us a comparison. :V
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  22. From what I understand, the raiders are capable of fighting the few reaper fuckups to a standstill while the REAL reapers fight the big bad turians. Something like that?
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    These feel a bit short to me, but I can't figure out how to properly extend them. Let me know what you guys think:


    “What the hell happened Commodore?” Hackett winced internally. The Commander of XCOM was furious. That was good. So was he.

    “They caught us off-guard sir,” Hackett felt his lips twist into something between a scowl and a snarl. “The hyperwave hasn’t gone up yet so they were using radar. The crazy bastards came in at FTL all the way into orbit and hit the defense garrison from there. Most of the local defense forces were either killed or trapped in their barracks for the duration and the assets in orbit were taken out before they could recover.” The Commander’s hands tightened. “The attackers, Batarian pirates from the early reports, had free reign on the colony until the O’Connell arrived half an hour later. We were able to chase them off without much trouble, but the current estimates are at 4100 dead and 2800 missing, presumed taken.”

    The Commander went dangerously still. “Taken?” His voice dripped with tightly leashed anger.

    “Yes sir,” Hackett could feel the indignant rage the thought conjured roiling in his gut. “The ships we captured all had cages.” He swallowed heavily. “We believe the attackers were slavers.”

    The Commander twitched and visibly forced himself to calm down. “Do we know anything about where they took our people? Or who, if anyone, was behind it?”

    “Not yet.” The words tasted like bile in Hackett’s mouth. “But we do have a few of their ships and some captives. We will know soon.”

    “Good work, Commodore. The Coalition is already on the verge of riot over this. Find them, whatever it takes.” The Commander eyed Hackett briefly. “And when you do, send a message to any of their friends that this will not be tolerated.”

    “Yes sir.” Hackett saluted sharply and the line went dead.


    “Ugly thing, ain’t it?” One of the guards beside Hackett asked, as the group gazed through the one-way glass at a batarian chained to a chair in the adjacent room. “It won’t give us a name, or anything else for that matter. It just sits there and stares”

    Hackett grunted. “He’ll talk.” He moved to the door and waved Dr. Marcaeus to follow. “One way or the other.” The men moved into the interrogation room and sat down across from the Batarian. “I am Commodore Steven Hackett of the XCS O’Connell,” he introduced himself and his companion. “This is Dr. Marcaeus.” The batarian didn’t react. “I know you can understand me, so quit the act.” Still no reaction. Hackett glared at him for a few seconds. “You can either talk to me or the good doctor here.” Marcaeus leaned forward eagerly, a hint of manic curiousity in his eye. “Where did you take my people?”

    The alien continued to sit there and stare. “If that’s what you want.” Hackett rose to his feet and turned to the door. “Doctor, I expect your report by morning.” Marcaeus made a noise of assent and started barking orders to prepare his tools and began explaining his process to the captive alien. Hackett made it less than three steps before the alien broke his silence.

    “Wait!” Hackett turned back. The alien was giving the doctor a thoroughly perturbed look. “Ask your questions, human.” Hackett grinned humorlessly as he retook his seat. That was easy enough.


    “Greetings, people of the galaxy,” the video began, showing nothing more than the upper half of a male human bathed in shadow, obscuring his features. “I am the Supreme Commander of the Human Coalition’s Extraterrestrial Combat Unit, or XCOM. Today, a grave crime has been committed against my people. A group of slavers attacked the human colony of Mindoir in the Attican Traverse, killing over 4,000 and capturing 3,000 more. This will not be allowed to stand.” The human paused and his hands tightened into fists. “I have only one thing to say to those responsible: We are coming. We do not care where you are hiding. We do not care who is protecting you. We are coming for you, and when we find you, you will pray for the mercy of a slow death.”

    “Hah!” the Batarian jeered as the news station replayed the clip. He turned away from the display to the dirty forms huddled in cages throughout the room. “He thinks he can find us,” he commented idly, derision clear in his tone. “And beyond that, he thinks he can touch us.” He laughed suddenly, a high-pitched cackle distinctly at odds with his normal voice. He squatted outside one of the cages, idly caressing the blade of a knife pulled from his boot. “Ah, my friends, he’s crazier’n I am. You belong to Vaas now.” He surged towards the captives, a manic glint in all four eyes. “Now and forever.”
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    For some reason i don't pity him for whats about to happen.
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  25. If you are lucky Batarian, you will simply die. I do not think you are lucky.