xenomorphs in LoTR

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  1. Sauron get xenomorphs instead of orcs at a one to one ratio.

    This change happen the second frodo pick up the ring and everyone think its always been this way.

    Will this change stop the light side from destroying the ring?
  2. well, if irrc xenomorphs are somewhat bullet proof.. i imagine that anything that isn't long range is a exercise in futility.

    so yeah everyone dies.
  3. Lord Xelkor

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    Shelob is killed and the caves are now guarded by Xenos. If Frodo chooses to go through this path, he dies (so does Gollum).

    The only other choice would be to go through the front gate, but thats suicide. So, Frodo cant really get into Mordor without dieing/being caught, and as a result Sauron kills everyone.
  4. Entilza

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    Gotta agree with the others. If Suaron controls the Xenomorphs, everyone dies.
  5. Xenomorphs are bullet proof, and sometimes even Predator supertech close-combat weaponry fails against them.

    Unless Gandalf and Radagast start using their full Maia ├╝ber powers, everything dies horribly. At least in the original LotR, a human could reasonably be expected to kill Orcs in a 1:1 ratio or better...

    The Xenomorphs are going to have a much, much higher kill ratio. Even a single one could give Aragorn or Boromir trouble, and those guys are pretty much as good as a human could reasonably get as far as killing stuff goes.

    Frodo won't make it beyond the Misty Mountains before Sauron has offed Gondor and is making his way through Rohan and Lothlorien like a lightsaber through melting butter.
  6. I wouldn't necessary say that the xenomorphs are entirely bullet-proof. They die to point-blank fire ranging from a 9mm to 5.56 NATO rounds just fine with a level of degree of sustained fire.

    Overall, like everyone else said. I just don't see how they're going to stop Sauron along with the xenomorphs in play with just bows and arrows.
  7. Lord Xelkor

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    A better scenario would have been to pit prefall Sauron with Xeno army against Pharzon.
  8. PurpleTattoo

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    I think I agree with the overall conclusion if only because of sheer numbers, but the various champion types would be good for quite a few aliens. They're no more physically powerful than trolls - probably less so.
  9. course, they better hope there weapons are acid-proof lol
  10. M3 Lee

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    I dont know where everyone keeps getting the idea that xenos are bulletproof from.

    Doesnt matter much in this scenario though, as they are far better melee combatants than humans with swords and stuff.
  11. Yeah xenos aren't bulletproof. They are however much sturdier and scarier then orcs. I say sauron wins.
  12. Lord Xelkor

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    Presumably, one of the random Xenos turns into a queen. So, what critters can Sauron unleash a facehugger on?
  13. PurpleTattoo

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    They'd be best for irregular operations, obviously. Just tell them to go forth and multiply. The good guys would have no chance in the long run.
  14. Just about anything really.
  15. Balrog?
  16. PurpleTattoo

    PurpleTattoo Emperor's Reach

    The Balrog would curbstomp an arbitrary number of aliens.
  17. Fell

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    Cave-troll Xenomorphs make me quake slightly.
  18. Nerd Rage

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    Unless if they were moving at sufficient velocity ;7.

    [/lame joke]

    Also, why would Sauron unleash the Xenomorphs on the Balrog? I got the impression that the Balrog was at least on "Meh" terms with Sauron from the movies.

    EDIT: By the way, I will support the general consensus until sufficient evidence is shown to contradict it.
  19. Phantrosity

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    Xenomorphs might be enough to get the Valar off their lazy butts, assuming they're still extraterrestrials.
  20. Avernus

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    Mumakil and Fell Beasts. A Xenomorph the size of those giant elephantoids would be...challenging. And Nazgul riding flying Xenos would be badass.
  21. Because the result of a face-hugging would be Xenomorph that are constantly on fire.
  22. Daniel2112

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    Fixed. No, seriously, if Gandalf believes the Xenos have always been Sauron's troops of choice then he won't fuck around with walking there, he'll whistle up some Giant Eagles to fly the ring to Mount Doom as has been suggested by many a fan in the past.
  23. Rama

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    From their depictions throughout the quadrilogy we know that Xenomorphs can batter and crack steel doors, effortlessly lift and swat away humans with practical nonchalance (Parker and Brett come to mind), can survive being submerged in several tons of molten lead or exposed to the vacuum of space and are practically near suicide to engage in close quarters. Against an Orc in a one-on-one fight, the average Human stands a chance, against a Xenomorph? The odds are very slim that even a coordinated group could reliably take one. Pitting Middle-Earth against 100-200,000 (estimates taken from the battle of Pelennor fields) plus Xenomorphs? That's instant acid blood fueled death on a global scale without some form of divine intervention.

    First, without the need for barges (they seem to be naturally adept swimmers if Resurrection is anything to go by), the Aliens submerge and take the Anduin by storm, overrunning Osgiliath from all sides. Even if the Gondorians retreat before the slaughter, you're still looking at a pretty terrible rout once the Aliens consolidate. Similarly, without the need for siege towers and engines, they will simply adopt their native talents and scale the walls of Minas Tirith in vast swarms. Defenses that are optimized for repelling attackers via towers and ladders from a single static position hemmed by large walls are suddenly rendered impotent in the face of an attacker that isn't limited to choke points; and can quite easily ascend the buttresses and peaks that once guarded your innermost walls.

    Minas Tirith falls in about the time it takes for an army of Xenomorphs to ascend the first wall and horribly dispatch the defenders with impunity (blades and pikes are rendered useless even if by some miracle the average Gondorian footman manages to kill an enemy combatant, leaving him defenseless).

    Gondor falls overnight. Rohan is next and loses quickly once the Xenomorphs bolster their numbers after turning Minas Tirth into a gigantic super-hive to house the the vast number of incubating civilians taken from the city and outlying regions. The Wilderlands. Enedwaith. Rhudaur. The Shire. Elvenwood. Lorien. Even if Sauron falls in this time, you still have (potentially) a million or so Xenomorphs running free across Middle-Earth.
  24. None of this matters, Frodo still rides a giant eagle to mount doom and destroys the ring...
  25. volrath77

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    IMO a Mumakil would be too big to convert but OTOH, a xenomorphed cave troll? The xenos already have their own equivalent...I think...in the form of the Praetorians or Ravagers.

    Anyway, Middle-earth Earth is turned into Xenomorph Prime.