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    XSGCOM TFTD - Chapter 20, Part 2

    Second part of Chapter 20


    Cheyenne Mountain – Earth – June 2005

    Russell Sharp finished reading the briefing note and looked up at Brigadier General O’Neill and Lieutenant-Colonel Carter sat across the conference table. ‘I’ve got a few questions’ he began, looking down and skimming the summary again, ‘but I’ll have to start with this one’ he continued. ‘How exactly did we miss the fact that an Ancient Superweapon with the ability to wipe out all life in the entire galaxy was right under our nose?’ he asked incredulously. ‘Especially given that not only was its existence and location recorded in the Atlantis database, we’ve also got the goddamn design schematics and the freaking users manual for the freaking thing!’ he exclaimed.

    O’Neill couldn’t help but sympathise, he’d queried the same thing himself in much the same language and tone when he found out himself. ‘Care to field this one Colonel?’ he handed the question onto the woman sitting to his right.

    ‘Well the main reason is that it’s not technically a weapon as such’ Carter informed Sharp. ‘The device the Ancients constructed at the site of their original capital of Dakara is actually an advanced piece of terraforming technology producing waves of energy that could be projected through a stargate wormhole to prepare new worlds for colonisation’ she explained. ‘As such when the Atlantis team searched the indexed Tollan copy of the Lantean Database for “Weaponry” it simply didn’t show up on the list.’

    ‘Just don’t ask how the thing works because she’ll tell you’ O’Neill quickly warned Sharp, not wishing to have to sit through that again. ‘As for the next question you’re going to ask, it’s why they didn’t build another one in Pegasus and use it to get rid of the Wraith right?’ he continued, earning a suspicious look from the X-COM Officer. ‘I’m not using a Mind Probe on you’ O’Neill reassured him just in case the Canadian’s pharmaceutically boosted paranoia had kicked in. ‘I asked it myself earlier.’

    For a moment Sharp grew even more suspicious. O’Neill had been very specific in saying he wasn’t using a Mind Probe in particular, making the X-COM Officer wonder if other technology, perhaps a Psi-Amp was involved instead. O’Neill did have very high psionic scores after all he remembered, before Sharp decided he was probably just being paranoid again. Lousy performance-enhancing-drug side-effects, he thought to himself with annoyance.

    Carter sighed, if the scientific subject didn’t pertain to astronomy Jack O’Neill just wasn’t interested. ‘The Wraith are basically a hybrid of humans and the Iratus Bug so too much of their DNA is identical to both ours and the Ancients to selectively target them’ she told the Commander. ‘You could use a copy of the Dakara Device to kill every Wraith in the Pegasus Galaxy but you’d kill all the people there at the same time’ she said. ‘To use an analogy it would be like curing a brain tumour by shooting yourself in the head with a twelve-gauge’ she explained.

    ‘But there’s no risk to us if we used it against the Replicators?’ Sharp checked.

    ‘No, the specific energy needed to scramble their kieron pathways wouldn’t affect organic life whatsoever’ Carter reassured him. ‘It’s no different than the Anti-Replicator weaponry we already use except it would disrupt numerous frequencies at once and hit every Replicator at the same time so they wouldn’t have a chance to adapt to it.’

    ‘Okay, let’s say I accept all that’ Sharp conceded for now, ‘but I’m still not sure why Anubis of all people would want to help save the universe’ Sharp told them. ‘Why tell Baal about something that could?’

    ‘Perhaps his ego couldn’t bear the idea that the Replicators might succeed where he never could’ Carter suggested.

    ‘Yeah, if he can’t destroy it then nobody can’ O’Neill agreed. ‘Or maybe he thinks he’ll get another chance at galactic domination later on but it’ll be a darn sight easier dealing with us and the Asgard than it would be to try and beat a hundred trillion lego blocks that like eating starships.’

    ‘He’s certainly got a track record of underestimating us like that’ Sharp concurred, looking thoughtful. ‘So basically the story is Anubis tells Baal about the gadget because Baal owns Dakara and then Baal contacts the Tok’ra to try and get some help getting the thing to work because he sure-as-hell doesn’t trust Anubis enough to follow his instructions’ he continued, working it through aloud. ‘Then the Tok’ra come to us because they know we probably understand Ancient tech better than they do now’ he finished, inwardly smirking at how much that probably burned the Tok’ra to admit to themselves.

    ‘Pretty much yeah’ O’Neill confirmed, ‘only the Tok’ra also want our help defending Dakara if necessary against the Replicators and the Goa’uld allied to them’ he told him. ‘Even if Baal moves every ship there he still has, plus what’s left of the fleets that belong to his groupies, he can’t defend the planet for very long and he knows they’re going to attack it very soon.’

    ‘How?’ Sharp wanted to know, wishing that spending so much time either at the Omega Site or in the field didn’t mean he occasionally fell out of the loop as regards galactic events at the strategic level.

    ‘Because Anubis also told him that he was going to tell RepliCarter about Dakara’ O’Neill replied.

    Sharp frowned. ‘Why the hell would he do that?’ he asked.

    O’Neill adopted a wry smile. ‘The Tok’ra think it’s to force the issue, get us to act immediately rather than allow the Replicators to eat up more of the Goa’uld industrial base first, but my guess is that he’s just being a freaking douche’ he offered his own alternative theory.

    ‘Either sounds plausible’ Sharp decided, giving O’Neill’s own conjecture some consideration. Anubis doing some of the things he did just for kicks rather than based of logical tactical or strategic reasons fitted the available evidence as well as any other hypothesis. For one thing if he hadn’t been so consistently murderous every time he re-entered the galactic stage he probably wouldn’t have united the other System Lords against him each time. ‘So what if this fancy terraforming machine doesn’t work?’ he queried.

    O’Neill looked to Carter. ‘Someone’s come up with a back-up plan’ he said, his expression indicating he really didn’t want to be the person to explain.

    Taking the hint from her commanding officer Carter leaned forward slightly. ‘We blow up the star that Dakara orbits, destroying what will likely be the large majority of the remaining warships in the galaxy’ she told Sharp. ‘It's a regular main sequence star with a core temperature of about 15 million degrees and enough hydrogen to burn for another five billion years, if left alone, but if we drop a stargate into it with an active wormhole connecting the gate to P3W-451 we should be able to trigger an artificial supernova event.’

    ‘P3W-451?’ Sharp repeated quizzically.

    ‘The planet fell into a black hole but thanks to time-dilation the gate which was there should still be operational at this point as it spirals towards the event horizon’ Carter replied.

    ‘It happened before your time’ O’Neill told Sharp, ‘but because we had a gate connection to there from the SGC at the time it nearly destroyed the Earth’ he continued. ‘Gravity really sucks sometimes’ O’Neill joked.

    ‘Yes Sir’ Carter agreed. ‘In fact all the stellar matter from Dakara’s sun being sucked through the wormhole to the black hole at P3W-451 like water through a fire hose should destabilise the balance that exists in every star between the explosive force of the fusion core trying to blow it up and the gravity trying to crush it into a little ball.’

    ‘Boom!’ O’Neill added helpfully, miming an explosion with his hands. ‘Big badda boom.’

    ‘Are you sure this would even work?’ Sharp asked incredulously.

    ‘Pretty sure’ Carter confirmed. ‘There is one drawback though’ she continued, ‘as well as destroying every ship in the system that couldn’t hyperspace away in time, plus Dakara itself of course, the supernova would release enough gamma rays to seriously harm the biospheres of any planet within perhaps a hundred light-years’ she said. ‘Unfortunately there are other inhabited worlds within that region of space since as Dakara was the first capital world of the Ancients in this galaxy the star systems nearby were some of the first to be terraformed by them.’

    Sharp frowned. ‘Wouldn’t it take years, decades even, for the radiation wave to hit other systems?’ he checked.

    ‘Yes, the gamma rays would only be going at light-speed, but it would be inevitable’ Carter responded. ‘We might be able to evacuate anybody living there but we’d still be laying waste to several ecosystems that have been developing for millions of years.’

    ‘UNHCR already hates my guts, I don’t need the United Nations Environment Programme on my ass too’ Sharp said regretfully, ‘or UNESCO for blowing up Dakara for that matter so we’ll make that Plan C’ he decided.

    ‘So what’s Plan B?’ O’Neill wanted to know.

    ‘Operation Patricius’ Sharp replied. ‘We’ve been waiting for the opportunity to get all the bastards in the same place at the same time and with luck we’ve got enough hardware stockpiled to take them all out at once.’

    ‘I think you’ve lost us Sir’ Carter admitted, looking to O’Neill who looked as confused as she did.

    ‘One of the X-COM need-to-know plans you didn’t need to know, not until now anyway’ Sharp told them. ‘As you’re both aware the current version of the F-302X was fitted to carry a compact elerium-based hyperdrive but they weren’t equipped with one’ he continued, ‘well we’ve got enough of those hyperdrives in storage to kit out every Grim Reaper on Kuznetsov, ready to fit them when we needed her as a strike carrier, and we’ve also been manufacturing AIM-200 Mongoose missiles in secret on Mars ever since the prototype passed testing six months ago.’

    ‘I thought it failed the second batch of tests?’ Carter queried. ‘The naquadria in the warhead went critical most times the shield frequency modulator activated didn’t it?’ she checked. As she recalled the engineers on the project had made light of the problem by saying the AIM-200 was suffering from premature ejactu-detonation, blowing up when it tried to zip through a shield rather than when it was actually supposed to.

    ‘True enough’ Sharp confirmed regretfully, ‘but by using weapons-grade naquadah instead we should still get enough of a yield for a contact detonation to knock out or cripple most Ha’taks on impact’ he said, hoping the experts were right about that. Even the most compact single-use Gravity/Induction drive that could be manufactured was still no less than half the volume of the ones that propelled the F-302X and once vector control thrusters were added to the missile, plus the frequency modulator unit needed to penetrate shields and the elerium fuel tank the designers hadn’t left much space for the warhead, reckoning that with naquadria they didn’t need to.

    ‘What kind of bang are we talking?’ O’Neill asked.

    ‘Only four hundred megatons at most’ Sharp admitted.

    ‘It’s a firecracker!’ O’Neill exclaimed. ‘That’s less than a third the yield of a Mark VIII.’

    ‘Directly against the hull of a Ha’tak rather than against the shield that really should be enough Sir’ Carter told him. ‘At the very least any mothership would be disabled or at least damaged beyond the point it could effectively stay in the fight.’

    ‘I know we all wanted a nice naquadria explosion turning the whole Ha’tak to plasma but you go to war with the missiles you have, not the missiles you wish you had Brigadier General O’Neill’ Sharp stated flatly. ‘Between the Mongoose’s and the fighter hyperdrives we’ll have the element of surprise working for us too’ he noted.

    Carter pursed her lips. ‘Perhaps we can extend that edge’ she suggested. ‘If the Admiral Kuznetsov arrived in the Dakara System on the opposite side of the star than the planet itself it could launch its strike from there, her fighters hyperspacing through the star, blinding enemy sensors to their approach’ she said. ‘ Also if Kuznetsov was carrying a stargate aboard she picked up en-route to Dakara she would then be well placed to go ahead with Plan C if necessary.’

    ‘Operation Patricius’ O’Neill said suddenly, grinning as he worked it out. ‘Means Patrick in Latin’ he recalled, ‘and probably in Ancient too’ he supposed. ‘Saint Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland.’

    Sharp grinned back. ‘Mongooses and Saint Patrick, can’t be good for snakes can it?’ he asked rhetorically. ‘As for the terraformer I think holding that thing on the ground and getting it to work sounds like a job for SG-1 and SG-2 with a battalion’s worth of X-COM support’ he said. ‘I guess you’re going to want to tag along?’ he asked O’Neill.

    ‘You couldn’t keep me away with a stun-rod’ O’Neill confirmed.

    ‘Planning to tag along too Sir?’ Carter asked Sharp.

    Sharp nodded. ‘Wouldn’t miss it for all the tech in Atlantis’ he told her. ‘I’d better tell Rodrigues to get his Roughnecks ready and loaded for lego’ he said, standing up.

    Comments/Suggestions/Abuse? :p

    The so-called Dakara Superweapon was built by The Ancients before they left the Milky Way and headed to Pegasus. It’s actually an extremely powerful terraforming device but works very well as a weapon also. It was used in SG1 episode 8:17 Reckoning to wipe out the Replicators, I hope my reasoning why the Lanteans didn’t use one against the Wraith too makes some sense.

    The P3W-451 stargate falling into a black hole featured in SG1 episode 2:15 A Matter of Time. It was later used to blow up another star (and the fleet belonging to Apophis) in the manner suggested in SG1 episode 4.22 Exodus.

    Naquadria being a tad too unstable to work properly with the shield-piercing missile technology the SGC has been working on for years seemed likely somehow, it’s twitchy stuff!
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    It... it lives! Action stations, action stations! Set condition one thourough CrW, this is not a drill! Man all X-COM bases immediately and await further instructions. Yay!

    How not to love a fic where 400 MT is seriously described as a firecracker?
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  6. It lives!

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    Yeah. We all very much love stories from Hotpoint. :D
  11. Well I was going to post some dramatic you tube post or a cheesy It's ALIVE but I see that's already been done so I will just have to go with Thank you and for the love of god don't leave for so long again please, please, please if at all possible. great update.
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    The first opportunity to mention that I love this fic series and am eagerly following it.
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    Why am I not surprised that the Starkiller is at it again in every fic she can. :D
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    You know, I was wondering when XSGCOM would get around to blowing up stars :p
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    Sharp is going stop his "Let's just nuke Goa'uld" rhetoric and move to "Let' blow up Goa'uld systems!", if they decide to do it.
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    I think I heard it somewhere that Carter was NOT the first one to use a Stargate-connected-to-a-blackhole to destroy a star via supernova. I read somewhere (System Lords tabletop RPG) that this method is one of the now "forbidden" WMD's the Goa'uld once were using. I can see nobody using it because everybody would fall on the offender like a ton of bricks.
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    Thanks for continuing this Hotpoint. I hope this is the start of a posting streak.
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    I am reposting this so now that we have the "like" system you can go and "like" every chapter Hotpoint has written so far.

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    In other words: It lives!
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    Oh this is just classic. Blow up a star or two? You bet X-Com will do just that if they have the means. Keep up the superb work, Hotpoint.
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    Holy Crap. I thought this was an abandoned fic!
    Praise be!
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    My first thought: If using the Dakara weapon on the Wraith doesn't work because they're a cross between humans and icarus bugs the why not use it to wipe out the icarus bugs and take the Wraith with them?
  23. I would say it' because they're basically human, with the bugs life-suck, so there isn't quite enough bug in them to work.
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    The bugs aren't part of their life cycle, as far as I'm aware of. They are just descended from a hybrid of humans and bug.
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