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    Captain's Log, Jean-Luc Picard, USS Enterprise, Commanding
    Captain Picard stood on the bridge. On the viewscreen, three Klingon battlecruisers- or their icons- surged towards the Enterprise, the computer's ominous red icons marking the ships that would probably kill every man and woman on both starships today. The Enterprise-C was still lamed, her thrusters pushing her ever so slowly towards the rift, her shields flickering at levels that would have left even Captain Archer worried.

    "Captain, decloaking Klingon scout!" Data announced suddenly, his actions punctuated by the rapid-fire stutter of the battleship's phaser banks and ready torpedo launchers and the brilliant double flashes of hard Cochrane radiation releasing from a pair of shattered warp cores.

    Commander Data, one of the only Soong-type androids to successfully integrate into Starfleet, was monitoring Tactical from his station at Operations- a standard that Picard honestly thought should have been implemented earlier. He seemed to be able to multitask quite well. It was a testament to his abilities that the Klingon scout cruiser was even detected, much less localized and destroyed. Some captains allowed Starfleet's automatic-fire "Armegeddon" algorithms to run continuously in the background, but Klingon jamming had rendered them mostly ineffective. Data was able to apply a man's touch at a machine's speed.

    "Captain, the Enterprise-C has been destroyed." Data's emotionless delivery rocked Picard to the core. Without that ship...without their sacrifice- there would be no hope of averting this war. "Sensors are not detecting survivors, sir. Catastrophic warp-core breach. Additionally, the Klingons are thirty seconds from extreme weapons range."

    Picard winced. If he ran from the Klingons, the Enterprise- minus Lieutenant Yar- would survive- but for what? Another battle, another invasion, another firefight- and what? An ambush, a bloody ultimately pointless demise. Survival, no matter what he did, involved a Klingon prison camp. Slavery. Submission.

    "That'll be the day." Captain Picard looked at the rift. Perhaps...yes. There was an alternative. There was a choice.

    "Commander Data, take us into the rift. Maximum impulse."

    "Captain, the timeline..."

    "To hell with the timeline!" Picard shouted as the first brace of torpedoes slammed into the Enterprise's shields. "One ship here and now will make no difference, whether a frigate or a dreadnought! But one ship then- one ship- can change history. Save forty billion lives. Save our futures!"

    Chased by Klingon weapons fire, the Galaxy-class battleship U.S.S Enterprise, NCC-1701-D, raced back in time...
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    Hmmmmm... This has great possibilities.

    Please continue.
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  3. Awesome start! Like kclcmdr said, lots of possibilities!

    You could have a lot of fun with it and I seriously hope you continue. All I do know is that the Romulans are in for a very nasty surprise on the other side of the rift!
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    Like the others I want to see where this goes.
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    let's see if the USS Enterprise-D crew can do their duty, if they can find the Romulans raiding the Klingon colony, hunt them down...
    and save the Klingon Colonials while staying professional as Starfleet Officers and not allow their rage overwhelm them....
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  6. "Data change our transponder code to that of the 'Enterprise C', pausing for only a nanosecond the android replied " Aye , Captain".
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    Interesting, please continue.
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    Interesting variation on the Skeet Maneuver. Will want to see more.
  9. Is this a re-write?
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    And yet its says a big 'D' on the saucer hull plating. ;)
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    Five red shirts, one bucket of paint.
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    A good start, and I didnĀ“t expect the twist of Enterprise-C being destroyed. Keep on going RocketMedic.
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    Interesting premise, will be waiting for future installments.
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    Very interest indeed. I shall watch this closely.
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    Hmm another War-Enterprise fic, good to see.
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    Picard " Geordi..."
    Geordi " Yes, Captain? "
    Picard " Get some Engineers to repaint the D to C, please... " ;)

    I don't see any of the three or four storythreads that he had in the past or this present one as mentioning Enterprise-C or that alternate timeline.......
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    An accidental energy pulse sends it back to the Four Years War instead?
    Or maybe the Earth/Romulan war ;)

    Wonder why there's not more like this.

    No E-C just E-D... or with its accompanying fleet units :p
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    A very cool start- lots of promise. I'm looking forward to seeing how this gets played out.
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    Curses.....and here I was hoping for a story update:(
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    Always enjoy your interpretations of Trek Rocket, best of luck on this one :)
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    Interesting. Depending on how damage the Ent-D is when it goes through there is actually a fair chance that it might not only destroy/drive off the Romulan attackers but it might, and in fact probably would, survive the experience as well. It's still a Galaxy class after all, and at least an entire generation or two ahead of the Ent-C in terms of overall capability. Not to mention that unlike the regular Ent-D this one was geared significantly more towards warfare than normal.
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    Not only that, but since Tasha Yar was killed by alt!Klingons along with the Ent-C, instead of being captured by Romulans at Narenda III as per canon, Sela will never be born. That alone is worth turning the timeline into a pretzel.
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    Narendra Colony
    Enterprise emerged from the rift firing, her shields raised, her sensors looking for targets. A dozen ruby-red beams lanced back at her Klingon tormentors, guided by Commander Data's lightning-fast inputs to destabilize the Kerr superstring that had created the loop. It collapsed in microseconds, emitting hard radiation that even the sophisticated ELINT gear aboard the Enterprise could not decipher.

    Centurion Tomarak, Romulan Star Empire, Bridge of the Avatar of Tomed
    "Report!" Tomarak barked at his sensor ratings, analyzing the recording furiously. "Where did the Starfleeter go?"

    "They may have jumped to warp, Centurion." The young noble opined from his position at the ship's gunnery control, where he had been granted the symbolic honor of firing a few salvos at the Klingon police ships and- quite unexpectedly- the Starfleet cruiser. "Humans are known for their cowardice, and they surely knew they were outnumbered. They ran, like..."

    "No, my liege, the Humans did not run." Tomarak clenched his fists. "They are not cowards for retreating. They do not have Klingon bloodlust, but they did not flee. They have retreated into the nebula to recover. They may return." Tomarak despised the Senate's pet on his flagship, but the imbicile was the son of a powerful Senator, and the Tal Shiar and Imperial Intelligence ruthlessly enforced loyalty to the Praetor and the Senate aboard a warship of the Romulan Star Empire (although, privately, Tomarak knew that that loyalty was quite variable in the order of those priorities). For simple self-preservation, he left out the obvious- the Human warp drive had been disabled, and not even the famed Enterprise could make warp without a functional subspace field generator. The untrained, pompous, arrogant noble placed as a spy on his bridge would take offense, and the last thing that Tomarak needed was an insulted, petty fool on his bridge with a disruptor and an ego. "Maintain battle stations, reform our formation, and scan the nebula. Weapons, order our planetary-strike cruisers to begin neutralizing the colonial defenses." Tomarak steepled his fingers. Narenda was a research colony, one established for the Empire for assessment and exploitation of the peculiar high-energy nebula surrounding the system. It was possible that the earlier weapons fire had destabilized some of the high-energy matter within the gas cloud, in which case the Starfleeters were likely hiding nearby. He was very aware of the danger- despite being outnumbered and outgunned, the Starfleet cruiser had destroyed one of his heavy cruisers outright and savaged another. Now, only two undamaged Warbirds and the light cruisers of Planetary Assault Two remained combat-capable, and his mission was complicated by the recovery of an entire disabled heavy cruiser.

    Minutes passed, with the Planetary Assault cruisers completing their grim work at a pace that Tomarak knew was feverish, but the bored young noble thought differently. "Does it really take so long to simply destroy a colonial city?"

    "My liege, it is vital that the cruisers evade planetary defenses. They must neutralize the disruptor banks before they approach to optimal firing range."

    "Yet their commanders move with the speed of timid old men! These are Klingon scientists, Centurion, not proper soldiers! Swift, aggressive measures will see this colony burning before more...surprises occur." The nobleman looked at the Centurion of six decades with a sneer. "Your vaunted squadron has already lost one Imperial cruiser with all hands to a mere Earth cruiser, Tomarak. You are barely fit to lead a frigate. Speed up this operation, before I see fit to relieve you."

    Tomarak knew the noble had no legal claim to his command, but that would be a case for the Senate- and the law would not preserve him or his crew from a wrathful Senate that was already on the verge of overthrowing the Praetor. He detested the situation, but it was sad state of the Empire. "Replot course for low-orbital pass over the Klingon central city. Weapons officer, prepare for orbital bombardment, tight pattern. Level their city." He was taking a gamble that the Starfleeters or Klingon reinforcements could ambush his cruisers as they swept in at suborbital altitudes over the planet, but the powerful weapons batteries of the D'deridex would complete the work of the lighter cruisers through the theater shields that the Klingons employed, and their powerful shield grids would render them temporarily immune to even the powerful ground-fed disruptor banks of the local PDF. "Sensor operator, continue to monitor local space for any sign of the Starfleet ship."

    Avatar of Tomed rushed towards Narendra, her powerful sublight drives pushing her into the upper reaches of the colony's atmosphere, her powerful shields shrugging off hard punches from last-ditch Klingon defenses that would have sent lesser warships reeling. Ten long seconds of hell rained down upon the colony's capital, the pulse disruptors unloading starship-destroying charges at point-blank range into homes, schools, shops and laboratories with an intensity that lit the very sky with flaming afterimages of their passage. Alongside, her sister ship leveled mountains and boiled away lakes, atomizing the Klingon defenses as their enraged gunners died helplessly.

    "Romulan superiority. Soon, we will see this over Khitomer, Vulcan, Earth...even Qu'nos." The noble sneered. "Pathetic."

    Tomarak restrained himself- he took no joy from the murder of a colony, no satisfaction from the atomization of a city. "Firing pattern complete. Helm, bring us about and cover the strike cruisers. Weapons, recharge disruptors and prepare for anti-ship engagement."

    "You still fear the humans? They ran like cowards, Centurion! They will not stand against Romulan might! Not for Klingons!" The noble's arrogant sneer was evident. "My gunnery crippled them."

    Tomarak bit his tongue hard enough to draw blood, but he was distracted. The brand-new, state-of-the-art, previously perfect sensor display was clear- too clear. "Eyes?"

    "Centurion, our sensors are being overloaded with inputs from debris, high-energy emissions from the nebula, and...sir, some sort of hard radiation flash-type source. Our computer cannot make any sense of this data." The young technician frantically scaled through his displays. "Neutrino emissions, wideband radio and X-ray, hard radiation, tachyons...light. Visual contact!"

    Captain Jean-Luc Picard
    Enterprise's sensors had very little difficulty picking out Romulan drive signatures, even through the blaze of a collapsing temporal vortex. Like a hunter with the sun to his back, Picard mused.

    "Sir, we are detecting multiple kiloton-scale surface detonations on the surface of Narendra Three. Locations are consistent with known settlements. Romulan forces appear to be manuvering in high and low orbit to engage surviving settlements. Three heavy cruisers of D'deridex-class, early model, one disabled and on backup power; four light cruisers." Commander Data reported.

    "Civilian bombardment. There goes the Geneva Convention." Picard remarked. "Helm, attack pattern Epsilon-One. Put us over the colony. Weapons, burn those ships from the sky- light cruisers first, before they can bombard the surface with torpedoes!"

    "Captain, our shields are still weakened from the Klingons. We may not be able to take much punishment from full-strength Romulan disruptors." Riker cautioned. "We can draw them off, use our mobility to our advantage."

    "No good, Will. Those strike cruisers will level the city while we dance with the heavy ships." Picard called down to Engineering. "Geordi, we are going to need power rerouted to the shields."

    "On it, Captain,!"

    "Take us in, Ensign Crusher. Lieutenant Dorn, fire at will. Target the planetary-assault ships first."

    Ruby-red phaser lances and shimmering torpedoes alammed out and detonated abruptly as they intersected with the light hulls of the Romulan strike ships, phasers massively more powerful than anticipated and quadruple-strength torpedoes immolating three cruisers in seconds. The survivor took three torpedoes but stubbornly refused to die, instead vectoring away from the planet on a vector back towards Romulan space. The heavy cruisers were lumbering about, their obsolete sensors now looking for target locks on the Enterprise and failing.

    "Hail them, Mr Riker."
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    I wonder what Starfleet will have to say about this future ship as its both massively more powerful than anything they have at the moment and is purely a warship as opposed to a multi-role cruiser.
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