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    Welp, here it is, since I started the topic in the first place. I'm as yet unsure how far this will even go, and with all my other stories I may not contribute as often as say, Saphroneth does with his "My Little Pony" loop series, but the thread is here for anyone who's interested.
    Loop mechanics (general) (as explained by Saphroneth):

    One person in a Loop, often the main character, is an Anchor. They are the person who first starts time looping.
    There is always at least one Anchor present in a given Time Loop snippet, though it may not be the local one.
    The standard pattern for a loop is that the Anchor (and whoever else is Looping there) come to awareness in a loop at a particular point in the story. From there, events will play out as influenced by the Loopers present, acting with the benefit of their foreknowledge, until either a predetermined end point is reached or all the Loopers have copped it.
    To be Awake is to be aware of the time loops (that is, to have gone back in time this time.)
    The Anchor is the only character guaranteed to be Awake. Even after others have started looping, it is mostly random as to whether they will be Awake this particular loop.
    Crossovers, fusions, and alternate pasts can also take place. It is perfectly possible, for example, to have the characters Awaken into a loop which conforms to a fanfic universe rather than reality.
    Loops do not have to be in chronological order, but it is strongly preferred that they not require a mutually contradictory order (where A must be before B and B must be before A.)
    Just about every Looper is very, very stir crazy.
    Loop Specifics:
    These are just the basics, as we're at the beginning of a project with an uncertain future.
    As Yu-Gi-Oh! has four separate series, each with its own protagonist, each series has it's own set of loops. Since each series is also both an anime and a manga, with differences between the two continuities, the looping characters will shift between mangaverse and animeverse at random.
    The anchors for each series are as follows:
    YGO-DM: Yugi and Yami (co-anchors. Yes, this does happen. I've seen it around.)
    YGO-GX: Jaden.
    YGO-5D's: Yusei.
    YGO-Zexal: Yuma and Astral (co-anchors again).
    That's all I got for now, but it's a start!
    Note: If you want me to eventually post these on my fanfiction account, please keep them at a T-rating or below if you can manage it. I will not post M-rated content on my archive, and I'd rather the course language at the very least was kept to a minimum, although since every contributor will be given credit for the loops they write, I can hardly take the blame for swearing I didn't write myself. Forgive me if I sound like a prude, but one can write good fic without swearing in it if one tries. I've seen many good examples of this.
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    I was going to say in the last thread if this hadn't been made, the four series are four different loops. With Yugioh having a higher chance of Crossover loops. As for a loop itself, I'll look into making one soonish.
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    When the topic initially came up, I thought that it would be better to separate the series as far as loops were concerned, although as I believe you mentioned during a previous conversation, the protagonists/anchors at the very least could potentially be interchangeable, and it wouldn't take long for the four to all become aware of each other. I've already thought of fun stuff to do with them if one of them messes up his loop. :D
    Glad you're onboard!
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    Yugi blinked as he felt his body move, sliding in the last piece of the puzzle. Here he is, back again. Solving the Millennium Puzzle again. Having to bond with Joey and the others again.

    He had become sick and tired of repeating time over and over again. Every time only two sets of memories seemed to come back. His... and Atem's. He grinned as his partner connected once more.

    'So, what's the plan this time Yugi?' Atem asked. The fact that both of them had lived much longer than any man has had to live before had meant the two were about as tight as friends could be, a mental link being second nature to them.

    Yugi just grinned as he walked around the room. 'Simple one. After seeing how Joey did against Marik.... I'm thinking Joey Wheeler: King of Games.' He noted.

    'Interesting. It will be hard to get him to defeat Pegasus, but not entirely impossible.' Atem conceded... and then noticed the look on Yugi's face. 'But you think otherwise?'

    Yugi sighed. "Don't get me wrong Atem, it's not like I can't see Joey winning... but remember that at the time the rules are Pegasus's and we were only able to survive through mind shuffle.'

    The two fell silent... and then Atem grinned. 'I might just have a solution to that.'


    Pegasus grinned. It was a shame that he didn't get to face Yugi-boy in the finals so he could beat him and claim the puzzle, but it seems he had given his friend the puzzle to use instead. It wouldn't be as fun, but it would still get him back his Cecilia. He almost felt sorry for poor Joey-boy here. He had potential but the rigors of a Shadow Game were already straining him. 'And now to see what exactly your next card will be.' Pegasus's Millennium Eye glowed in the darkness. He gazed into Joey's mind and saw... a Kurbioh?

    "Kuri." The brown fuzzball cheeped. And with that cheep as his only warning the Kuriboh started multiplying rapidly. And then they started to dance, or at least moving in what could be called dancing, shaking back and forth. Pegasus glared and the glow intensified as he intended to banish these annoying pests.... only for them to multiply faster and faster, starting to fill up the field. He stopped using the eye but by this point it seemed too lat as an ocean of Kuribohs formed. As a tidal wave of the cute fiends broke over his platform, Pegasus spotted what must be the Puzzle's spirit.... surfing on the annoying creatures.

    "Penalty game!" The spirit declared. The wave crashed down on Pegasus. It engulfed him in Kuriboh.

    Even many months later Joey would never tell a soul on just exactly how he beat Pegasus. It didn't help that every time he brought up the subject Yugi doubled over in hysterical laughter.
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    Someone fit this line in a future loop.

    "Rules of this Shadow Game are as follows; Heads I win, Tails you lose."

    "Then how do I win!?"


    "Huh. It turned up Edge. How about that."
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    I. Love. This. :D
    A few typos, but otherwise an awesome start.
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    Sorry for the double post. Fixed now, thankfully. This site is taking me awhile to get used to. :/
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    I'm taking this. It's going to be in a future DM loop. Mainly because it's either that or GX and DM has and easier time to do non card game Shadow Games.
    Those typose are because I typed it while half asleep. Not one of my better ideas.
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    Sorry for the double post, but the snip is now fixed!
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    Jaden sighed. Jinzo. Jinzo is always a duel that brings a downer to things. It makes death seem so near when really the burn strategy he has is sub par at best. And at times an excuse to say the word "Ectoplasma" as much as possible.

    "Ok dude, I get that you're a monster spirit that wants to be in the real world" He stated. He was having his first turn, but he hadn't drawn yet. Opposite to him was the possessed Obelisk Blue boy.... Tory? Torrey? It's embarrassing that despite the loops, he let himself forget the guy's name. "But seriously? Taking people's souls?"

    "What other option do you think I have?" Jinzo countered.

    "Mystical items!" Jaden shouted. "I mean, Yugi Motou's own Millennium puzzle is said to have magic in it, couldn't that sustain you?" He asked.

    Jinzo laughed. It started off as a deep mechanical rumble, but evolved into full on bellows of cruel laughter. "So naive. I'm only doing this right now because of the magic. I could use it and become solid... but then where's the fun in all that?"

    "So you're torturing then and taking their souls for fun then?" Jaden asked. His hand clenched into a fist... and then relaxed. "Right, just thought I'd check."


    "Because I won't feel so bad doing this!" Jaden declared... and as he did, a dark aura of energy surrounded him. His eyes turned yellow as he glared at the duel spirit. The currently panicking duel spirit.

    "No. You can't be him." Jinzo denied. Jaden drew the cards from his deck even as the possessed body sweated. "You can't be. You're just a myth!"

    "Uh Jaden... what's he talking about?" Syrus asked. Ah Syrus. He might not be looping like Yubel tends to do but he's one of the most loyal friends regardless, and one of the first to believe him if he says who he is. "What's going on?"

    Jaden looked at his hand... and then raised his duel disk and gave his friend a thumbs up. "Don't worry Sy. I'm just teaching this guy a lesson." He stated as his voice echoed slightly.

    The rest of the duel was short and bloody. Yes it was excessive to bring out the Supreme King against Jinzo... but it was honestly worth it to see Jinzo starting to scream like a little girl. "Sometimes there's no kill like overkill"
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    No worries about tripple-posting. We don't have many contributors yet, and if we're going to be alternating loops (which seems fair enough to me) I won't be of much use until it comes time for another DM/GX loop, as those two series are the ones I'm most familiar with. I've only seen the first season of 5D's, and I haven't watched Zexal at all (although I have a general idea of the series). But what's the point of hosting something here if it's not going to be a group effort? :D
    Regarding the loop itself...Supreme King Jaden scares the crap out of me. But it's always fun to make villains, even minor ones, scream like girls.
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  12. Yusei sighed as he tuned up his second Duel Runner yet again. Repeating these events had been....uncertain at first. He had first thought this was some trick of Z-ONEs, but repetition had drilled that idea out. Still, he had the opportunity to redo some of the best times in his life (and some of the worst - he shoved memories of Kalin out of his head).

    He didn't seem to start the loops early enough to stop Rally from stealing the chip (and it wasn't like he needed that particular one anyway, with the engineering experience he had accumulated), but he could at least make sure that Trudge didn't arrest him.

    Seriously, Trudge was pretty asshole-ish before he got to know Martha and Crow's kids. Hopefully he could speed that up a little later on down the line, but for now, he felt like letting loose. While he'd have to assemble a lot of his cards from scratch, his abilities seemed to carry over, including one in particular...


    Two motorbikes sped around a corner, the one in the lead flashing with the colors of Security, the one behind a sleek red. A massive dragon accompanied the first, while two small-ish warriors, a tiny one in a race-car outfit and a robot-like one with a scarf around it's neck followed the second.

    "You wasted your entire turn and your hand to summon a measly level 2 Synchro monster, and leaving it in Attack Position? If you aren't going to give me a challenge, Satellite Scum, at least do me the favor of giving up now!" He chuckled, and glanced back to find the duelist giving him a very rude gesture. "Why you..! Montage Dragon, destroy him!" The three-headed dragon roared, and shot at the unprotected race-car warrior.

    "Now you'll be sorry...." he chuckled, when a brilliant glow erupted behind him. "Wha...." He looked over his shoulder to find Yusei not only surrounded in a brilliant blue glow, but accelerating past him. As the opposing duelist shot by him, he somehow managed to pick out that Yusei was somehow piloting his Runner with his eyes closed. Once passed him, he heard the cry of "CLEAR MIND! ACCEL....." before the bike impossibly disappeared in a flash of light.

    "Wait, where did you go?" He checked around in confusion, before another burst of light heralded both the reappearance of the Duel Runner, bearing a widely grinning duelist, and a massive monster in the space where two had been before.


    Trudge gulped. Maybe this bet hadn't been the best idea......


    Just an idea that popped around in my head. Him thinking that the loops are a trick by one of his opponents made sense for a first impression, but just using Accel Synchro as an "I win" button against people would I think be fun as all hell. Not the greatest writer, so I'm probably going to get characterization horribly wrong at somepoint, but eh. First go!
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    No worries, this is only the beginning of the project and nobody can expect themselves or any of their fellow contributors to be perfect. I personally think it was quite good for a first 5D's loop. :D
  14. Heh. I'm probably going to stick to 5Ds, since it's what I know best (and is finished. I know Zexal pretty well, but I kinda want to wait for the series to finish before I do any writing on it).
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    So, should we set a number of loops we have to write before we bring fused loops into the thread? It's just that from my experience, the loops start getting more interesting when crossover elements or abilities gained through previous fused loops come into play. And I have more ideas for crossover loops than ordinary ones. Hope nobody minds that. *sweatdrop*
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    This seems interesting, like a YuGiOh version of Innortal's Time Loop Series.
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    That's precisely what it is. :D I was inspired by Saphroneth's time loop series, which he also based on Innortal's ones. Saphroneth's are more humour-based and I like them better, but the concept is just tons of fun to play with. :D
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    Quick question, Why doesn't Yusei try a 'Primitive' motorcycle that the security cant do shit against to slow down. I think that would work, but it might not be a native looper that does it.
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    I pretty much had this planned out, except Kalin, not Trudge. Oh well, there's already the next loop. I do like the lack of detail you've put up on the Accel Synchro Monster though, as it can't be Shooting Star Dragon yet.

    Also, as of this loop, Yuma's the only one lacking a loop. I'll look into fixing that later, unless someone beats me to it.

    It's likely that, unless you scratch build it, the turbo duelling tech is linked to the slow down tech
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    I was thinking more normal motorcycle, completely ordinary, No turbo dueling tech, at least until he can separate the Slow down thing from the dueling thing.
  21. Nah, it's not supposed to be Shooting Star. It's just an amorphous placeholder for a "Formula Warrior" Accel Synchro, for both backup and to at least have something he can summon with that technique before Yusei figures out how to call/make/otherwise ensure that he always has Stardust.

    And my imagination for that loop involves him pushing the Accel Synchro "I win" button on every. Single. Duel. He wants to be able to master it, and I'd imagine that by the end of that loop, he'd pretty much have it down pat but, you know, whatever. Just the idea for the general loop floating around in my head.

    And really, it's more funny to have him bust it out against Trudge than Kalin.
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    It's Yusei. He almost never ground duels if he can afford to.

    While funny, I find it funnier that, when the Emperors come around, they seem him instantly bust out SSD. Heck, by that point I can see him using the regular Delta Accel Synchro. Which is supposed to have him making Cosmic Blazer Dragon. Which would seriously freak them out.
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    I was thinking more as a prank later on, you know, "TROLOLOLOLO you cant stop me!"
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    I look forward to it! :D
    You don't have to wait. As far as I know, "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" hasn't been declared over yet, and Saphroneth and Co. have written tons of loops for it. It's up to you, but not knowing the end doesn't mean you can't write stuff for it.
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    Then write away. Vacation loops are always fun.