Yoruichi Shihoin (Bleach) vs Major Motoko Kusanagi (GITS: SAC)

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  1. As the title says - Yoruichi Shihoin from Bleach vs Major Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.

    Both are in their standard gear, and start at 250 meters from each other in a large abandoned playground.

    Who would best whom?
  2. Dessolution

    Dessolution Stealin' Stones and Bones

    vlad tepes award...where the hell is it?
  3. marvelous stan

    marvelous stan Welcome to my hell, Christmastime

    Only one of these people is a teleporting ninja ghost.
  4. TimeDiver

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    If Yoruichi is in Shinigami form, and lets loose shunko from the start, the Major is boned. Completely and utterly.

    Motoko's best chance (which really isn't much at all) is to immediately engage thermoptic camo, get the hella far away, and snipe her with the biggest anti-tank sniper rifle she has (if she comes with one).

    Long story short, in CQC, (if Yoruichi isn't confined to a gigai) the Major looses. Horribly.

    Longer range, well, if Yoruichi isn't tracking her somehow, she has a (minor) chance. If the Major's spotted somehow, game over.

    Why? Basic shunpo closes the range in an eyeblink. It's CQC again.

    EDIT: Nevermind. I suppose I severely over-estimated GiTS anti-material round properties.
  5. Dessolution

    Dessolution Stealin' Stones and Bones

    The fact that these Death Gods gets hit by explosions that can topple buildings and block sharp swords that destroys city blocks just from the back lash alone, the only thing anti-tank rounds gonna do is mess up her mascara.
  6. Heh, that's about what I thought...
  7. Rabe

    Rabe whatever I did I wasn't trying to piss you off

    Who wins?

    We do, I mean have you look at those two?

    What someone had to say this...
  8. Jupiter

    Jupiter Haruka's ancestor

    Somewhere in the middle of the fight they both find out the other is into girls so they drop their guns, swords and order the tachi's to go back to base while these two head back to the major 2nd home to start a new kind of fight

    You knew someone was going to say it I just got their first:p
  9. Altasaire

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    Wait, I thought it's Soi Fon who's into girls and Yoruichi is into Urahara?
  10. Q99


    Even aside from speed, she's a captain, she'll have Kido skills too.

    Soi Fon's into girls/Yoruichi. Yoruichi's preference is unknown, but doesn't mind being seen naked, and also objected to Urahara's implying he had seen her 'more than naked'.

    So, insufficient information.
  11. Rabe

    Rabe whatever I did I wasn't trying to piss you off

    No,no,no Soi Fon and Urahara are both into their old boss and she like teasing them.

    OTOH Urahara,Yoruichi might be friends with benefits by this point
  12. ttestagr

    ttestagr Joy

    I was sincerely hoping this would be them against each other in a wet tee shirt contest or something, because a fight is just ridiculous.
  13. Dessolution

    Dessolution Stealin' Stones and Bones

    Yoruichi might be half black half japanese...

    or brown.
  14. Forgetful

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    And Soi-Fon is jealous, so eventually they'll have to share her.
  15. SKsniper128

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    How did the convo go from Yoruichi tanking Anti-Vehicle shells, to her, Urahara and Soi-Fon having a threesome?

  16. Brellin

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    Logical progression of any conversation at Spacebattles will invariebly gravitate towards hot lesbian sex and/or threesomes.
  17. Bishop Gantry

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    I had reach, but she has flexibility...

    now its onĀ½
  18. Angelus

    Angelus Necromancer

    I am going with Yoruichi-sama (the Goddess of the Flash step) on this one.