You know the video that caused the Libya attacks?

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    Oh wow.
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    reason: lrn2format
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  3. quoted for truth

    Also, article remains irrelevant if video is not linked.
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    So Libya was having its own 5 Minutes Hate?
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    "Oh wow" indeed. You actually got the full WSJ article, I always get only the first couple of paragraphs.
  6. Croaker

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    Article shortened, video up.
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    The Video is stupid but seems no worse than the thousands of atheists bash christians/christians bash atheists videos on Youtube. Really Islam need to get a thicker skin if it's going to play on the internet. Really why can't they do what the christians do, stick two fingers in their ears and go "nanana I can't hear you"?
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    There's debate if the attack was caused by the video and not some planned terrorist attack to coincide with the anniversary of 9/11
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    We were never at peace with America, We were always at war with America.
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    The thumbnail of that youtube video is just hilarious. The actor looks like a SoCal stoner (actually, given the production values, he probably is).
  11. Avernus

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    No; this isn't "Libya"; this is a small chunk of the population of Libya, quite likely organized and driven by outright terrorists as over for their own attack.
  12. Jet Morgan

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    Oh well American (apparently)idiots and middle eastern idiots including some egyptians sparked each other off and people died. Why am i not surprised.
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  16. Apologism. How nice.
    It turns out supporting religious fundamentalists to knock over a secular regime turned out to have bad reprecussions. How suprising.

    As for the video. They could have chosen to make it either documentary or taken into account period values. Instead they kinda chose the most inflammatory path available.
    Now that this actually lead to riots and religious violence the charges of inciting a riot breach of freedom of religion etc can be leveled.
  17. Q99


    Except the uprising only had a minority part that was fundamentalist and was overall a fairly secular affair...

    Which was one of the reasons the west was willing to support them. The Muslim Brotherhood and so on were not in leadership positions and had a pretty minor role in things.
  18. Yes, it was definately the secular party that rose to power.
  19. Q99


    "While the elections for a 200-member National Congress is unlikely to grant a majority to any one faction, the Muslim Brotherhood and its Islamist allies are confident they can join their counterparts in Tunisia and Egypt at the helm of leadership."

    Yes, as a non-majority faction in a coalition government.
  20. Sh33p

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    Track down the video's producer. Hit him and the financial backers with everything that can be thrown at them.

    Pretty sure freedom of speech doesn't cover incitement to violence, even if you're inciting someone you regard as an enemy rather than people on your side.
  21. Avernus

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    Pointing out that less than 3000 people is not an entire country is not apologism. And it's more than a little ironic to demonize an entire country by accusing them of having a "5 minute hate"; you are doing much what the anti-American demagogues there are doing.
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  22. Q99


    Btw, what do the Libyans think of all the weapons running around their country?

    They want them gone
  23. Roi Danton

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    This has to be worst movie trailer I have ever seen. I just wasted 14 minutes of my live.
  24. Why is the maker of the video guilty rather than the Islamic fundamentalists who found, dubbed, and Glenn-Beck-Style focused on it?