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Zero Tolerance Pony Thread: No creepers allowed

Discussion in 'Space Battles Main' started by Athene, Aug 12, 2012.

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  1. Might have been posted:


    Luna sees Celestia before her cup of morningcoffee.
    Alternatively mod reaction when being called into this thread, again. (or our creative writing index threads, again)



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  2. And your sig makes it even funnier!

    Meh. I talked to some guy living outside some village called "Whomville" or something like that. The internal shriveling and blackness were just what I required, and all it took was stealing Christmas a few years ago.

    Or pining for some Fords.

    (never really understood that. why didn't they prefer Jeeps, instead?)
  3. Alamo

    Alamo Moderator

  4. YuffieK

    YuffieK Inquisitor Senpai!

    Kelly Osbourne at the Golden Globes bears a disturbing resemblance to somepony don't you think?
  5. blake0831

    blake0831 Soaring through the skies...

  6. All she needs is a Cutey Mark on the dress...
  7. Da FU.........
  8. Oh, it's a take on that Japanese cat that likes to dive into boxes.

    Maru the Cat.. here's one of the videos.

    Just google/wiki for Maru for more info.
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  9. Image

    Image Thread Ender

    Applejack and Scoots are the best. Followed by Trixie.
  10. blake0831

    blake0831 Soaring through the skies...

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  11. ugh you need to put cuteness warnings ont hings like that.

    although the Changling one was cute.... although Octavia's disturbed me a bit for some reason.
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  12. Suul'anar

    Suul'anar Gateway to Untold Plots and Possibilities

  13. blake0831

    blake0831 Soaring through the skies...


    Project Horizons?

    The Fallout: Equestria fanfic?

    Shouldn't that go into the MLP Fic Rec thread instead of here?

    Why here?
  14. Because for as far as I'm concerned there is no CW subforum? I can't post it in a thread that I don't know even exists. If its inappropriate I'll delete the post.
  15. blake0831

    blake0831 Soaring through the skies...

    Not inappropriate. Just found it odd that you announced the fic update here instead of there.

    PH could mean something else.
  16. WarpObscura

    WarpObscura Grumpy Big Stick

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  17. Candid Opinion

    Candid Opinion Heads, or Tails?




    There you go. Now you know they exist! I don't see how you could have possibly missed those, since they are literally centered on the main page(Sans forum support subforums), but then again people still lose their keys and stuff.
  18. AdmiralTigercla

    AdmiralTigercla Naughty? Bracket and fire for effect.

    Insert image of Twilight Facehoofing here.


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  19. Candid Opinion

    Candid Opinion Heads, or Tails?

  20. Spyder Ryder

    Spyder Ryder Victorian Chimera-Dragon-Beast

  21. ZeldaFan

    ZeldaFan Thinker of Ideas

  22. daww, Twi using Rainbow's wing as a blanket makes it even more adorable
  23. Image

    Image Thread Ender

    That is a horrible pun.
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